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  1. Take out your plugs and inspect them, they should be a light brownish white, If there black and wet and that white puff of smoke you mentioned earlier. sounds like you may have to redo your head gasket.
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  3. The one thing no one has mentioned about the insulation is that MICE is may likely cause of this, that is what happened in mine (not a fire) but the insulation being torn off, to get in the car it self . I had not cleaned my car out since winter small bits of food like chips under the seat. They can smell that. The other thing is the muffler on mine needed to be replaced because of the flex pipe causing the muffler tale pipe to go against the black plastic cover causing it to melt and smoke. Had that all replaced. Now that would likely cause a fire in my opinion. I wonder if these cars had such a problem and was not noticed in time. Just a thought.
  4. Sorry to here about your tires, I like the green ,It looks nice!, I would call any of the scrap dealers in your area and put them on the alert on your rims just incase they show up there.
  5. There is a hole on the steering wheel at the bottom you need a torks screwdriver , you loosen this set screw just a couple of turns and then pull the steering wheel off. remember to disconnect the wire that is connected to it. You also first have to remove the upper and lower plastic covers in front of the steering wheel, at the bottom 4 screws smaller torks again.
  6. On your cd radio, yes there are lots of after market single din units on ebay that will fit in your 06 , Single Din refers to the slot size that the new unit should be. On the sun visor, if this is for the front and not the side window Have a 4" or 6" sun bar in stalled from a tint shop. It is a tinted strip of film that covers the full width of the top of your windshield. They come in Blue, Green, Brown and a Gray tint. This will help with the reduction of glare from the sun. There is another option , adding a tinted piece of plexi glass to your visor on a hinge they are called visor extenders sold on amazon.
  7. Look up smart142 on this site He is in your area He may be able to help, If you have a jack raise the back end up then give your exhaust a wiggle look at the flex pipe and see if any thing looks loose.
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  9. look under front of your car, do you have a plastic cover? It covers all most everything. If you don't, there should be one. With the cover off, is there a wire hanging down where the gas pedal is. Or as tolsen said pull the plug from your pedal and see if there is a problem with the connector on that end.
  10. Sign up 1. Liz & Glenn 2. Bill 3. Larry & Gail 4. Ron & Dot 5.Wild! 6. 7. 8. 9.
  11. Welcome to the Club!
  12. Yes, I think this one on Nov. 7, more Info on the Southern Ontario form . I think Leadwing Posted this. not sure about the time. This time around, we will be heading for Ruby's Cookhouse in Aylmer. 583 John St. N. in Aylmer, Ontario. the menu is here.
  13. Will this do? smart car.eps
  14. Welcome usamedic!
  15. So are you getting a pop top? If you are, let me know how it holds up. I'm thinking of getting one for mine.