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  1. Took the C1 out of a day trip to Abraham Lake. A few muddy gravel roads to Crescent Falls as well. Gorgeous weather...but a very windy drive all the way there from Edmonton. Gas mileage was avg 4.3L/100km.
  2. Someone with a STAR system that’s willing to try? A good locksmith can clone your existing working key. The 451 has a different coding procedure in which a “master key” has to be present - so that someone can’t just break into your car, code a key and drive off.
  3. I’ve never tried programming a 451 key, but I was under the impression that if I have a working key, u can program to set it as the master key?
  4. Somebody contacted me awhile back about this, but we never met up. I’m wondering if the “custom” software can be overwritten bt initializing the SAM as one of the listed options in STAR? Does anybody know if that requires SCN coding?
  5. Put insurance on RedPxl and pulled it out from storage. Did an oil change. Ran like a champ!
  6. I’ve haven’t been making emulators for awhile now and have been asked here and there since. I’m planning to make a batch of them. Please pm me if interested. Cut off date is Monday April 29th when I need to make my order for components. Plug and play $100 Solder it yourself $40 Price includes shipping in Canada. Izzy
  7. I did this years ago Instructions to remove the cover is on evilution if I remembered correctly
  8. Is this what you’re looking for?
  9. I got a H&R cup kit a few years back for around $~650 from Mikasa Performance in Red Deer, AB. They can ship it to you as well.
  10. Ah, the acorn mod! Bil Gladstone and I did the mod on both our cars awhile back... if I remembered correctly, we got an 1/2" acorn nut, drilled the threads out, and kept the nut at the end of the rod with silicon. Some members reported that the nut would wear out quick, but I never had any issues. The original guy that did this mod was able to find a brass acorn nut.
  11. Plus 3C today here in Edmonton of all places! I'm tempted to pull my Canada 1 out from storage...but looks like its going to be messy with all the snow melting. Don't know how you're able to drive yours year round MikeT.
  12. Still no sign of my Aliexpress order...they haven't even shipped anything yet. But, I did finish drawing my schematic and lined it up with my python code so here they are for those who want to try and put something together. import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import time downIn = 11 upIn = 15 downOut = 12 upOut = 16 doorIn = 13 def setup(): GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD) GPIO.setup(downIn, GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_UP) GPIO.setup(upIn, GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_UP) GPIO.setup(downOut, GPIO.OUT) GPIO.setup(upOut, GPIO.OUT) GPIO.setup(doorIn, GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_UP) def one_touch(): while True: if GPIO.input(downIn)==GPIO.HIGH: print('Window going down') start = time.time() time.sleep(0.2) while GPIO.input(downIn)==GPIO.HIGH: time.sleep(0.1) length = time.time() - start if length > 1: print('One-touch activated') GPIO.output(downOut, GPIO.HIGH) time.sleep(4) GPIO.output(downOut, GPIO.LOW) if GPIO.input(upIn)==GPIO.HIGH: print('Window going up') ustart = time.time() time.sleep(0.2) while GPIO.input(upIn)==GPIO.HIGH: time.sleep(0.1) ulength = time.time() - ustart if ulength >1: print('One-touch activated') GPIO.output(upOut, GPIO.HIGH) time.sleep(4) GPIO.output(upOut, GPIO.LOW) time.sleep(0.5) def no_slam(): while True: if GPIO.input(doorIn)==GPIO.LOW: print('Door is opened') GPIO.output(downOut, GPIO.HIGH) time.sleep(1) GPIO.output(downOut, GPIO.LOW) GPIO.wait_for_edge(doorIn, GPIO.RISING) print('Door is closed') GPIO.out(upOut, GPIO.HIGH) time.sleep(1.5) GPIO.output(upOut, GPIO.LOW) time.sleep(1) def destroy(): GPIO.out(downOut, GPIO.LOW) GPIO.out(upOut, GPIO.LOW) GPIO.cleanup() if __name__ == '__main__' : setup() try: one_touch() no_slam() except KeyboardInterrupt: destroy() For those who don't want to type the whole thing, here's the python file. NoSlam-OneTouch
  13. Decided to hook up the module to Red Pxl today...nothing caught on fire...hahahaha! But the board didn't work. The input signals weren't reading correctly and later was traced to a bad batch of relays. All 4 of my 5v relays were duds when bench testing them. I used relays to step down my voltage from 12v to 3.3v for sensing input. Didn't have any optoisolators or the proper resistors to make a voltage divider. Just made an order on Aliexpress...guess will update on progress in about a month when the stuff shows up?
  14. Hardware prototype done! Software loaded...will plug it in to test. With the current setup, the module will be in the car near the SAM, and a 4-wire harness will be plugged into the window switch via an adaptor pigtail. The door grounding signal will be pulled from the SAM unit. No soldering or wire cutting.
  15. To add to tolsen’s comment, a standalone ecu setup would require a custom tune on top of that.