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  1. Many happy retrns of the day Glen, you deserve it.
  2. I bought this unit from them and everything went smoothly.
  3. previous owner modded the emblem
  4. That is one of the problem characteristics of the smart
  6. the first link is for a complete set of four with tires. the second is a buy it now rear with tire. I think you want just a rim, no tires..shipping would be vey high. I think it would be best to wait for Fast Eddy and see if he has a take off rim only.
  8. Congratulations, and very creative way to announce.
  9. good thing it was a 451 with the new pedestrian friendly front design!
  10. SCHMART got a new Optima red top 34 r.........
  11. sales will rise as the gas prices continue up