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  1. I'll take another look at the solenoid connection. But am pretty confident in my work and plenty of dielectric grease was used. You never know though. Thank you.
  2. Hello all. I'm stumped. 05 Smart CDI Cabrio. Go to start the car, get nothing. No crank, nothing. As if the immobilizer was on or it was in gear. I have had this issue for a year or so now, intermittently. After my wife was left stranded a couple of times due to this (it always started when I got in....) I decided to take action(or face divorce). Maybe its a solenoid thing? Painstakingly, and plenty of lost DNA, pulled the starter out. Car's getting on. I've had it twelve years now,230000km, might as well change it while I have it out. Don't want to face that ordeal again. New starter in. Same problem. What's going on???? Wait,it started again!!!! Maybe it was the starter all along. No issues for months.... until i ran out of beer. Off to the liquor store! "I'll be right back, Dear". Turn the key and nothing. Try it again,turn the key and after a three second pause it would crank and start. That was weird. Why the delay then crank? Odd. But all is forgotten because it never gave me any problems ever again(5 months) and I was out of beer! Ha ha ha! I beat you little smart. Who's Smart now? Karma! It's back. Now with a vengeance I'm sure. Jump in the little Smart-ass, turn the key and nothing. Not even the delay then crank this time. Nothing! Why you little.... Maybe the battery has dropped a cell or something. Battery weak? "Get a new battery!" exclaims my wife. So in goes a new battery. It too was getting on (7 years old). Nada! So..... Fresh battery, starter good, wiring appears nice,car goes in and out of gear with no problems,locks and unlocks(no "key" on dash display),no codes, and I am a seasoned owner. Any ideas? Could the clutch actuator send fault signals to the SAMS tricking it into thinking the immobilizer is on or it is in gear? On a couple of occassions, I would let the car sit for a couple of days ( you know, teach it a lesson and not let it play with other cars on the street) and it would start just like nothing was ever wrong. Is it my disciplinary actions or is this car playing games with me? Is this Keith Gordon's 58 Plymouth making a comeback as a Smart? Thanking you all in advance for any suggestions.
  3. Thanks Canman ! I've done I don't know how many oil changes on my smart and never put in more than 2.5 litres. Did the oil change as per usual and no leaks. Took it for a good run(60 kms) and still no leaks. I'm a happy man. It was obviously overfilled. Screwed up somewhere. Was fearing the intercooler. Anyway, thanks for pointing out the obvious.
  4. thats where its landing. left side of the gearbox. I'm going to change the oil(needs doing anyway), to make sure I didn't over fill as was mentioned. Overfilling is not something I would normally do.... cheap fix first!
  5. have an 05 passion cdi.....getting oil drips on gear box. Did a little inspection and found oil in EGR. I cleaned the EGR out about 6 months ago, but there was no there is. Intercooler? Or perhaps CCV? Any suggestions. Sorry if this has been brought up to the forum thing.