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  1. I'd prefer to remove the front clip. My car has led headlights, so no worries there. I see the bolt holds the top of the strut in place, what holds the bottom? Does it just rest somewhere or is there another bolt in the bottom?
  2. I have probably a dumb question. My main car is "riding dirty" with not even 1 finger if clearance between the tire and the wheel well, my part car is sitting nice and high. Can I take the entire strut and spring assembly off and switch them? It looks like The shows removal through the access flap, is this something I can do in my driveway with a jack?
  3. Mines an 06 with around 250 or so on it. It's an awful racket it makes. Makes it even more embarrassing then just driving a bright orange smart car.
  4. Im around 260k on mine, it's due for some love. My muffler is pretty badly cracked, my shocks could use a change and I have an oil leak somewhere in the engine. I much would have fathered address some of that over the oil sprocket, but it is what it is
  5. Not sure how I would do this. It won't even start without the alternator, never mind running
  6. Ok. I'll order this one, and wait for it to arrive. I would try and take the parts out of my part car, but it seems this is a pretty high failure rate part.
  7. Is this the one? Seems to have a lot of things I won't need. Other problem, it's from Taiwan...is this a quality level I should avoid?
  8. Yeah, that's what I figured. Guess I'll give it a shot, as I can't find a single mechanic that wants anything to do with this car. I'll crack a few beers this weekend and try to channel my inner smart, while expelling my external clumsy. I was browsing the other threads, I'm overwhelmed just from the pictures. Any chance anyone has the part numbers from mb for the not crap sprocket and chain? Or an externally sourced one?
  9. Sounds like metal on metal to me in person. I can try the alternator, I have one in the backup car I can try and get off and clean first, that way I can figure out the best swear words when I go to take this one off.
  10. It started again.... Here is a link to YouTube for a video of the sound. I couldn't figure out any other way to post the video, I hope it's not breaking any rules..
  11. Might be a moot point. Lol. It fired up after I unseived the alternator. I gave it some gas to around 2500 rpm after it ran for 10 or 15 minutes, it was fine with the higher rpm, but when i let my foot off the gas it stalled. Now it won't start again. Real rough while trying to start too. Grrr. The love affair continues.....
  12. I'll get it started tonight, maybe if I can figure out how to post a video of the sound I'll post it
  13. Damn. I was afraid of that. I work 6 days as well. This is not my daily driver anymore, but I have to admit, I have sick admiration with this little car. I picked up a parts car last year for a great price, and figured I would take a crack at it. The squealing grinding sound is coming from the rear passenger side, I figured with so many sprocket issues that it was a good candidate for my problem. I changed the oil before I let it sit, and there was no metal flakes in the waste oil at all. I'm going to crack the siezed alternator tomorrow and see if she starts, maybe I get lucky and the noise is gone (highly doubtful)
  14. Mine squeals after start, and for a while driving it. It's pretty high pitched.
  15. As title says, sounds like my oil sprocket is done. When I start the car, it squeals like a pig. I've left this repair for over a year, as I was hoping to find a local shop to do the repair. Nobody is interest in touching my 06 Fortwo. I guess I will have to try it myself, is this possible leaving the engine in and removing the tire and hub, or does the engine have to be removed?