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  1. Thanks for the replies. I put the front end up and spun the wheels. Right side free spinning, left did not. loosened lug nuts wheel spun better? Pads were rubbing, so lubed the sliders, reassembled and wheel free spinning. The bearings seem fine no play but still noise from somewhere. I cannot tell what it is. I remember hearing it in the winter but winter tires always sound louder. How can I determine if it is the new summer tires I just put on this spring? or some other component. Just updated my profile picture. I got our Newfoundland dog, Henri to jump in the back to prove to all the naysayers that the Smart really can carry a load , 150 lbs.... Ha ha
  2. Hi Brian in Millbrook Ontario Canada. Just put my summer tires on and have noticed a loud noise coming out of I think the front end. Not grinding noise more of road noise? Not sure but different from the sound my Subaru made when front bearing was worn. Wheels dont seem to have any excess play. 2010 fortwo with 110K kms The car has been good just put in a new battery today, noticed the noise heading into Peterborough to pick up battery. Any ideas? I read that the front bearings are pressed into control arm and must replace entire unit, this true?
  3. 2010 Smart Fortwo Pure. How does the wiring harness get to the engine compartment? I see it disappear under the cup holder /gear selector. I want to fish the mechanical gauges.
  4. can you send me the particulars... Cost.... etc.... We must get our dogs cared for, the trip would be fun..
  5. Hello from Omemee, Ontario. My 16 year old car finally got the hook. Went looking for a used car and found a new 2010 Pure with tach! We picked it up Tuesday Sept 20. We are having fun with it, even got our 70kg Newfoundland in the boot !
  6. I have bought 2 sets of tires online from a Quebec based company. The prices are excellent and great selection, delivered to your door, shipping extra DHL. They have winter and summer tires for the Smart. http://www.tiresandco.ca/