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  1. Cool. I may look into doing this now we are reviving the 4-2 for daily duty.
  2. Trip to Vancouver any time soon? It is lovely here.
  3. Hi, I recently purchased an used tach and installed it in the wife's 450. It does not work and will need to be activated. Does anyone locally have a MBStar machine willing to spend some time with me in exchange for some beverage/food? Cheers, John
  4. I filled the mounting holes and installed LED marker light in place of the big hole drilled for the wiring for the "warts".
  5. The mounting holes are exactly the same. The modifications: - Lift up the flaps in the carpet for the front mounts. They don't cover the bolts like the original seats. - Loose the underseat storage tray. - rewire the airbag plugs. (I have resistors in place for now. I am researching the wiring between the model years)
  6. Thank you. After driving on the freeway everyday for over a year, I think I need to touch up the paint again. With a few more layers of clear coat this time.
  7. 451 seats in the 450.
  8. Resurrecting the build thread. Since it has become my daily, wife has decided to ask me to paint the car a slightly less controversial colour. She picked this orange/yellow colour by Krylon. I also did the HID retrofit while the car was apart. All said and done here. The Smartie taking me to work and back everyday. Transporting random parts for my project car. Payback time... Cleaned and painted the axles when they are off. New clutch pack finally arrived. Everything (except for the panels) are back on.
  9. After 10 years, the clutch is starting to slip, and that is the only reason. There are times where I get stuck after coming to a stop on a incline and I have already adjusted the actuator.
  10. Thank you for the information. I found the last bolt. I have been following the wrong instructions apparently.
  11. Main difference I am seeing is the extra rim around the clutch pack. Not sure how to remove that.
  12. I have watched videos and read instructions. And waited months to actually get to doing the work. But this is completely different than what I have seen to date.
  13. So... I got the transmission off the car. Now I am faced with this. Does anyone know how to remove the clutch pack? It looks different than in the tutorials/videos. Oh, and I tried pulling the outside piece and prying it out but it only moved a little. Something seems to be holding on the whole thing from the back.