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  1. Well it seems that they don't anticipate the electric smart doing all that well, at least in some US states. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/smart-will-soon-have-fewer-dealers-than-lamborghini/
  2. I got rid of my warts back in 2006 when i brought back new fenders from Europe.. I did install 3 LEDs in the small gap just above the fender, under the rear lights, on the side. They are visible only from the side as rear side markers. you wouldn't even know they were there during the day.-
  3. From the side the 453 appears to have a "snout", when compared to the previous versions. I'm really surprised that they didn't try to cram the engine in there. OK, maybe snout is a bit cruel, how about "Roman nose"
  4. Attached are a couple of shots. One from outside the Mercedes/smart dealer in Berlin (you can see the slight diferences in the two body styles), and another where I happened across three of the body styles together, It's too bad that there wasn't one with the original headlight design.
  5. Is that a clutch pedal I see in the photos?! Not all that keen on the front styling, looks a bit too "Toyota-ish" for me
  6. One thing that has been mentioned previously is that LED's in the parking "socket" can be damaged by the heat from the headlight bulb depening on how long you use your lights. I do run LED's in there but recess them so that they arn't in the "direct line of fire". the bulbs you ordered look great but if you do take advantage of the side firing LED's then it will have to sit quite far forward.
  7. "I had one more question for anyone reading this post. Is the oil supposed to be half full on the high side of the oil dip stick or on the low side of the stick. I really forgot and can't find the link. " I'm not all that certain about your question. If you park on level ground, the oil level will be the same all around. I just fill to halfway up the hatch marks. If anything, you are probably best erring on the slightly low side, although obviously, not too low.
  8. I had watched most episodes, and any outdoor scenes gave me no reason to believe that it wasn't filmed in California. The foliage is usually a dead give away. I any be wrong, but I'm usually pretty good at spotting "home shot" productions.
  9. "Then for some strange reason the side marker lights were wired to be side lights only- in Europe they flash for turns and act as side marker lights. Confused? so was I. Why did they made the smart engineers do all this? It's good enough for Europe!" The side repeaters only indicate turns in Europe, they do not stay lit the remainder of the time. there is no requirement for side markers there. "The car also has the rear fog lamp setting on the light switch stalk (3rd click).. but that doesn't activate anything." To make use of this you need... A rear fog lamp (Canadian models have two back-up lights) so you'd have to buy a new set of tail lights, or stick on an add-on. (or paint the clear lens on the driver side red) Open up the speedo cluster and remove the flexible circuit board that dims the dash lights and prevents the rear fog indicator from lighting. re-connect the cut rear fog-light wire. under the carpet just behind the hand brake. Unless you can fulfil the first, there is no point in doing the remaining.
  10. I usually get mine in Bellingham (WA), Both Fred Meyer and Walmart usually carry it, but are out at times. Regular price is just under $7 US/quart. I have seen it go on sale at times.
  11. I don't know if anyone else noticed the Canadian smart silver /Bay Grey convertible that made an appearance behind the actors during a parking lot scene. It was the last episode of the short series (CBS cancelling the series after the third episode). Obviously someone down there visiting (or living), has a smart with the pods on the rear fender. It was only the rear third of the car that was visible for a few seconds, but unmistakeable.
  12. Connect the outlet that powers the block heater to a thermostat that is normally used for a 110 volt baseboard heater. You may have to tinker with it so that it comes on at the right temperature. This way the heater will only come on if it gets below...
  13. It's there, but on most cars it has no function. In the dash cluster a flexible circuit board was inserted on the Canadian models that prevents the rear fog indicator lamp from functioning as well as providing for a dimming function of the dash illumination. This function is only a two step function (two level of illumination) and is operated with a switch where the fog lamp switch would be. Once that circuit board is removed, and the wire to the rear fog light is re-connected, then it will work as intended. That is if you have rear lamps that have a fog light in place. None of the original Canadian models, either body style, have had a fog light, in fact it is rare to find them on most cars here with the exception of a few European models. They are either removed entirely, in many cases when they put in those awful red rear turn signals, or they are simply disabled. I guess that they don't think we ever get fog, or are just too stupid to know how to use them correctly.Shortly after getting my car in 2005, I replaced the rear tail lights with the Euro models and re-connected everything the way it should be.
  14. Daimler, by contrast, sees sound as a safety feature. On the electric Smart, the engine tone is standard in the U.S. and Japan and an option in Europe. Unlike Renault, which equips its Zoe, Kangoo and Twizy electric models with sound, the German company doesn’t allow customers to shut off the noise manually.Soooo. a pair of wire cutters (and insertion of a switch), or some duct tape won't bring silence (or at least a reduced level), if the owner insists?They must be used to dealing with people that do not do any modifications to their cars.
  15. When I wanted to add mud flaps to the front a few years ago i picked up a couple of the small flaps used on the rear of the CDI. I mounted them on the front using stainless screws and silicone, but, under the screw I put the male part of a large snap (as used on a heavy coat).I then made a couple of large flaps from thinner flexible (almost black) cutting boards (I think they were from Ikea). I put matching snaps (aluminium pop rivets and silicone) on these (cutting the edges to size and shape), and fashioned a clip to go under the edge of the wheel arch for the top edge as there was no snap in that area.I can now remove the larger flaps for the summer, leaving only the small ones, and snap them back on to prevent fall/winter road crap from spraying up the side of the car. I made a cardboard template so that i can duplicate either side quickly in the event of loss or damage. They are long enough that they scrape when going over larger speed bumps so the bottom edge does wear a bit.If you simply wish to hide the silver screws, go to a hardware store and buy some of the small black plastic screw caps. These usually come in both back and white and sometimes beige. they are used in cabinets to hide screws. It's two parts, a translucent ring with a hole, and the cap. If the ring will fit under the screw you use, then the cap will just snap on. If it doesn't then just apply some black silicone and glue the cap over the screw.