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  1. Glad to hear you two are having a blast!
  2. 2006 coupe LR fender only, scuffed but not cracked (needs surface fill & repainting, or use as-is). During the minor impact, one of the tabs that secure it to the rear lower panel broke broke off (remaining two tabs are intact). The original blister with light fixture is included (fasteners are seized). Purchaser to supply all mounting hardware. Asking $75, pick up in Hamilton ON or we can arrange shipping
  3. Need a left rear quarter, preferably ruby red with blister. (looked like the other car had a lot more damage!)
  4. ***Sold*** I have a set of steel rims for smart 450 (2005-06), $50 for the set. They have rust spots. I used them one season; they held air and handled fine. Burlington-Hamilton ON.
  5. A good old strap-wrench works OK on the body of the filter holder too.
  6. Please indicate how many seasons and how many km your tires have seen the road, along with asking price and description.Edit 2014 01 27 - tires found, running great
  7. Shirl - we (Barb & Dave in RUBY) are not going to be able to attend on Saturday. We would like to join the cruise to Hutches on Friday evening. What time to meet, and exactly where? Thanks!
  8. Good ideas, thanks all!The info in my original post was incomplete - when I got to looking at it myself late last night, the starter solenoid was trying to engage (before the immob kicked in). So, yes, battery. Jump started this morning; pulled the battery and will get another one.While in there, noticed a lot of moisture under the mat, so we're drying that out too.
  9. So today we have this new problem. It doesn't sound like any conventional electrical or starter problems. Does anyone have a clue?.... 1. Turned key to first "on" position; all indicators and radio on as normal. 2. Shifted to neutral, rolled out of garage in neutral as usual. 3. Turned key to "start", nothing happened (no cranking, no sound, no clicks, no smoke)! 4. Turned key back to "on", got blinking "key" indicator 5. Re-locked and un-locked car using key-remote, no change 6. Lights appear to all work 7. Tried other key, no difference Yesterday the car did not misbehave. Car was in garage all night. Weather here is damp, above freezing. We have just over 100,000 km. We just had a "B" service two weeks ago, and for the first time at our independent shop; I'm going to check with that mechanic as well.
  10. Welcome d&d!
  11. One bulb was dead and they aren't listed in the manual, so I took the ass'y apart to get a bulb out; everything went back together and worked for a week. I bought 5 replacements from the dealer. Today I put the bulbs into the ass'y, then tried to re-install it. Somehow I must've loosened the female contact inside the housing on top of the rear window; I couldn't get the two contact prongs of the light assembly to stick to anything, and of course there's no power to the light. So: has anyone taken the housing apart at top of rear window; is there anything I need to watch for? Has anyone had this problem with the contacts for the high brake light?
  12. arrrgh! Gotta miss this one. We hope to see many of you at some other event this year, though. (Thanks Shirl for getting it together!)
  13. Condolences Bil
  14. Hamilton here, we get less snow but Ruby goes everywhere in winter. +1 on the winter tires. Be careful of ice ruts in Feb and potholes in March! Welcome to ON, hope to see you at meet-ups.
  15. We are not all using 4LHK; some of us (with a realistic driving mix) are using 5-ish LHK with the diesel. 30,000 doesn't sound like much. No warranty left; that doesn't seem to concern you. If you do your own maintenance it will be a bonus (as with any vehicle).If you are promoting your business, the smart has another advantage - it's an excellent platform to wrap with your logo etc., and will appeal to some customers.Welcome, and we look forward to hearing more!
  16. My son, 22, is coming to Calgary area in Oct with hope of finding work (a move many of my friends made, years ago!) He does office/computer/call centre/digital video production and many other things. Anyone knowing of an opening and can send me a PM, I would really appreciate and will pass the lead along; you are not expected to give a reference or be otherwise involved. Thank you!
  17. Shirl - what a bummer. I filled in the blanks too. Do you mind me asking - was it our big new dealership on the other side of the bay? Wherever it is, if they're going to play games maybe they should offer to give you fair (pre-collision) value in a trade; that's not what you want but it would take away your concern about future value, disclosures etc.Not since Adam retired to Bermuda have we had independent smart service here in the Hammer area (not to my knowledge), and he was limited at that. Your other dealers (i.e. St. Cath., Oakville, Guelph) are probably just as good, and this COULD have happened at any of them!
  18. We got a full DuraCool kit at Princess Auto; last week they were on sale. Big store in E Hamilton; maybe there's one closer to you?BTW, the kit had two cans refrigerant + 1 can quick-seal; we have just used one can refrigerant. We're saving the 2nd one just in case...Watch the instructions, they're different between the package and the can. You have to invert the can!Now Ijust have to figure out where to put the label.
  19. Hey Adam. Welcome! Watch for Burlington events too. We used to do the Mapleview Cruises on Wednesdays, watch for that and other events and you'll get to meet some actual people!
  20. Sign up list:1. Terry & Phyllis2. William3. James & Dawn4. Ron & Dot5. Bill6. Joyce and John7. Liz and Glenn8. Cliff & Alberta9. Carol & Don10. Iain (Duck)11. Di & Mike12. Karen & Jake 13. Barb 'n Dave
  21. Well once again we're going to have to pass, we have a prior on Fri 9th. Hope to see everyone next time
  22. Love to, but we're committed Fri (& Thurs). We could get into this another time if you do it again
  23. Whatever gave them THIS idea? Aston Martin Cygnet
  24. Yeah Yolanda, you have quite the menagerie there!All the best everyone
  25. Excellente! She's gorgeousand, welcome to CsC