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  1. I wonder why they assume it's a woman???
  2. Thanks but my friend needs a full set on rims
  3. A friend who has recently purchased a black 2005 pulse from someone in StoneyCreek ON is looking for a set of rims and snow tires. Please PM me if you have any leads.
  4. 200-300 dollars for an oil change. You can't be serious, I have never paid a fraction of this price for oil changes, I get all my oil changes and tire changes at Garden Motorcar, MB dealership in Burlington and find them very reasonable. I am not mechanically inclined and find my Smart economical as any other car to have serviced.
  5. What car did they lend you?
  6. Welcome to the Club!Derrick
  7. I have a brand new block heater cable for sale. I bought it from MB thinking my original one needing replacing (wrong). I bought it from MB last year and never used it.
  8. That is precisely why I purchased this product last winter I drove off with my car plugged in and did some dammage to the pins when I eventually ran over the cord and it was ripped from the front of he car, thankfully the pins although bent were bent back into position as well the threaded housing was damaged. I also had the bad habit of leaving the cap off the pin outlet which caused the pins to corrode, this way the pins are always enclosed with the set and forget. This is much simpler to just plug in.
  9. I own the set and forget and I think it will come in handy as a quick unplug, the 90 degree connector I suspect makes this one more exspensive, however it allows you to tuck it behind the fin on the front spoiler, very intelligent design.
  10. OMG they ranked Smart Car number 33, and they call all these other cars small?
  11. Unless the 506 is a typo, 516 is Windsor
  12. The fact that the kijiji ad does not have a phone number is true for most of the car ads, I suspect you contact via email, the map may be strange however, when I have used maps to pinpoint my place it has been a bit inaccurate, I was impressed with the low millage and price. It may be worth considering for someone who has a high km Oilburner they want to replace??
  13. Spotted this ad posted on Kijii today low millage in th Windsor area
  14. I have those on my Smart as well as my Jetta, functionally and esthetically they are great.
  15. I took a new photo of my Smart Car and posted it as my new Avatar. I noticed my standard grill had broken clips courtesy of my MB service tech (they are fragile) so I decided to up grade to a black S-Mann grill, they have a more robust clip and, I think, it gives my Smart some attitude (less heterosexual:winkgrin:)