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  1. Thanks Mike, good to be back. Hopefully I will be on more often now. Just been busy with some other stuff for a while. Now I have this new site figured out. For a while I had problems signing in even but that good now.Spotted a black and silver smart on Springfield and Gordon rd. THis guy went by me at the light when I was waiting for my green light and he gave me a great big wave. You woulda thought he knew me. I have not seen a wave that big in a long time. He must have just gotten the car by the looks of the smile on his face. I hope he is on the site.
  2. Spotted a new gas smart without the peanut eyes. Looked cool as the guy beside me was asking about my car at the Zellars parking lot and this other car pulled in behind me. I explained to him as I looked at it in the rear view mirror that this one was the newer version and while I was telling him this I looked again and it was Steve!!!!. "Steve!!!" I yelled. And he stopped and gave me and my mother a tour of the new car. First one I have seen up close. Lots to like and a few things I would miss from the old version but really cool. Thanks for the tour Steve, nice running into you today :-)
  3. Spotted a yellow smart on CNN, They are doing a review on CNN for the US. pretty soon. Just seen a preview, will run the show shortly. Good to see it on CNN. It does look like the review we have all seen tho from the short preview I just seen.
  4. Bugs Bunny, Cool, I got a few new channels added to my dish and one of them plays nothing but the old cartoons, I watched Bugs yesterday. My favorite cartoon.
  5. Tasmanian Devil
  6. But that is what my daddy told me,,,,
  7. the moon has a crack in it
  8. Love/hate situation
  9. Wood Pecker hardwood floor cleaner, the brand I use,,,,
  10. Dr. Robert Bruce Banner
  11. Fried green tomatoes