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  1. Talked to one of the people at S-Mann and there should be no issue with the conversion. As for the total surface area of all six in the front looks to be about 20% larger.
  2. I believe it is in the condensor rad by the side of the valve. Saw drawing some where that showed this.
  3. The calliper looks big, but it has 6 pistons and they graduate in size as they go along. The aluminum plate on the front is a 6mm spacer,
  4. Installed S-Mann front brakes, turned out ok. Some modification was needed for it to work. Now waiting on front 16" rims. I have done the rear ones but not quite Finish them yet.
  5. Did you mount the actuator in the same place where it sat before? You will have to adjust it.
  6. Welcome to the club BeSmart.
  7. Take a look under the carpet just behind the seats and past the engine cover there should be two nut ankors fixed on the surface that might help. there where in mine and I made use of them.
  8. Looking good Mike!
  9. If you need to borrow a clamp for your shocks, i'm 15 min. from you
  10. Ron & Dot, I'm sorry to have to decline coming out, I lost my smart week ago have look for a replacement or I have no way to work. I want to wish you both all the best from me.
  11. Sign-up 1) Ron & Dot 2) Bill 3) Liz & Glenn 4) Wild! 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  12. Yes they are independent, mine had a bit of ware and wouldn't close, bought one at the dealer was not to expensive.
  13. My 09 Had the same problem, Just went to MB bought a new muffler and hardware around 400.00 changed it my self. Had gone to a stainless steel muffler shop to have a new braided flex pipe put on the old one, that lasted for less than a year and 200.00 later. new one has lasted still good that was 3 years ago.
  14. Looks like a, I bought two for the one price.
  15. Welcome to the club.