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  1. I know Schwalli...I'm getting cheaper too and I'm just beside myself right now about my Smart
  2. Wow, it just keeps getting better...last 4 fills: 7.2/7.7/8.5 and today 9.1! With that pattern there has to be something going on so I'll have to get the dealer to look at it.
  3. I'm glad to hear you like your Fiesta! I'll come back around Tomorrow's my day to fill up and I know I'll feel better when the pump only shows $30. It's just sometimes upsetting when I get crunching numbers on paper - I should know better than to do that
  4. [i'd expect it to some degree...I didn't expect such a hit though. My previous car was an '86 Toyota Corolla 5sp manual, got about 11L/100 in the city. I had higher expectations for the Smart otherwise I would have stayed with what I had or gone into almost anything newer. Right now, I'm seeing the Smart (at least the one I've got ;-) as pretty much run of the mill and certainly not worth the money I've spent and will expect to spend over it's lifetime in maintenance/repair/etc.I admit I was spoiled for the longest time. I had a GEO Metro LSI convertible, 2 seater for 14 years that got 50-55mpg consistently and have been pretty much disappointed in everything else since. This was in 1991 so it just irks me to no end that this isn't the minimum cars are getting these days considering they've had 20yrs to work on it! I'm just really saddened right now because I do like a lot of things about it but this has started to really dampen my enthusiasm for the car.I appreciate your interest (and listening to me vent )
  5. I do admit they are probably short by most standards ? I just bomb around Victoria and hop the highway out to the West Shore about once a week and put on average about 700km/mth.
  6. Hi Mike,I'm thinking so! I'm in Victoria. don't think I idle a lot or have a necessarily heavy foot. I even stopped shifting manual months back following suggestions that the auto will do it better and be more fuel efficient. Probably about 25% city as I make a point to get her out on the highway to stretch her legs. I was just going through my Fuelly and it's pretty consistent between low 7's and 8, with a couple of spikes above 8, never below 7 with the exception of a couple of highway trips to Seattle/Portland. Last fill was 8.5 and overall average is 7.6.
  7. I'm sooooo disillusioned! I have a 2011 put into service last December with about 7600km on it now. I might almost think my fuel economy is getting worst - Fuelly calculates 7.1 avg (a little low, I'm sure, b/c of screw ups with entering fills) but I figure it's closer to 8L/100km. I expected considerably better and thought it would get better with break-in but this just doesn't seem to be the case. I'm coming up on my first service - in the meantime, any ideas of what might be happening or is this what I can expect.I'm ready to sell the thing...Thanks,Jacqui
  8. Thanks guys, I'd like that I'm actually flying into Sarnia on the 9th for a little more than a week...don't know if it might be possible to meet some of you. Unfortunately I wouldn't have my Smart Mike T - I was thinking later this week of heading north from Victoria for a coffee run - is anyone up that way maybe available to meet and say hi?
  9. Wishing you all a wonderful, and safe, holiday!
  10. Would you suggest maintaining a similar front/rear ratio for whatever pressures I run? Would that difference be b/c of the different tire sizes?
  11. Thanks. I must not be very effective with my forum searches b/c I've been searching and not finding much of anything other than a few posts about TPMS's. I'll try again...
  12. I understand if I get a stock answer, but thought I'd ask in case some one is willing to share their thoughts on tire pressures.On all my previous vehicles (cars and motorcycles) I've run tire pressures at, or closer to the tire manufacturers maximum. Reasons for fuel economy, tire wear, safety, etc.)On my past vehicles though, the recommended of the vehicle manufacturer were always quite close with those of the tire manufacturer. I notice though on my Smart that there is quite a large difference between Smart and the tire manufacturer (29vs44 front and 36vs44 rear respectively) so I'm hesitant to inflate them closer to the tire manufacturer's max (maybe Smart knows something I don't and I'd inadvertently cause bad things ;-)Any thoughts or experience with this?ThanksJacqui
  13. I'd say about 50/50 manual vs drive, also mostly city. Confirmed tire pressures are ok. I know I should probably run a tank on each to see which is best - but I've always driven a manual and it's hard to get away from I will admit though, the drive on this thing is pretty cool and I have enjoyed it.I did some more configuring today with the Scanguage - my numbers have been nuts. Realized I had it programmed as a 3L engine and changed cutoff to TPS +1. Hope that'll help some with what the Scanguage is showing. Still learning what other things to program and watch might be helpful.Might have to plan a Timmie's run to Nanaimo just to clear her throat and shake things out a little
  14. Thanks....I know, everything's against me It'll be fun though to try and improve the numbers.
  15. I just installed my Scanguage II yesterday. I don't have any lights coming on, a scan doesn't produce any DTC's but I do show 5 pending trouble codes. I'm still in the breakin period with about 451km and hesitant to just go ahead and clear them.I've been unable to find anything of 4 of the 5:C077CU3FFFU3F00B0800P0004 - Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit High - The only reference I've found so far suggests it's a generic code and to make sure my scanguage is correct for my vehicle?Does anyone have any ideas what to do about any of them?Thanks