About the CsC Board of Directors and our plans moving forward


For those who aren't aware, Club smart Car is operated and governed by a board of directors. The current board is made up of Leadwing, Mike T, jwight, Francesco, smartzuuk, and myself. Despite having a board of directors, Club smart Car is not a legal entity to itself.

What does this mean? Individuals own different parts of the site, and if something were to happen, we would lose control. TFM, the site founder, owns the domain names. The server space is handled by SmartieParts. I own the license for Invision Power Board. In addition, we have been raising funds using Google Adsense in order to afford the various things we have to pay for. Right now, the money from those ads feeds straight into my personal bank account. If I made a run for it, there'd be nothing anyone could do, and the money would be in my pocket. On the flip side of that, if our ads suddenly became super profitable, the CRA would suddenly start knocking on my door and I would be responsible for dealing with that.

Because of all of this, if the Board of Directors were to change, there would be a lot of transfer work necessary in changing over names. Ideally, we would form Club smart Car into a Non-Profit Organization that would be able to own these various things in it's own name. Therefore, before we start looking for nominations for a future Board of Directors, the current board would like to investigate the process to move towards incorporation.

This investigation will involve looking at:

  • How much money is necessary to initially become a Non-Profit Organization
  • How much money is needed to keep ourselves as a NPO (Eg. Any annual costs, potentially including having someone file our club taxes)
  • Where should we incorporate: Provincially (Probably either Ontario or BC), or Nationally (Canada)
  • What is the process for incorporation depending on where we want to incorporate?
  • Our board is fairly loosey-goosey right now. How much additional red tape would there be after becoming an NPO?
  • What legal implications are there?
  • What real advantages would incorporation give us?
  • Do we need to be a real named corporation, or would we be fine with just having a numbered company?

Because of all these questions and the amount of investigation necessary, we would like to form an Incorporation Task Force of members to assist in this work. This job won't be for the faint of heart - We're looking for a team of dedicated individuals with good reading comprehension skills, who are willing to spend some real time helping out. Previous experience with incorporation (or just general legal experience) would be a huge plus. Interested parties can post in the comments below.

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I wish to thank the fellow members of the current board for their vision to move forward on a number of items.

This would include the very basic google ads that have been on the site for a number of months, and which will fund the site and keep the platform up and running.

A big thank you also goes to the current and former webmasters. There's been a number over the years, you would recall many of them I trust:: TFM, SmartieParts, Awesys, Speedie, and now FlossyTheSmart. Sorry if I have missed anyone! I hope not!

We're at nearly 10 years since this domain launched, and the smart brand is carrying on very strong in Canada, and hopefully new models will be seen in 2015-2016.

As a current board member, I look forward to a well planned reorganization of CsC, and will work to preserve the original vision of TFM and Xandria, who initially funded and launched the site in mid 2005.

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Hey Max & team,

I am happy to contribute some time, but unfortunately I don''t have much experience at all in this specific area. I work in IT, but our skydiving organization recently went through this process and I was aware of the process simply from a member perspective. I was not involved in the actual transition, but I know they had to hire consultants, lawyers etc. Translation: $$$

If there's something I can help with, feel free to drop me a line.


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