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  1. Excellent. A great charger with a pulse maintenance mode which is the desulfation mode. I use The Ctek Muse 4.3 , a Ctek Multi US 7002 and an Xtreme XC100 All very good desufation modes giving you the best life from your batteries.
  2. That is certainly incredible. Do you use a desulfator/charger? I have no problem getting 15 years out of a battery with them and good maintenance.
  3. Wishing you all A Merry Christmas and thanking you for all your efforts throughout the year to keep our Smarts the best they can be.
  4. Looks fantastic. Absolutely love the video. Well done. Kudos to you for taking the time and sharing.
  5. I found a service depot that had a newer Snap-On scanning tool that serviced MB and he was able to reset my 08 451 airbag code after I redid all the connection under the drivers seat. MB wanted to replace drivers side air bag and both wiring harness for the drivers side for Approx. $ 1000.00 I said no and found a loose plug under the seat. Cleaned, lubed and reconnected. All good. There is an addendum to air bag wire harness repair by hard wiring connections under the seat. High moisture area causing corrosion in he connectors instead of replacing the wiring harness. They try to catch you if they can. Hope this helps. It did cost me $80.00 for the reset. A pittance in comparison.
  6. Good on you. Helping out is a great feeling............
  7. MikeT "atrocious" is much too kind.......
  8. I forgot to add this alternative "Smart car RV" is another possibility.
  9. Well I have to give you Kudo's for being adventurous but most of us "have been there done that" if you know what I mean and at 74 we tend to enjoy a bit more luxury and will have to agree with Mike on that and his other comments. It might be advisable if you haven't done so to find one of the worst gravel roads in your area and spend a day driving it. I do love our Flo as we call her but after having that experience I would never take her again on an extended gravel, mud or loose road as we are done punishing ourselves that way. Not to discourage you but you will be in for quite an adventure for sure. Take lots of spare parts which I have always done traveling, bike car, truck and RVing as good insurance then hopefully like us you will never need them. We wish you luck. Maybe you'll want to build something light, about 175lbs like my friend did for behind his Wing. It will offer some needed rest and protection from the elements at the end of each day. I couldn't insert any pics sorry.
  10. Welcome. Im on the west coast Langley BC actually and have been trying to get coffee groups together here too. So far to no avail. My wife just retired her 1100 Virago so we got Yellow FLO for her as a town runner. 08 Passion cabriolet. She and I love it. I'm still riding however. If you venture out here on the way to Dawson or wherever look me up. Have Fun. Sparky.
  11. Sounds great. I have been trying to get a group together in the Langley area for a couple of years. Have 6 other owners saved on a contact list that are also interested. Life seems to get in the way. Absolutely. We put good snow tires all around on all our vehicles for the winter. Pick a date and location preferably Langley-Surrey-Aldergrove area. You can email me direct if you like. Cheers. Sparky
  12. Thanks for your reply. No leak yet but I guess it's getting ready to fail.
  13. We have a 2008 451 Cabrio , 85K with what appears to be a very loose original muffler. I can move the muffler back and forth, swiveling on the mounts, with no effort at all as it sort of also swivels at the base of the flex line entering the muffler. One can't see anything as the stock stainless mesh covers the flex pipe coming from the cat. There is no apparent exhaust leakage or extra noise when idling or revving the engine. Is this normal or should I be investigating further? Thank you.
  14. Now that is awesome. Thanks for sharing..
  15. My sweety/wife used to ride a Motorcycle and I made a name tag for it commemorating her Mother Florence. "Flo" for short. Got a Smart that she loves to replace the bike. Perfect name for her too. Thanks for asking.