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  1. are any of you stopping so that you can see the lights, versus having the fortwo sitting right at the stop line. just because your car is significantly shorter doesn't mean the nose has to be at the light. try to remember that the last vehicle you drove set you back 4-6ft from the signals. might feel/look stupid but, for saftey's sake, that's where the smart fortwo should be now. make sense to anyone?
  2. awww. that's so sweet. congratulations and welcome.pick out a name yet?
  3. welcome! this is great news. congratulations!* where are you and the new babe located?* i'm sure you'll be answered soon but, if you're just too excited to wait for a reply, you can search "mileage" and maybe "break-in period" (?).* happy trails and hope to see you often.
  4. feels too beetle. aesthetics or functional? both? how "eco/aero"? maybe not a contrast color.
  5. he did take a trip this way [ma, us], but not sure about his exact destination. i know it was recent and a pleasure trip. he may be posting photos and amusing bits as we speak.i'd like to say the same about rawlus who also has been mia - hope he's out-n-'bout for pleasure, too.karen
  6. i can't wait for that stumbling over yourself feeling. congrats, gary!
  7. ear cannon: "If Ethel Merman, Sam Kinison and John Philip Sousa ever had a band, and played through a wall-of-sound amp rack, it would sound like this." excellent!
  8. snap orange with cream leather interior, but i think i'd tone it down with an pearl finish. or the new metallic ice blue limited edition with granny smith green or periwinkle blue leather interior. nice.did you ever see that malibu blue beetle - sweet?
  9. what "problem"? US stealerships are doing the 180 on a few owners whose cars were immobilized at some point due to real shifter/transmission problems. still no word from DC-M or penske, so what are you hearing, mike?thanks,-k
  10. wow!excuse my ignorance, but what is the black? paint/enamel or carbonizing??? i'd like no black for my fortwo.again, wow!
  11. "smartnut"?
  12. yep. mishy and kimi? these are 'worry-free' girlies - would get by even if they did pull their hair out [i work with a tag team called 'tiara' and...(wait for it)...'tiara'] - so they'll like never get it. besides, you can be whatever you want but, imo, the smart fortwo is a woman's car. and a low maintenance woman's car at that.
  13. happy easter!
  14. "prepare for the worst, hope for the best." ~ gent suggested reading: who moved my cheese karen
  15. wow! not officially my first - it was a pic of a fortwo on a coworker's cel fon. yellow/silver fortwo was parked at cumbies (cumberland farms) across from bishop stang (catholic high school, dartmouth, ma).not a member? guess i have to start printing my club cards sooner than i thought.
  16. yeah. it's called punk'd! cash that check and punk 'em back. :boo-yah!:
  17. i love this.welcome, miataman. she's beautiful.
  18. don't forget the bold print: "* (NEW) Motor vehicles with EPA city or highway gas mileage of at least 40 miles per gallon Exempts sales of passenger motor vehicles, as defined in Conn. Gen. Stat. § 14-1, with an EPA estimated city or highway gasoline mileage rating of at least 40 miles per gallon. The exemption applies to sales occurring on or after January 1, 2008, and on or before June 30, 2010. Conn. Gen. Stat. § 12-412(110) as amended by Conn. Pub. Acts 4, 07-4 § 72, June Spec. Sess. See IP 2007(30.1) for more information. * Motor vehicles purchased but not registered in this state by persons who are nonresidents and do not maintain a permanent place of abode in Connecticut. The purchaser must complete CERT-125, Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Motor Vehicle or Vessel Purchased by a Nonresident of Connecticut. Conn. Gen. Stat. §12-412(60)"
  19. it's a phony, dcrooks. it popped up for me when i clicked on the link because it opened in a separate window...i just killed the (ad) because my mac doesn't get viruses. i then right-clicked the link and selected open in new tab and, *yippee*, i got to vote.sorry you came in that route, but welcome and please stick around.
  20. that's the spirit! welcome to club smart car and don't forget the pics!
  21. gosh! i feel so... :proud:
  22. imac @ 32bits on a 17" 1024x768 lcd - good 'nuf.
  23. does anyone own a fortwo that doesn't have power steering? is it difficult to maneuver your car without power steering? i'm old enough to remember cars without this technological breakthrough, but how beneficial is this for this tiny peep of a car? would my arms seriously bulk up if i didn't throw some money down for this option?
  24. i will probably pass on this option...after a test drive.
  25. thanks so much, everyone, for bringing this thread back to life. my powerbook (Ti) just STB and i'm trying to save for my smart. i'm using my son's flat screen imac (still beautiful @ 700/40) and considering the mini. the monitor is my issue, also, so posting your thoughts on this is much appreciated.hope you don't mind MDFortwoguy, but i may just pm you if i (ever) have a mac problem.