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  1. P00238 is probably liked to your turbo possibly your wastegate not functioning properly or you have a rusted out tube or vacuum line is cracked. If remember correctly when ever the engine light come on any car it is always likely to do with exhaust in my experience.
  2. I be leave that at 4 dots is still ok temp for the car on a hot day or sitting still and if your fan comes on when you have the air up and running that tells me the temp has not reach high enough for the fan to come on. Did you replace the coolant your self and if so, you have to make sure that no air is trapped in the engine, this can cause over heating and is your coolant at the proper ratio for your area. There is a temp sensor It might be that, If you have a good scan gauge plug it in when the car is out and running and watch the temp from there it will give a better indication on how your engine is cooling. Hope this helps.
  3. Does your fan work ? Have you checked or replaced your thermostat?
  4. I like the colour with the black it looks good!
  5. Welcome to the Club Benny!
  6. Well once I've dumped another 20k on the one in the church to finish her, I well be in the market for a roadster, I was looking at one online in the UK a few months back and couldn't help but get that feeling of gotta have.
  7. Welcome to the club Jonus!
  8. Why not use a capacitor and resistor on the relays to create a delay same way an electronic blinker works, just keeping it simple.
  9. Mine drops about a volt when it shifts, headlights did flicker as well, I install a large capacitor at the battery, that seemed to fix the problem.
  10. Tried out my POPTOP for my 451 on this sunny day, It doesn't disappoint everything inside wasn't even warm to the touch. But it gets a lot of looks though.
  11. Nice find. a little simple green and a plastic scrub brush on the rims should clean them up nicely.
  12. Welcome to the club. what in the line of maintenance are you looking for? Are you going to be doing this your self?
  13. Take out your plugs and inspect them, they should be a light brownish white, If there black and wet and that white puff of smoke you mentioned earlier. sounds like you may have to redo your head gasket.
  14. SIGN-UP 1) Bill 2) John 3) Ron & Dot 4) Larry & Gail 5) Liz & Glenn 6) Wild! 7) 8) 9) 10)
  15. The one thing no one has mentioned about the insulation is that MICE is may likely cause of this, that is what happened in mine (not a fire) but the insulation being torn off, to get in the car it self . I had not cleaned my car out since winter small bits of food like chips under the seat. They can smell that. The other thing is the muffler on mine needed to be replaced because of the flex pipe causing the muffler tale pipe to go against the black plastic cover causing it to melt and smoke. Had that all replaced. Now that would likely cause a fire in my opinion. I wonder if these cars had such a problem and was not noticed in time. Just a thought.