Smart Car Discussions


  1. enviro-mileage

    Visit this forum to learn more about the smart car's fuel economy, emissions, and ecological impacts. Members can also share their mileage results and learn about ways of driving their smart efficiently. This is also a forum to discuss vehicle (and driver!) modifications related to improving fuel economy, and any instrumentation devices used to monitor fuel economy in realtime, such as the Scangauge.

  2. General Discussions

    It seems that this forum is the default go to forum for just about anything and everything, including topics best kept elsewhere, since we have a forum for most every topic.... But alas, place it here I guess - it's not likely to get kicked out... LOL!

  3. In News & Entertainment

    Press releases, articles, publication reviews, on television, as seen in the entertainment industry... What's being said about the smart car and by who? Find out.

  4. Vehicle Distribution and Tracking

    This forum is for discussion about the production and distribution of smart cars. If you want to know the quantity of vehicles in each province or country, visit here! We maintain lists of special edition smarts, often with the VIN # when possible. This is also the place to visit if you need help with tracking your smartie. It could be in the factory, on a ship, on a train -- or at your dealership!