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  1. best of luck to your future purchase Dom!
  2. Thank you David_18, I stand corrected; also called my product advisor at toyota and confirmed discontinuation of the iq
  3. Toyota has not yet stopped producing the iq; even though they sell a lot more less iq's than smarts, i wouldn't be surprised if toyota discontinues the iq next year
  4. thank you Leadwing, will do
  5. *** SOLD *** @ Admin, please remove post, thank you
  6. Dear Forum Members, I just wanted to let you know that after owning soldier (2006 smart fortwo pure coupe) for almost 4 years, I traded it in for a one year old new 2014 Toyota iQ. My interest in the smart fortwo came while I was living in Edmonton about 10 years ago and saw one on the street, ever since then I always maintained an interest in them. In 2008, I purchased my very first brand new yellow smart passion coupe. I loved the vehicle, but after owning it for about 15 months sold it quite abruptly since its traction was so bad in the winter (I didnt have winter tires on it.) Something in the back of my mind still kept me wanting to buy one, however. So a couple of years later I purchased from an original owner a 2006 smart fortwo pure coupe (with a set of winter tires this time). And so my love affair for the smart fortwo re-started. My diesel was slow, quirky, but I loved it. One of the reasons I decided to part with it was because I felt it just needed too much maintenance; I relentlessly kept up with the maintenance and anything that went wrong I was quick to fix. The last straw was when the one year old brake rotors started to contact the caliper bracket. I had had enough. So I started to look at the alternative micro car, the iQ. I looked at one 2 years ago but decided not to buy it, I felt too claustrophobic inside. Fortunately, the local dealer had 2 new 2014s, a white and a blue one; the blue one was in the showroom. After taking the white one home to see if it would fit in my garage in place of the smart, I put a deposit on it, a week later traded my smart in for the iQ. The 2 vehicles, in my opinion, are very different. The ride of the iQ is a Rolls Royce compared to the smart, its noticeably wider, the steering is very responsive, and the turning circle is awesome. I still prefer the size of the smart cause I think it is truly a micro vehicle for the city, I love how narrow the smart is, it is easier to park, the iQs front sticks out too much which you cant see of course. I dont have any real fuel economy numbers cause the iQ only has about 650km on it. I can tell you that my old diesel smart will kill the iQ on highway fuel economy and torque, the engine in the diesel smart is stellar!! I do miss my smart, but I am happy that I got such a good deal on my iQ and I must say that the more I drive it the more I like it. I have said this before, but I have to repeat it again, the technical help that I received in this forum is phenomenal!!! This forum in my opinion is the best forum that I have been a part of, so thank you to all who have helped me out in the years!!! I wish all of you the best and thank you. 2006 smarty.
  7. thank you LooseLugNuts and Tolsen, removed the caliper carriers and thoroughly cleaned them with a wire brush, problem solved; that rust can sure be a real bugger!
  8. That is correct, there was contact made between the inner rotor and caliper bracket/carrier (not caliper) on the drivers' side; contact was made at inner, most upper side of rotor and caliper bracket/carrier. I replaced all parts yesterday evening and even though there is no contact between rotor and caliper bracket, the clearance between them respectively is just under 0.5mm (inner side) -- I could not get a 0.58mm feeler guage between inner caliper bracket and rotor, the outside distance between rotor and caliper bracket is very good, no issues their. I am afraid that in a short time the problem will resurface (sorry no video as I was tired at the end of the evening). On a brighter note, I believe the almost seized lower caliper guide pin problem has been rectified, time will tell if this is so.
  9. @ smart142: yes I did loosen the lower caliper bolt, I replaced the 5 sided penta bolt with a hex bolt, below is my previous video on how I removed the pads, rotors including the lower 5 sided guide pin bolt: @ Huronlad: thank you for the info! Rockauto is my new friend! Their prices are very reasonable and I am surprised they carry so many parts for the 450. @ tolsen: I used Permatex Ultra Slick synthetic brake lubricant, the package says that it is safe on rubber components, will not swell them etc. Your finish on the calipers, carriers, knuckle is awing. I love the idea of the plastic camping plates for the splash guards! @ tolsen & marchanna: I am the second owner of the vehicle and have the full dealer service history, there was one note when the owner asked to check the right front wheel for damage and dealer wrote no fault found, I had an alignment done and noted the specs in my previous post above, I also do not see any visual bent damage; the rotor contacting the brake caliper carrier was on the left side (driver’s side), inner top part of the rotor. I think I may have found the possible culprit, I noticed that both lower guide pin (sliders) were very hard to move, I replaced on both sides the lower guide pin o-ring (the rubber gear looking o-ring – this is what they look like: http://www.stockwiseauto.com/product_info.php/cPath/1106_1227/products_id/1816128/Make/Smart/Model/Fortwo) and now both the lower sliders are much easier to move, I also compared the old and new o-rings and the old ones looked quite swollen, so I now I am really suspecting those lower sliders. I called the dealer today and all my parts are in so I will be putting everything back together and will report back on progress, I will also upload a video.
  10. thank you Huronlad and Tolsen, @ Huronlad: thanks for the advice, being impatient I bit the bullet and ordered everything from the local dealer, hub/bearing unit $172, each, rotors (pair) $137, pads $68, backing plate in behind hub/bearing $30 each, hub/bearing cap cover $4.81 each, total with tax $650. (some other prices I inquired about: caliper rebuild kit $147 each side. @ Tolsen: wow, that electrolysis is very impressive! Thank you for telling me to knock off the rust, I grabbed my grinder and sand paper and removed as much rust as possible, both from the carrier and rotor. One other question: After lubeing the caliper guide pins I noticed the bottom slider was still very stiff, I noticed there is a rubber o-ring on it, I suspect it has swollen, can I remove it? (you cannot purchase sliders separetely, they only come with the caliper bracket). thanks, 2006 smarty
  11. Dear Forum Members: I was swapping my winter tires to my summer tires when I noticed the front brake rotor contacting/rubbing against the brake caliper bracket. See my youtube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPX7TJJZLu0 I replaced my pads and rotors 2 years ago; these parts have approximately 11,000km on them. Also, the inner side of the rotor and inner brake pads were rusty as if no contact was made between them. I removed the pads, rotors, and the hub/bearing assembly; I couldn’t feel any movement in the hub/bearing assembly before taking the wheels off the vehicle. The instructions on the OE smart fortwo brake rotors state “if the clearance between brake disc and brake caliper bracket is undersized respectively if the brake disc touches the brake caliper bracket, the brake caliper bracket and/or the knuckle or wheel bearing must be renewed.” Prices for the parts from the dealer are: knuckle: didn’t ask; wheel bearing: $178/each; brake caliper bracket: $240/each. I did have an alignment done at the dealer 3 years ago everything checked out okay, with the exception of right front camber, it was out of range, before: -0°31, after: -0°23 (don’t know what this means). Before I start throwing parts at my vehicle, could I have your opinions? (My guess is to replace the hub/bearing assemblies and hope it solves the problem??) thank you, 2006 smarty.
  12. thanks Flossy!
  13. Dear forum members: Anyone have instructions on how to replace rear hatch struts? $63 each from the dealer in stock. Almost got bonked in the head as it gave way. Txs, 2006 smarty.
  14. front original equipment orange sidemarker assembly light from smart part no. 0019328V001C15A00, cost $11.55 each plus tax
  15. Previously Performed Maintenance at Dealer:Flexible Service A labour: $195.00; oil filter $7.92, oil $29.97, environmental fee $0.50 TOTAL: $233.69 (charged out November 15, 2010)Replace both alternator and a/c drive belts: labour $130, parts $23.42 & $19.19 TOTAL: $172.61 (charged out November 15, 2010)