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  1. Stock speakers out of my smart. They are from the upgraded system out of the bins. They worked well when I pulled them. Just the speakers in the pic only. Local pick up/meet preferred. Cheers
  2. My parking brake cables seized and need to be replaced. I also have a ball joint with a little play in it. Does anybody know of a place to buy for a decent price?Thanks.
  3. My drivers side just started acting up and it is taking a good slam to shut the door. I'm still on the originals at 175k kms. I guess it's time to stop procrastinating and book it in.
  4. Ok, thanks. Got a hold of germanparts and even though they have a current listing on Kijiji they do not have any. Not until July. Anyone know where I can pick up a new set for a decent price?
  5. OK, thanks. I was reading a bit on the forum last night and seems like it could be the problem. The car drives straight as an arrow. I know the springs aren't broken but could be worn out as its it's a little low in the front. I saw on Kijiji that germanparts sells Springs for $65 each. Does anyone have experience with them?
  6. Put new summers on the rear today. Ran the winters a little longer to wear them out cause I'll get new ones for next year. I'll have to wait for the fronts till I get an alignment though.There's almost a 1/4" of tread difference between the inside and outside of the front tires. I know the smarts wear the insides more than the outsides but I'm guessing that much isn't normal. I'm going to give the front end a once over on the weekend and if it doesn't need anything I'll send it in for the align.
  7. I was spending $150+ a week in fuel driving my truck to work and decided it was enough. The smart was the most economical vehicle I could find. Since I'm capable of handling the maintenance issues myself with the car it was a no-brainer. I now spend less than a 3rd in fuel and my maintenance costs are actually lower than they were with my Ranger. I'm very pleased with my choice. Especially now that I saw $1.39/L on a gas station sign today.
  8. [My AC stopped working after the first winter I had the car. Brought it into MB while still under warranty and was told they couldn't find any leaks. They charged me $100 to recharge the system and told me they've never heard of any updated lines.The next spring same thing. The car was now out of warranty. Tired of dealing with Mercedes I bought the Red Tek kit.This spring it still blows cold. Go figure.
  9. I've been stuck in an Esso wash as well. It didn't even turn on for me. Jumped out of the car and manually operated the door to get out. lol
  10. My AC drain wasn't plugged. It's definitely frost on the outside of the box. You can see it. On a really humid day it can get quite thick. I should've taken a pic of it. lol I relocated mine to the same place you did.
  11. Good idea.Hmmm. I have the same Nite Ize light here sitting on the desk. We clip it on our dog when we are camping. Being a Brindle Boxer she is near impossible to see once it starts to get dark. How many hours do you think you got out of a set of batteries? I haven't burned through a set on mine yet.
  12. My AC was what corroded my ebox. Frost actually builds up on the blower box above the ebox when my AC is on high. It drips on the ebox after I shut off the car. I relocated the ebox for now. But I think I'm going to adhere some felt or similar to the outside of the blower box to insulate it because it is still dripping down and getting the floor wet under the carpet.
  13. I noticed I had a few high level brake bulbs out when working on the car the other day so I swapped them out for some 1W T5 LEDs. I also put one in the interior light switch and an LED panel to replace the festoon. The interior is pretty bright now.
  14. Thanks. I haven't beefed the suspension up. The trailer is evenly weighted and when loaded with 1 bike I have just over 50lbs tongue weight. It is a lot lighter than it looks. I can pick up the trailer myself when there is one bike on it. Honestly with the remap you can barely tell it's back there. I rarely have to downshift on a hill and have lots of braking power in reserve.
  15. Also while I was at the shop today I finished up some work I've been doing to the dirtbike trailer that I tow with the smart. Before: Now: I built a set of wheel chocks out of aluminum. All I have to do now is roll the bike into the chock and it locks into place upright. A couple quick tiedowns and I'm heading down the road. 5 minutes with a wrench changes the chocks around so you can carry 1 bike in the center instead of 1 on each side like in the pic. Sure beats the the process I had to go through to tie them down before. I also made 2 gas can holders so now all I have to do is drop the can in and put a bungee over it. The two ammo cans on the other side I use to hold all the straps and bungees needed to tie all my gear down. I also added larger wheels and tires to level the trailer out and slow the bearings down on the highway. This should save me a lot of time at the races next season.