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  1. Hello Bil.I hope you get this post as the original topic is very old & there is a lot of data to sift through. Did you get this adapter & install it? If so, how did it work out? If you had positive results, is it still available? Thanks Paul
  2. Well, thanks again, but they didn't work either.
  3. Thanks Mike.I wasn't aware of that.I'm not sure if I have one or not, but if I did; What would I do about it?
  4. [Wow!Thank you so much.Just got this & will try the codes as soon as possible.Paul
  5. That might help me delve into in on my own.Thank You.Is it digital data or a book & how can we arrange for me to view it?Paul
  6. Hi You all. Thanks again for your responses.Just to keep the topic on thread; I have no issue with MB for not being ableto get the codes to work. I contracted them to do a service for me & they did it.They showed me the OEM codes on their print out & I watched through the servicewindow as they tried them. I did not authorize them to trouble shoot the problemso don't have a problem with paying shop fees for the basic task I paid them to preform.As for the second set of codes, again, it was my choice to pay them to try them.That said, of course I'm kinda bummed about having puked out hundreds of dollarsfor nothing, but I think the main point still remains of how to get it working. Thanks to BIL for sending the link to the shop in Richmond.My original intent was to save $$ on my daily commute as the round trip is about 125 kil per day.Seems if I have to spend a weekend on the coast & pay more shop fees, it's going to take anawful long time to recoup the cost of the whole incident.I haven't contacted them yet to see what they think my options might be but thank you allagain for the info.Paul
  7. Hi all. Thanks for the responses. For some reason I couldn't post this reply the last few times I tried. So to get every one on the same page, here's the events as they played out. I bought the stalk here: http://www.smart-parts-direct.com/cgi-bin/...a307CPE#a307CPE I then installed it as per Eviloution: http://www.evilution.co.uk/index.php?id=337 As per the instructions, I made an appointment at MB as they had to download the codes which were only active for 4 hrs. The codes didn't work. They then called me later in the week & said they had some non OEM, non Trans. Can approved, codes that may work. $250. No guarantees. So I went for it & they tried all the codes they had but they don't make it active, & they don't know why. Thanks Paul
  8. Hi All.I installed my new cruise control stalk & for some reason MB can't get it to work,although, all the other functions do. They tried all their codes & the expensive after market ones they supply.Has any one experienced this problem?The car didn't come with a tachometer either, but I installed it, & it loaded no problem at the dealer.ThanksPaul05 800cc cdi
  9. Love the site. Very informative.I have an 800cc diesel. 05I have a question regarding my new cruise control, but can only seem to find the "post" option on this page.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks
  10. HelloI'm new to this site & not really sure how to put up a message, but have an 05 smart cdi.I just installed a cruise control & had the dealerdownload codes for a ghastly amount of moneybut it does not work & they don't know why.I can't find any thing on this topic on this site, but am wondering if some one can help me.ThanksPaul