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  1. Thanks to all the replys on Boost Pressure.Removed Intercooler and sure enough there where holes.Installed new intercooler and Bracket Assembly.Much better power.At least the car is drivable now.Never rechecked boost pressue but will hook up a gauge and retest.Engine still lags a little take offf power and cruises in 5th at 100km at 3200rpm but shift into 6th and speed goes backwards, so still trying to problem solve.In 6th cruising what should the rpms be and still have power to maintain speed?What rpm is safe to cruise at 90 km, right now I am running it at 3000rpm in 5th.IDEAS?
  2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------I was wondering what boost pressure should be on the diesel. I put a pressure gage on it and at 3800 rpm the pressure goes up to 7psi, at 2500 rpm 2-3psi. Taken the intercooler out looks good, thinking of leaving it out and bypass it just to test boost pressure again with it outWhat should the specs be?The fun of used parts.Thanks
  3. Looking for a good injector pump for a 2006 .8L diesel.
  4. Thanks I sent Glen a message with all the details, we will see what I can come up with. Has to be something simple that I missed because old engine ran, may be a missed wire or defective sensors and or actuators that came with the used engine( injector pump shut down)?
  5. Old engine started and ran just knocking , put used engine in Identical engine and now it cranks over but doesnt fire must have a small problem some where, fuel shut down system. Not sure how a normal smart diesel shuts off when the key is turned off.
  6. \Just replaced engine alone and its wiring harness so basicly just the mechanical parts the ECU and SAm are all the original so there should be no conflicks, just replacing mechanical parts.
  7. 2006 0.8L Passion Diesel Engine gone bad, knock noise. R&R engine with used 84000km motor. New Engine cranks over but doesnt start, fuel pump runs,lots of fuel to the injector pump but no fuel coming out to the injectors. Double checked all the wiring but cant see what went wrong. Any idea what the problem may be? Any repair manuals around? Not sure what volt reading I should be getting from the sendors. Crank sensor must be operational tack reading when cranking. Shut down relay? Need a manual or some one who knows what to test for. Any info would be helpful!!