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  1. I'm envious. 130k and have enjoyed every KM.I'm interested in any recommendations of local independent mechanics capable of major work. Especially in the Maritimes.My Smart has had major insults committed by the MB shop which make its future questionable.yoursFrank
  2. [Hello All:Have 2006 Pure with prospect of major work. Any experience of independent shops capable of working on Smarts?yoursFrank JohnstonGrand Falls, NB
  3. The Smart appears to behave as expected- Ker Sproing as in FI racing as contrasted with Ker Squish for the Mercedes.yoursFPJ
  4. The Smart appears to behave as expected- Ker Sproing as in FI racing as contrasted with Ker Squish for the Mercedes.yoursFPJ
  5. There is at least one Silver/Grey 451 in Madison WI. I passed it several times on my last trip (in my 450 Pure) there in March.YoursFPJ
  6. The graph on real world survival shows small cars as giving a lower mortality. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/14/automobi...ml?ref=business The test is without airbags. Yours FPJ
  7. A Hummer owner asked me for the Smart's(450) mileage in Indiana. Told ~72mpg he said he hated me - with a smile.yoursFPJ
  8. Will we be able to import a new cdi individually if they do in fact meet Canadian standards? Is the DOT sympathetic?yourFPJ
  9. Hello: That size and mass confer safety is a canard. Careful study has established ".... that there is essentially no relationship between car mass and risk, even in frontal crashes." Wenzel and Ross have a provocative article in the March-April American Scientist worth reading; http://www.americanscientist.org/issues/fe...-and-the-planet . The Smart is still small and light and the authors point out that the alignment of "stiff structures" determines the lethality of a collision. yours FPJ
  10. Interesting. I stay well behind a transport and move only when in their mirrors and back again when they are in mine. The pure does judder slightly coming out of an underpass in a high wind, mass and shape do have an effect!yoursFPJ
  11. Hello:This is an interesting thread. I've a question. My Smart, 450 with four Conti wintercontacts, toboggons in new snow over 2 inches on hard surfaces. We stay home 'til the roads are clear. Handling on packed snow or soft ice and snow is not alarming but with some eps activity.Is this common experience? I can believe better operator performance might be required but are there better winter tires?This in the Maritimes with dry or heavy snow.yoursFPJ
  12. http://map.mobilstations.com/locator.asp The exxon/mobil route and station finder will locate diesel pumps for you. I find diesel at transport service sites without problems. It is good to refill at 1/2 tank as on secondary roads "diesel" sometimes means kerosene. yours FPJ
  13. http://www.edmunds.com/smart/fortwo/2008/testdrive.html They actually seem to have driven one. However, I've never been noticeably "buffeted" passing a transport in a 450. The transmission appears to be an issue. What is the consensus among those who have driven both a soft touch 450 and the 451? yours FPJ
  14. Diesel soft hybrid as well.