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  1. If the 451 Axles are the same lengths, and if the transmission output splines are the same, then in theory we can use the 451 bearings in the rear. But I haven't personally worked on 451s so I have no parts to compare. I've read somewhere that 451 transmissions are essentially identical to 450?
  2. Not bad pricing...Trying to source parts here in Edmonton is always a gong show. He was able to install it on his 450?
  3. What would be interesting is if the axle shaft would fit on the transmission output side. Now its going to be tough to find a reasonable priced rear bearing for my customer
  4. Found out the hard way that RockAuto sent me the wrong rear bearing. Was changing out a customer's rear bearing and noticed that the axle shaft wouldn't go into the splined hub...turns out the spline patter was slightly different! My guess is that they sent me a 451 rear bearing rather than a 450. When I went online to look for one, it seems many sellers are listing the rear bearing as 05-14. Be careful when ordering online. I had these parts sitting on the shelf for a few years now, so I doubt they would exchange or return, let alone paying for shipping. The 451 rear bearing will physically bolt up to the frame, but the splines on the hub is slightly smaller and though I didn't do an actual count, seems to have a few more spline more. Lesson learned.
  5. The PROS and CONS are pretty much discussed to death here on the forum... The jus of it is: PROS - more access room to the engine, eliminate potential rubbing of hoses CONS - requires emulator or tuned out You don't need to do any kind of delete to prevent soot. Cleaning your EGR valve, or rotating the cartridge 180, or block plate will do just fine.
  6. @Tolsen - these pins will work These were little bigger than the original design, but all I had to do was to heat up the pins a little bit, and it slid right in. If you can't source those pins, just give me the dimensions of the ones that you can get, and I can alter the design of the plug. You've given so much insights and help on this forum that I don't mind doing that for you! Also if you have any design input, please pm me and I can make those changes. Sorry for highjacking the thread!
  7. The one that just plugs straight into the harness...yes I still do that. If you want, I can just email you the STL file and anybody with a 3D printer can make you the plug, and you can solder your own electronics. If there's a place to post the file on CsC, I can just post it here. You can find the files here too.
  8. I still make emulators, pm me for details
  9. Something to try as it worked for me in the end. Post #67 Good Luck.
  10. Here's my experience with no start. I did end up getting it fired up - post #67. I do have a diesel compression gauge that works on the little smart cars via the glow plugs that you're welcome to borrow if you're ever in the Edmonton area. Smart142's method is quick, and also requires minimal speciality tools. Give it a try 1st. Good Luck!
  11. When I was living in Williams Lake BC, a buddy of mine at Mills Auto Electric says that they can order the parts and rebuild my alternator if I ever need to. Might be a lot cheaper than ordering a new one.
  12. Grey is #4. If the emulator burned out, let me know and I'll send you another one. I thought I sent you the link to this post, but my mistake. There is a slight change on yours. The big 100Ohm resistor is now in the left hand side. Hope this helps.
  13. Do you want me to send you another emulator just to confirm? I should be able to put together a plug and play one for you to save some time on diagnostic? 3k limit usually has to do with the EGR, but sometimes it takes a few ignition cycle to clear the codes. If you have a working EGR body, the 180 rotation of the cartridge is the simplest/reliable in the long run.
  14. I rather not share the cost, but it took me altogether 8hrs. That included fixing the corroded connector, exposing and tracing the wires, swapping parts, coding/teaching adaptations...etc. I also coded extra keys they had, and realigned the cabrio hatch that was not closing properly.