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  1. Hi all...it's been a while since I've been here but I've been working overseas and the wee Smarty has been parked since December 2014. I've been home several times in the 2.5 years and have driven it to keep it alive. Surprisingly, it still drives very well except I will need a brake job when I come home for good!! They work but are really noisy from the rust build-up on the rotors!! It's been in my garage, if you were wondering and my son comes over every two weeks or so to start it and let it run for a while. Anyhow, I just took it out today and noticed that when I stepped into it, there was lots of boost and then the boost went away. It was kinda like a limp-mode. It still drove fine, no CEL or codes but very little boost. The gauge (Ultragauge) showed that the turbo was still there but there was very little boost. Would I be correct in thinking that the wastegate has opened but not fully closed therefore I'm loosing boost? I will check it in the morning. I will lubricate it and work it with some channel locks. I just wanted to mention it in case someone had another idea. Thanks....Tom
  2. Well, having owned an HHR for 5 years and test driven several PT's before buying the Chevy, yes it is Chevy's version of the PT. The PT was first out of the gate and Chevy had to catch-up in the retro-look market. The HHR is "based" on an early 1940's Suburban...but only based as it really doesn't look like one except the panel version. The HHR is actually built on a Cobalt chassis. I had the bigger 2.4L engine (standard was 2.2L) and got fairly decent mileage considering the size and weight. I just never understood why it went through so many front tie-rod ends. But I do miss the 6-speaker sound system. Oh well... And now I drive a Smart....go figure!
  3. Well, it's a Chrysler PT Cruiser (see hood emblem in photo) The Chevy version is the HHR. I had an HHR for 5 years before the Smarty and it was a not bad car but it ate tie-rod ends, so some reason. They lasted about 6 months but everything else was not bad.
  4. Thanks guys. $77.00 at the dealer is good. I'll call Barrie MB on Monday. I figured the dealer price would be couple of bills. Good news. Tolsen...whats the wattage of the internal heater? That's interesting. I'm heading back to Donetsk (Ukraine) on the 19th via Vienna. I'll be back in April. You all take care and thanks again... Tom
  5. Hi all... It's been a while. I've been working in Ukraine and I came home for Xmas and then heading back mid-January. Since I've been back, I've noticed that the oil pan has rusted a lot and is now beginning to leak. I've hunted around on the inter-tube but can't seem to find very much for replacement, except out of the UK. Does any have a good new/used oil pan WITH a drain plug that they wish to sell? Or, can anyone point me to a website where i can buy one. Thanks for any help....Tom
  6. Hi all... I've been absent for a while....since December actually, as I have taken a job in Ukraine with the OSCE ( http://www.osce.org/ukraine-smm ). I am working in Donetsk (eastern UA) and finding the work challenging and extremely interesting. Anyhow, enough about me! I was in Kiev this week and found this Smarty near my hotel and I just had to share it with the forum. The owner says its a 2000 gasser but the info may have gotten lost in translation But, the car is in excellent shape and you can eat off the carpet. The coffee setp is well put together and completely self-contained. Extremely ingenious setup!!! And, of course, the best thing is that the coffee is excellent. Enjoy...
  7. Excellent! Does he rebuild starters, too? I have the original from mine that crapped out a while ago. I wouldn't mind getting it rebuilt and ready.
  8. Yea, the 400 south to Newmarket from Barrie was a mess this morning. We should follow Quebecs lead and make snow tires mandatory.
  9. If you're only driving the car 3km, I would take the EGR off and fit an emulator otherwise you will be cleaning it every month! There is a good wiki "somewhere" in the forum that describes the process.
  10. I've got mine on already. I hate the lineups when it first snows and everyone rushes to get them on. For the little bit of wear in the warm weather, it's worth it.
  11. Nice car but I would take my sawzall to the wings! Who would drive around with that? Really??
  12. That doesn't sound good. It almost sounds like a sticky lifter doing all that metallic banging. Then once it warms-up a little and the oil gets through, it settles down. But what kind of wear is being done while it's banging away. I'm not a mechanic but I'd be looking there. It would also explain the shaking, partially. Good luck, David.
  13. I had that a year or so ago. It turned out to be the relay that runs the rear window wiper. Mine never worked since I bought the car but the relay still clicks if I accidently activate it. Anyhow, it's the stock that contols the wipers...it must have got pushed towards the front of the car. Check that....
  14. So, how did that happen? Who's Smart is it....was it? And yea, I agree will dmoonen....I cringed when they dragged it onto the gravel, roof down! I know it's a write-off but I still had the reaction!
  15. Good luck Dillen and talk with you when you get back.