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  1. Hey guys, My name is Nathan Labatt, and I drive the Smart Grey Style that you've probably seen bombin around Regina! I've seen so many other smart car owners, and smart cars all around the city, and I want to plan an event, for all of us to meet each other. The weather is getting beautiful, and it's about time!Let me know if you would be interested in meeting up!Looking at Sunday April 22nd, 2012. At a location in Regina. Checking into the Access Communications Community Park at their office on Park and Arcola. They allow functions in that park, and it is open to those who ask for it.Thanks guys,Nathan Labatt.
  2. Well Living in Regina, I feel like an outcast. I feel like one of ten people that drive a smart car. I have been in Europe for a month, and I have seen more Smart cars here than I could ever imagine! Fortwo's, ForFour's! I love it here! I wish i could make the move over.
  3. I will certainly do that! Where did you move from?
  4. Glad you made the change Qwijybo! I hope you enjoy it for years to come ! I think I´ve seen you around a couple times. Next time I will wave! And PrairieBoy, you are totally right! I was up there for a couple days visit, and decided to take some photo´s. I have a couple from up there. I´m just in Europe right now on a month backpacking trip, when I get home, I will get some more photo´s up!
  5. This sounds like it woUld be tons of fun! I will have to see if I can make it work!!
  6. They are both 15's, yes! I had some flooding issues and my computer is down because of it, so once i get it back up and running I have a few more photo's i'll add!
  7. Here's a photo of my 2010 Smart Greystyle!
  8. So I'm just curious, is there ever Smart Car Driver gatherings in Regina? I'd like to meet some other drivers from the city and area!
  9. Hey there everyone!I'm glad to be on here, it will be nice to meet some more Smart Car owners in the area!My name is Nathan Labatt, I have been a proud Smart Car owner since October of 2010. I drive a 2010 Smart Fortwo Passion Greystyle. If you live in Regina, you've probably seen me cruising around in it. I've been away on a camping trip for the last month with the car, and i haven't had time to get some pictures on here and all that, but I will within the next week! Can't wait to meet and chat with all you wonderful people!