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  1. Hi there! I'm looking for the wiring on that e-box. Someone has it? Thank's
  2. If you succeed to do it, then you might have a customer... you are in Toronto?
  3. Can we do everything with that? Like have the clutch ajusted? The cruise control? The ABS system? Do you have the original or a Alibaba copy?
  4. Thank's Mike I will call the nearest dealer and tell them it could be done. And I found the procedures in Evilution. The car has to be programmed to the keys, not the reverse!
  5. Mercedes Trois-Rivières refused what so ever to program the 2 old keys from another car to mine. They were saying it can't be done. So Victoria did it? Really?
  6. I found a procedure here : star/mb_star_-_coding_keys.htm So it is possible.. but I need a MB Star machine and a Tan code generator...
  7. Did you figure out if it's working with other car's keys? I also have the key cut already, and the dealership refuses to do it today. I had the car in for this in the morning.
  8. Got this problem today while putting the engine back up... I was pretty upset at myself because I didn't take enough precautions. Well, mine broke nearer the valve and I tried to glue it back with a really sturdy stuff : Q-bond But I think some of the liquid got inside the valve and glue it in place, at least a little. I drove it a little and find the brake pedal is hard but not too hard, it reminded me when cars was not sold with power brake. It is almost impossible have the abs work on clear road, but I succeed on gravel. I do have a spare part coming from a second smart 2005 car but the part is not the same, they changed it on the 2006 model I figured out. So bad! I'm thinking, should I cut the line and put a connector like this in between. The problem is that I'm unable to remove the broken connector, how did you do it?
  9. I started to remove parts around the engine yesterday, the transmisson's oil had never been changed and the actuator never been greased... No wonder why the car was not a good one!! 400$ for the hole car was a great price! I saw a difference between the 2005 and 2006 ERG valve.. The solid hose is quite hard the remove from the valve.. Anyway, it's been a while that mine is by-passed and I have already a space too, so no need for it. Thank's for the help! One day, the frame may finish on a 4X4 frame and engine do to some muggy trails and competitions..
  10. The smart is no different than the canadian 450.. So looselugnut, the link is for a system to control the engine so it is free of the smart computer.. But for what price! OMG!! I wil use the parts to fix my smart car instead.. Which is like new! 230 000 km and A1. Should I store the engine complete or unscrew everything and place parts in boxes?
  11. Well... It's too late since I brough it un-registered for a year and a half. So I need to pass an inspection and trust me there is about 5 to 6 k $ to do it properly. The key fob must be unprogrammed since I fail to start it a while ago. I change the battery in both the car and the key without succes. I had few PO code but nothing really bad or problematic to start the engine. My first idea was to make it run so I know the engine is good.. But then, I thought.. It will be great to have ot run a hydrolic wood spliter...
  12. Hi there, I got a used smart 450 2005 which had been sitting too long in somebody's driveway and it's battery died for sure. As a result, the car system doesn't recognize the key unlock command. The doors unlock but the anti-thief stays on. I don't want the car to hit the road again anyway but it must be a way to have it running outside de car. Right now, the hole engine is out of the engine bay, sitting on the ground. What you think?
  13. No break dragging at all, I think the almost 2 degrees off in toe alignment may compensate for the camber. The guys at the garage were thinking that's strange too.
  14. Well, find the problem... and it will be harder to fix since the problem is the alignement. The smart is supposed to have a 0.20 degrees of toe in, but a got 1.55 degrees of toe out.. That's like a lot... I must have fall in deep hole!! Dam! And the garage don't think there is an existing shim for that car. I may calculate the thinkness of the shim I need... put it on, and go test again...
  15. Well I know somebody like that, the problem is he won't have the time at all... but he is perfectionist so he would do a real good job..