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  1. Hello there,So I was going to make a desk chair out of this seat for my garage but changed plans. Does not have the air bag. Fabric is gray and will need some cleaning. I also have a base of a chair. Just want to clean out my garage and don't want to take it to the dump because someone here might like to have the spare seat for a projectMust pick up. Thank you.
  2. Go for it. Do you have a donor car? If not take a look at my link. Time for Mekmek to go to a new home.
  3. I am interested in the following:ScangaugeDead pedalCruisethe item in the bag (is that e brake cable)understorage cabinetchrome pedalsWhat is the item in the grey bag?Time to add some personal touches.
  4. Welcome to the club. I'm a recent owner of a smart since June. I'm from Hamilton so hopefully bump into each other one of these days
  5. Thanks Canman. Has anyone tried this unit. Aso what other 'magnetic tape types' are there and where are they available.
  6. Thanks CANMAN. I followed the contact cleaning recommendations that you listed. Same problem. Today I am taking the shift actuator off to examine it more closely and see if it is the original. The car being almost 190,000 kms. I think it time to change it. I don't know what kind of frequency of change over everyone is getting for this item but looking at the past history on the car at M-B. I don't think it was ever replaced.My plan it to fully clean out the actuator, put it back in then drive again. No change then I'm buying a new one. I'll have to find someone to electronically teach it afterwards.
  7. Hello Glen,that is a great price. I will pm some other things. Chuck
  8. Hello Glenn,To answer your questions. 1. There is no noticeable leak from the intercooler2. Is there a way to know how the turbo is working? Should I be hearing something different?3. Yes the EGR was removed from the car. It was extremely clogged and a thorough cleaning was done. You're insight would be appreciated. Also I'm looking at hooking up a tach. How much to get it up and running. I'm going on sound to figure out when to change before the 'arrow' goes up.Chuck
  9. Hello Huronlad,Thanks for dropping by this past weekend. It was good to try out your car and know what a remapped Smart feels like. Anyways I did the mechanical clutch actuator adjustment and there is a slight improvement. When I get back from vacation, I'm going to take the whole unit apart and do a real clean up. I'm hoping that helps it more. The shift actuator looks like it is original after 190,000 kms. Might have to get a new one if the clean up doesn't do much. In terms of top speed wise I'm still driving no more than 100 km/h on flat ground. I wonder if the tranny is still slipping.Good thing though is no blank screen in the shifter indicator.We'll have to try hooking up the DAS again.I'll update all when I get back.
  10. Hello Huronlad. I would like to take your offer in checking out my smart. Also doing a drive with you will help me sort out my issues. Saturday evening works for me. Lets set it up. What is the DAS unit? Is it as close to the M-B unit and can look at the 'airbag/esp' codes too?
  11. Hello All,So I've been picking away on my 2005 CDI smart which I purchased a couple of months ago. I bought it with almost 190,000kms for a low price knowing that I had to work on it. My project for car for the summer. We'll here's my problem. Since I've never driven a smart before, is 1st gear supposed to take around 4 seconds to get from a dead stop to move the car.Things I've done so far to diagnose this problem:- Cleaned out the EGR valve. It was pretty much clogged and I don't think it was ever done.- I lubricated the clutch actuator. Shifting has been pretty smooth has been smooth after that.- Used electric contact cleaner on all the transmission electrical connector. The P0702 code disappeared when I had it all together. However the next day it showed up again on my OBDII scanner.- Lubricated the wastegate on the turbo. I don't know if the turbo is running properly since I don't have tach on the car. Once the car is in the gears 2-4 the car is fine. I've taken it on the highway and I think the car is running on 'limp mode' because I can't get it past 100 km/h. The car seems slow and I've seen smarts on the hwy running around 120km/hTomorrow I'm changing out the gearbox fluid. One thing to note, I've had it happen to me three times now, the blank screen where the shift number is. It looks like it missed the gear? After powering down and nudging the car forward it gets back in gear and I can star the car again. Am I missing something else that I should check on? There are no other codes showing on the scanner. Your help is greatly appreciated. I've had a 84 rabbit diesel and comparing the pick-up, the rabbit has it. I think my Smart is hiding its true self.
  12. So my summer has been busy and I've been picking away at my little smart. So far I've cleaned out the EGR valve. Just removing the bumper was a chore. I really don't like the torx heads on the bumper. I switch them to hex bolts after and that sure made a difference in removing the bumper. I'm trying to isolate a problem with what I think is the limp mode or P0702 error from the obdII reader. I lubricated the wastegate on the turbo because it was pretty stiff. Right now I'm doing the transmission connectors and cleaning up the contacts. I've done the highway run a couple of weeks ago and that is when I found out that my smart didn't go past 100km/h. Troubleshooting the car is making me learn about it vehicle and I'm getting to the point where I think a visit to 'Uncle Glenn' is coming. I'll have to email him and hopefully get a chance in the next couple of weeks. Family is cruising first so I'll have to see you Glenn in September.BTW, I think this limp mode is causing a slow pickup in first gear. Seems like it takes almost four seconds to get moving from a stop especially on a slight incline. Anyone care to give me their two cents?The other thing i'm hoping to do is meet up with some Smarties in the Hamilton area so I can compare the pickup speed of the car. With no tach on the car I'm only going on sound as to when to change gears. I really don't like driving past the 'arrow' display. I've never driven a Smart before but I had a 84 Rabbit diesel that had more pickup that this car.Game plan is by September the car will be more of my daily driver. I can't wait. (my big suv is just killing me in gas).See you on my next update.Chuck
  13. Thank you Alex for letting me know. I will be doing the cleanout of the connectors tonight. I'm hoping that solves my problems. I'll keep you all posted.
  14. Thank you for the suggestions. I will have to search for a tach. Approximately how much is for one and installed? I've been listening to the car as it revs and have been using the auto mode mostly. Currently I'm working at identifying the low end pick-up issue that I have when in first gear and that might be my main issue to resolve. I'm getting the P0702 code and going through some of the troubleshooting posts that have come up.Also is there a some way of know if the turbo has kicked in. I have lubricated the wastegate rod trying to see what the problem could be for the low end pick-up. I have a feeling that everything is tied into my current issue that is why I asked about the speed.Thank you again for you help.
  15. My 450 Cdi has no tach 'eyeball' and I was wondering what is the best speed to gained the most fuel efficiency. I usually wait for the arrow on the dash to come on to change but the car sound like its revving too high. The car does change gear on its own but only when it is revving high. I'm only going by the sound of the car and the speedo to change gears.Eventually I will get a scanguage.