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  1. Y would like to find a Magnaflow muffler for my 451 cabrio. If you have one to sale let me know.
  2. I have the error code P2188 each time a reset the code it come back after 1 week. Some of you had this problem before? What do you make to solve this ?
  3. Thank you. Where i can find the wire diagram ?
  4. Is is possible to connect a subwoofer to standard smart 451 radio
  5. I just receive a Clever Grip support, the support is perfect and only 3 day for receive the order.
  6. I want a exaut for my cabri 2008. I want something with more noise.
  7. For the fuel pump check check the connector n11-3 the pin 10.
  8. I have water infiltration under the carpet pasenger side after a bing rain. The car was park. Any suggestion to correct the problem ?
  9. Check the connector n11-3 pin 10. It's the pin for the fuel pump
  10. How can i remove the cover of the shifter. Is it fix by clip ?
  11. I try with the silicon spray. But for the other way i am not shure of what i have to make. (my english it not very good). Mercedez tell me to check my brake switch.
  12. When is cold my shifter stuck in park any solution. i put some silicon spray but this morning -29 the problem come back. If you have picture of the interior or diagram let me know.
  13. I have a cabrio 2008 and it is first winter. My problem is when is cold -5 and lower sometime a can't move the shifter. The button work fine but a can't move. I put sillicon spray but nothing change. Some one have a solution.
  14. The problem was a module inside the shifter. It cost me 675$ with the time.