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  1. Welcome. Im on the west coast Langley BC actually and have been trying to get coffee groups together here too. So far to no avail. My wife just retired her 1100 Virago so we got Yellow FLO for her as a town runner. 08 Passion cabriolet. She and I love it. I'm still riding however. If you venture out here on the way to Dawson or wherever look me up. Have Fun. Sparky.
  2. Sounds great. I have been trying to get a group together in the Langley area for a couple of years. Have 6 other owners saved on a contact list that are also interested. Life seems to get in the way. Absolutely. We put good snow tires all around on all our vehicles for the winter. Pick a date and location preferably Langley-Surrey-Aldergrove area. You can email me direct if you like. Cheers. Sparky
  3. Thanks for your reply. No leak yet but I guess it's getting ready to fail.
  4. We have a 2008 451 Cabrio , 85K with what appears to be a very loose original muffler. I can move the muffler back and forth, swiveling on the mounts, with no effort at all as it sort of also swivels at the base of the flex line entering the muffler. One can't see anything as the stock stainless mesh covers the flex pipe coming from the cat. There is no apparent exhaust leakage or extra noise when idling or revving the engine. Is this normal or should I be investigating further? Thank you.
  5. Now that is awesome. Thanks for sharing..
  6. My sweety/wife used to ride a Motorcycle and I made a name tag for it commemorating her Mother Florence. "Flo" for short. Got a Smart that she loves to replace the bike. Perfect name for her too. Thanks for asking.
  7. Going to change the brake fluid myself do you know the wheel order for flushing?
  8. Many thanks and also for all you do to keep us enjoying our Smarts. A and all the best to you and yours in the New year.
  9. What modifications did you make ignition wise or otherwise?
  10. The 451 with heated seats will warm your buns pretty well instantly and with -10 hear in the BC lower mainland sometimes it will warm up within a couple of km's. We love ours with never any interior heat problems. Surely someone in your area with 451 can clue you in at those temperatures. From 2008 on I believe, you can get as an option when heat is full on it gives 12V instant electric heat until motor warms up. Good luck.
  11. Our condolences......... It seems now that we have reached that ripe age more and more of our friends are moving on. We've lost two in the last couple of weeks ourselves. It is hard for sure.
  12. You may be right but according to the talk here taking the motor out is not an issue but as you say done correctly which goes without saying. No thought about when transmission programming needs to be done and not done?
  13. Thanks Tolsen for the site. I finally found a good site for procedures on full disassembly. What bothers me is the misinformation one gets when told that reprogramming has to take place when installing a new actuator and others say you can disassemble your own completely and put it back in properly without STAR contrary to MB advise who we know want your business. As motors are available I will be taking our old unit apart to find exactly what failed.
  14. Is there a supplier one could email to find out costs for the future? 35% can be eaten up pretty quick though with exchange, duties and shipping or are you including those costs? Thanks.
  15. Yes Mike we love it too. being the Cabreo and I can hardly get my sweetheart to part with it for running around town visiting or shopping. So we will keep our fingers crossed. Why wouldn't just the electric motor be rebuildable that's what failed. It surprises me that no one rebuilds them. At 400 pounds ours at $800.00 is still cheaper than transporting one here with the pound being twice or close to our $ right now. Any way you look at it it's too expensive. If we had a few million Smarts around we wouldn't have this problem. So it's the price we pay to be the chosen few. Hence this wonderful site to try and fix and maintain our own to keep the costs down and I thank everyone that takes part for that. It would be a great help if we had a list of everyone that owned a STAR or equivalent unit to help out more economically. Re: milage our 2012 Civic 4Cyl. Econ gives us an average of 6 Lt/100km being about the same for the Smart. The big advantage is it gives us 4 times the ride but only half the fun. 4.1 lt/100 is pretty awesome Mike. Thanks again.