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  1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Will see what Flying tiger has to offer. If it was conveinient, I would comsider ordering the tires, then taking to a shop to mount. Since I have to have some work done on the car anyway, it may just be easier to have it all done at once, and not have to lug tires around.
  2. I can't really do delivery to my door, so a tire store of some sort is what I'm looking for. I may shop around on the north shore today. I have taken my car into Flying Tiger for service. Hadn't even considered them for tires, but will see what they have to offer. Thanks.
  3. You might consider using an LED replacemnt for the 194 (check Amazon). I put in a couple of bright amber colour LED bulbs that are much more noticable than the originals. But then I also mounted two DRLs, below the grill and don't make use of the headlight bulbs during the day. I just remember to turn on the parking lights when driving.
  4. Mobile 1 0-40W also goes on sale at Wallmart for about $27 fo rthe big jug, I always check prices if I go there.
  5. The time has come to replace my tires on an '05 450. The last set was brought from the UK, over two trips, as a second checked bag. That was when they allowed two checked bags, that's how long ago it was. I thought some might have an idea of the best places in the greater Vancouver area to narrow a search replacements. I'm imagining that with the supply chain issues of late, there may be some difficulty. Thanks.
  6. For anyone looking for the plastic housing replacement on the key fob... I ordered a cheap one on Amazon.com. Snapped together just fine without the circuit board. Had to do some trimming of the plastic posts that support the board, or it kept wanting to pop open once everything was inside. You get what you pay for.
  7. I'd rather change out the rotors once in a while than have black wheels all the time (other than just after washing them). I'm going to order the full kit that includes front pads (probably not a premium pad) but will probably go with some other brand in the front. Thanks for all the info.
  8. I've never had that issue, they seemed to have a bit of "play". I've changed out pads on this car, and others I've had over the years, a number of times. It's mostly common sense. I just wanted to get the "old" pads (which still have a lot of life left) back in, to stop the squealing noise for the time being. This summer I will get the full kit and wash off, and replace everything, along with bleeding the brakes. I'd like to get the EBC Reds (supposed to be less dust), and will price them when I'm in Europe next, see if they are any less than here.
  9. Thanks, I'll have a look at their site. Put the original front brake pads back over the weekend, as the EBC greens I installed in 2006 had worn to the point that the metal warning bracket was making a noise. I figure that after 62,000 km I can spring for a whole new set, pads, shoes, rotors and drums...good for another 13 years..
  10. I have a 2005 model and I'm looking at doing a complete replacement of pads, front disks and rear drums. I been doing some searches and I'm getting mixed messages as to whether the parts are the same for years 2005 up to 2014, so that is the 450 and 451. Some US sites selling a complete kit at a good price (of course they never sold the 450) show that it fits that year range, yet on other sites, I see different part numbers depending on the year.. Are there certain parts that fit both, and some that don't? These are all wheels with 3 mounting bolts, so pictures of the products, on the sites, don't really help. I had replaced the front pads with EBC Greens a number of years ago, which promised to reduce brake dust, but i really didn't notice much of a difference. Thanks.
  11. Well it seems that they don't anticipate the electric smart doing all that well, at least in some US states. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/smart-will-soon-have-fewer-dealers-than-lamborghini/
  12. I got rid of my warts back in 2006 when i brought back new fenders from Europe.. I did install 3 LEDs in the small gap just above the fender, under the rear lights, on the side. They are visible only from the side as rear side markers. you wouldn't even know they were there during the day.-
  13. From the side the 453 appears to have a "snout", when compared to the previous versions. I'm really surprised that they didn't try to cram the engine in there. OK, maybe snout is a bit cruel, how about "Roman nose"
  14. Attached are a couple of shots. One from outside the Mercedes/smart dealer in Berlin (you can see the slight diferences in the two body styles), and another where I happened across three of the body styles together, It's too bad that there wasn't one with the original headlight design.
  15. Is that a clutch pedal I see in the photos?! Not all that keen on the front styling, looks a bit too "Toyota-ish" for me