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  1. 1991 Honda CRX SI STREET/DRAG/CIRCUIT READY New corner and bumper lights (orange) New hood, new quarter panels B16A engine with 60,000km Fuel Pressure regulator AEM Cold air intake New radiator, New brakes and front calipers HASPORT motor mounts Fuel pressure, air/fuel ratio, oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, all autometer gauges MOMO steering wheel with hub B&M Short Shifter Prosport shift light Matching colour Sparco racing seats (adjustable) RCI 4” 5 point seat belt for driver side (still has regular seat belt for driving) Gutted rear interior for weight reduction Sony CD player with Sony speakers Custom painted tinted rear tail lights Neuspeed front and rear sway bars Neuspeed underbody rear sway bar 4 Point fitted roll cage in rear of car Full Custom stainless steel 3” exhaust (includes exhaust silencer) Custom complete paintjob (Audi Red) Tons of interior parts included Asking 3000$ FIRM , no test pilots or tire kickers please Located in Long Sault, Ontario, WILL DELIVER TO CORNWALL Please call, TXT or email 613-361-9906 jeanmarc_racine@hotmail.com
  2. Well my car is going to Star MB saturday, anywho i decided to try something that a member mentioned, is to clean the sensors, I did the right side no problem, it was pretty full of shavings, then i went on to the other side and saw that the bolt head was snapped off...can this cause a problem?
  3. Its going into smart to get diagnosed...no ones OBD2 computer cant read the ABS/ESP codes...guess it needs a special reader...
  4. id like to add that these lights are constantly on, would that make any difference?
  5. This may be the problem...I had my 2 front springs changed for the safety...I'll have to get that checked...thanks! any other possibilities?
  6. Mechanic put new axles with rings already one instead of just rings...dealer paid for it...
  7. well i drove appox 20km, and its still on..both lights
  8. sorry to thread jack...I just had the ABS/ESP light on, mechanic that was working on the car for safety said the ring was broken, so we got it changed, anyways, he said I had to go to M-B to get the the ABS/ESP light turned off...cause his machine wasnt able to clear it...is he pulling me around or is this actually true? im new to all this...
  9. Im thinking of driving up to check it out...anybody else from around going?
  10. I purchased the car, and the dealer said it never came with one...he's on crack, lol anyways, does anyone have a front bumper valance?
  11. Looking for fellow smart owners that live around me...anyone?
  12. 2005 smart fortwo pulseCan anyone please let me know what this plug is for? (pic below)also im looking for set of winter rims and tires....i found a set of steelies and tires, but they are from a 2008, will the fit properly?
  13. Would anyone have the offet for my year of smart off hand?2005 fortwo...
  14. Hi guys and gals!I just acquired myself a 2005 Smart Fortwo with only 39,000km on it, and its fully loaded, almost every option, and im loving it! its my 4th car to my family, I also have 1991 Honda CRX SI, 2000 Mustang and a 2001 Mazda Protege, I live in Long Sault, Ont, about 1 hour and 20 min, south of Ottawa, and about 45min from Brockville Ont, so if anybody is near this area, we can definatly meet up and chat!Im in the trade of bodywork, being doing it for 10 years now, im a painter/bodyman/fabricator at the shop I work at, I also do work at home in my garage, if anyone needs some painting, my prices are VERY competitive.well thats all I have to say for the moment! hope to meet some of you soon!Jean-Marc Racine
  15. Yep, that would be me
  16. no problem!ya i know, I found this car at the auction for a great price! i was surprised with the low mileage on it
  17. thanks for the reply, so why would they put a plug there? im not exactly sure what your talking about. is it possible to run a block heater of that plug and plug into a regular household outlet?