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  1. hey, Bessy, do you still have that scangauge for sale?

  2. Last Monday we delivered Bessy to her new owner. After almost 5 years and 50,000km of smart enjoyment we moved on. We bought a 2012 Golf, and like anyone who goes from a smart to anything else still haven't recovered from gas pump sticker shock haha. It was time for an upgrade, we loved the smart but not the bumpy ride and lack of A/C. I am still available to work on local smarts and give advice where I can.
  3. Excellent condition, comes with the cable that won't trigger your ESP/ABS lights and cause odometer to jump. $150 shipped anywhere in Canada, pickup negotiable. Also have reluctor rings and one OEM Front spring and steel rim.
  4. What area are you in? If Burlington, ON is closeby I can install new springs. Depending on age and mileage I'd suggest struts too. PM me if you want to talk more.
  5. May have had a dealer plate tucked in the rear window...probably 300 ft up the road..
  6. Looks like case only, Came to $7 with tax and shipping. We have one key that's broken up pretty bad, so this will repair it I'm hoping.
  7. I wasn't meaning to take away from his knowledge of smart cars, that is indisputable. I was simply trying to say that he isn't a "licensed mechanic" properly known as a Certified Automotive Tech therefore has no legal responsibility for his work. Example: If I do your brakes and screw up I'm liable because I'm certified, if Glenn does the car owner assumes the liability because they can't go after someone uncertified. Basically I've got 36 weeks of school and 4 years on the job training and passed an exam that gives people the right to sue me.
  8. 4 hours labor including research and fiddling around GBP 30 + Parts and 2-3 hours labor to build the release tool GBP 25 So about $90 CAD half the price of a pair of new ones that require 40 mins to re & re
  9. Use a lab scope to compare the two and see which one is dropping out. Most auto shops have them and can diagnose this for $100-$150. You could likely replace both parts yourself for that much, but then you're running the risk that it's a wiring problem. It's a gamble, either have it properly diagnosed and replace the broken part or connection. or start throwing parts at it and hope you get lucky. this may help
  10. Assuming Glenn is not a Certified Automotive Tech, then chances are no liability can be held against him because Gov can't prove he knows better. The car could fail a safety inspection for the reflectors & Lights missing (if inspector knew they were missing). Chances are no one will be in trouble or liable if something happens, because no one will likely notice. That being said, if it is noticed then the liability falls on the registered owner of the car.
  11. The only 3 times I've had a smart's cooling system open was to replace thermostats. I had no issues with air, when I installed new thermostats I took temp sensor out and filled coolant through temp sensor hole till overflowed and installed sensor. Raise engine back up, start engine and make sure heater blows warm as engine temp warms up.
  12. Not sure why it would be necessary to get them off in one piece, don't see any reason to remove them other than replacement. The wheel end of the cable was a bugger trying to detach and attach the cable end from the brake shoe, but I managed without disassembling anything more than removing the drum. Niffty lookin tool ya built though...
  13. Not on my smart but, replaced a pair of parking brake cables on a 450 yesterday. First time doing the job and it went smoothly, the hoist and air tools helped. Add that to the menu of repairs I'm available for.
  14. Sounds right by dealer price. That way they're covered timewise incase they need to remove the panels.