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  1. selling my black centre exhaust valance looking for 150 plus shipping. /Users/admin/Pictures/IMG_1159.JPG
  2. believe me as a diesel mechanic i re diagnosed the sheet they gave me, i checked the for to look for damage, it looks like the fork is as good as the day it was installed. strange thing is the clutch is probable pooched, but not as pooched as they think. i have taken it for a ride, its no problem on take offs, but when it comes to shifts, its very laggy and harsh. benz said that the clutch has come apart, i don't really believe that, but there must be something wrong with it. i would let it go cheap to a member on here if they wanted it for parts.
  3. benz diagnosed it at $3400 to fix whitch consisted of actuator, clutch and clutch fork
  4. twas the dreaded 3 bars. i will get you a vin soon mike
  5. hey gang! my smart has left me at the most inconvenient time, and i am sad to sell or part it out but it has to be done! i dont mean to post whore, but i have lots of good parts to sell off of it, or if some one wants to buy it. it is for sale in the parts section of the forum. thank you all for the years of good info and laughs!.
  6. i have an 05 cabrio for parts or whole car for sale. ( the car is my avatar) it has 152,000 kms on it. red with black tridion passion model with heated leather seats, new top and a ton for work done to it. lowered on new struts and eibachs. motor is strong. runing flying tiger remap. also has new sam ( not that that maters) the reason for selling is benz wants 3400 to do the clutch. i can do it my self but its just not worth the time. i am planning on getting out of the euro car scene. i am not putting pricing up yet untill i know what i am doing with it.( i hope its not a big deal) i havelots of good parts on car.willing to sell whole car or part it out.$3000 for whole car. text for pricing as i am not on here a lot.204-990-3181
  7. im stacked and have no problems with it. from what the rep told me is that it only increased rail pressure, not injector pressure. but on a bone stock smart it was noticeable. not like a remap. buut still helped a little.
  8. there is a member that made block off plates. i have one, looks flashy>
  9. if francesco handled the first batch is it possible the same shop would still have the template??
  10. wow! with soot like that would make a duramax fan proud. look at all that power on the ground
  11. rest in peace Bil. you were always the clubs moderator in my eyes, he was always trying to defuse the situation when things got heated. you will be missed friend.