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  1. 2008 Smart Passion Cabriolet. Black/black. Heated black leather. Transmission (I think) acting up - sometimes has to be restarted to drive car but then drives fine. Initial start air blower no longer blowing. Engine light on related I assume to one or the other of these situations. Clean with slight avocado sized peeling blemish in rear bumper clearcoat. 110,000 km. Crack in windshield below sight line but there nonetheless. Near $970. total service and inspection/going over of entire car at Lone Star Mercedes-Benz in Calgary shortly after purchase 18 months ago as I had no record of the car. Everything tended to such as brake fluid, belts, etc. Heater/defroster/fan motor ($620.) replaced at Weber Mercedes-Benz in Edmonton at Christmas one year ago. All service since at Express Automotive (Euro specialists) in Red Deer to factory specification. New headlight bulbs and wiper blades last month. Good Continental tires. First aid kit and divider/cargo cover. Have all receipts. 2 owner's manuals, one never out of wrap. Car is in Red Deer, Alberta. Kicking Horse Pass at the Coninental Divide North of Calgary This car has been sold. Thanks for the email interest.
  2. Mike T, I join others in being obviously relieved for the safety of the passenger cargo but what really strikes my attention is the general "moderate" visual exterior damage front and rear if I can use that term given that the offending vehicle had both airbags blow. I appreciate the unseen damage you refer to but I must say that is very impressive on the visual exterior in terms of taking a blow at both ends.
  3. Ok, mine has quit altogether after a week of sporadic noise where failure seemed eminent. It seems to have coincided with engine warning light number 15 in 16 months, they having long since mostly been ignored after paying money for a reset 4 or 5 times. Some of them just go out on their own as randomly as they came on. Does this "air pump" matter to vehicle operation? Thanks.Also, can the engine warning light be disabled? It's little more than a constant source of anxiety and stress. I simply can't be spending money on this thing every month.
  4. Haha. My cabrio is all black. I like the Apple decal. Mine is white and on the rear window. Welcome.
  5. Both my Smart and my Buell are black and I don't overly care for black. I'm not entirely clear how that happened.
  6. How about a New England Patriots decal and an Apple decal?
  7. Why Calgary anyway? Try the Bluebird in Claresholm and come up from the Crowsnest. A favourite of mine sometimes to just get out of town for a break. The Gene Autry-Randy Travis cottage is my choice. It's #19.
  8. I would likely lean to the iQ given it's a Toyota and our dealer here is now (finally) a Scion dealer as well. Like the Smart, I'd be looking at Edmonton or Calgary for Fiat. I once owned a new 1980 Fiat Spider 2000 fi so I tend to otherwise lean that way, but not without a dealer here.That said, I rented a Toyota Yaris in New York last year and quite liked it - strippo four door hatch. I had a Nissan Sentra in Florida and it was a dream car for the size and price - loaded 4 door sedan. A friend's Honda Fit is worth a look too. Nice car.
  9. I'd be on for any gathering for a pop in Alberta.Happy trails.
  10. My other ride (that has an engine).
  11. Timely indeed. My 08 has started do this more frequently. It will not go into either reverse or drive and sit there in what is effectively neutral - say in a three point turn around to park on my dead end street. I'll be sitting there blocking the street unable to move. Restarting the car usually returns things to normal but now an occasion has come where I had to restart twice.This is not funny and conceivably a serious safety issue. I too was wondering about causes and costs.
  12. And as Car and Driver has pointed out, that vehicle badged as a Toyota elsewhere in the world is available with a standard manual transmission so the components are there and being used as an option to others.For that matter, I would prefer a standard manual transmission in my Smart ten times out of ten. A long time friend and colleague didn't buy one (Smart) over the transmission alone.
  13. I rented a Yaris in upstate New York and quite liked it for what it is. I found it didn't turn though. I recall that in a friends PT Cruiser. The thing would not turn. I had to three point park it at Walmart one time or hit the next car. I'd never seen that with any other car until the Yaris. We drove from Schenectady to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame and back and used next to no fuel.I'll consider the iQ over the Yaris though but would also look at the Fiat 500c.
  14. Hi Stephanie and welcome. I bought my 08 Passion Cabrio a year ago. It's an interesting vehicle but I'm also a guy who once bought a Fiat Spider 2000 so I tend to seek oddity and insist on tops that go down. I like mine. I had a burnt out headlight and replaced both. I get around 400 km but all city driving for me here unless I head to the mountains. Generally as with this morning I filled at two bars remaining. I came home from Golden, BC last summer on $16. in premium. I have continual engine light issues that come and go on their own at random that disturb me - my biggest beef. I've put about 9,000 km on in the year but I bicycle when weather permits. The heated seats and heater are great in the winter. The Smart works for me.Best of luck to you with yours.
  15. I've mentioned Express Automotive in Red Deer before. They had both belts in stock when Lone Star in Calgary had neither and they sell the cars. I just had service done last week and zero issues again. Much more reasonable prices than the dealers and they focus on Euro brands, mainly BMW and MB but I've even seen a Ferrari there (walking distance from my house so I see what's around when I go by). Outstanding people. Come on up and I'll walk around the corner for lunch with you while they deal with your car. Everything is factory spec.