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  1. Hey, I'll try and be there it's been crazy busy at work. Dan
  2. Well I've had it into Hyatt and they say there's nothing wrong with it but it still isn't shifting properly. There seems to be a lag between gears. I also had the three bars in the display on thursday before taking it in and told the service rep and he said he didn't know anything about it. any suggestions? Dan
  3. I've been having problems with my transmission. It seems like it goes into neutral when I'm driving and of course I end up over reving the engine. Yesterday it happened to be in 4th gear when it and you can't get it back into gear until you park it, step on the brake and then engage it again, and then other times I have to shut off the car and then restart it. I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem. I have it booked in to be checked. Just wondering. Dan
  4. I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their headlights burning out low beams. I lost one about 2 weeks ago and the other last night. Would a breaker help? Any ideas would greatly be apperciated.
  5. I just had mine installed and it is !! Dan
  6. Years ago I worked at Concours Autobody and they do very good work. We took my wife's car there and were very pleased with the results. Two shops in Calgary one on 11th St SE and one on Crowfoot Circle in the NW. Dan
  7. Dang, Id like to take this opportunity to for your help today. Dan
  8. YA! RIGHT!! I'm guessing you'll have to update your photo to include those fine looking headlights and the windsheild wiper mod. LOL Dan
  9. I wish I knew how to post pictures I'd show you my tint. Any help would be apperciated. My pictures are 1.7- 2.0 MB and I don't know how to reduce the size. Dan
  10. I had mine done at Tint Masters on 17th ave and about 44th St SE. The cost was 210.00. No 1/4 windows done though. Dan
  11. Jibber, you can ride with me if you wish.
  12. It would be nice to see more Calgary Smarts
  13. 1. Cait - Calgary - LITE WHITE/BLACK CELL 2. Clvrchik - Edmonton - RUBY RED/SILVER CELL 3. Dang - Calgary - BLUE/SILVER CELL 4. Valgard - Gibbons 5. Daren2006 - Sherwood Park - LITE WHITE/SILVER CELL 6. Donald + Wife - Sherwood Park - RUBY RED/SILVER CELL 7. Putz - Edmonton 8. Hannala - Sherwood Park - BAY GRAY/BLACK CELL 9. Fergus - Sherwood Park 10. Calgarysmart - Calgary - BLUE/BLACK CELL 11. Ctrlfrk789 - Calgary - Jack Black / Black Cell
  14. Do you smoke?