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  1. The 4th Canada1's nickname will remain Red Pxl...@Smartzuum, were you the one that named the car? Anyways, I thought I'll create a thread sharing my adventures and journey with Red Pxl. She made it home with my wife and I late Sunday night without a hitch...though we almost got backed into by a careless driver in Valmount, BC - of course, AB plated driver. Took the rear bumper, crash bar, x-frame off... Took awhile, but finally cleaned the engine and turbo area and also replaced the TIK/turbo seal. Put everything back together and took some pics (my tiny garage)
  2. Its me! The Canada1 got a quick car wash today to at least get all the bugs off. Bumper and muffler came off to clean up some of the oil crud build up. The upper EGR hose was leaking at the manifold and leaked oil all over the engine, but not enough to drip on to the ground. A closer check revealed that the hose was not cracked or maybe it was just a loose clamp. There was also a lot of oil around the turbo area, so maybe the turbo TIK seal needs to be replaced? Time will tell - the car did not burn any oil though...dip stick didn't drop before and after the trip. Will modify the original 30pin iPod cradle to fit the new iPhone cable sometime this week. Maybe draft the design on CAD so that everyone can print or have one made? Love the car to pieces...Thank you Keith!
  3. Wow, what a whirlwind weekend! Friday: Left the house at 4:45am to catch the flight to Abbotsford. Met up with Keith to take his Canada1 away from him! Drove to Hope, BC with my wife to check out the Othello Tunnels. Drove back and help Keith check out and eventually put on his Strikeline. Saturday: Drove to the Vancouver Aquarium...suddenly got sick with the stomach flu. Limp the rest of the day so not to spoil my wife's 1st trip to Stanley Park. Met up with some old friends and drove down to Maple Falls across the boarder. Sunday: Left Abbotsford at 6:30am. Almost got T-bonded in a parking lot by a carless AB driver in Valmount. Didn't puke the entire trip back! The Canada1 drove as expected. Got a lot of curious looks on the highway. Having cruise control is amazing!
  4. Did I hear somebody building their own trailer? Hahaha, must hijack this thread! I thought I was the only lunatic that wants to build my own trailer. Even though a smart car should be easily be able to pull it, I will not be installing a hitch on my smart. The one in the pic is designed my CLC-Boats - I'm about 80% done. The pic was about 2 months ago.
  5. @Smartzuum - just did online flight check-in and got my boarding pass, I'm coming to take your baby away!
  6. Just for documentation purposes...had to piece information from fq101 and evilution: SAM to Alternator N11-8 pin7 (Black/Yellow) - I'm assuming that it goes to the "L" and should get ignition 12v Alternator to ECU Pin47 (white, lower connector) - I'm assuming that it goes to "FR" and basically how the ECU controls load
  7. Man, I was hoping it was the dog! Had a good laugh when I saw that...thanks MikeT
  8. Guess I was wrong. The new alternator came in, and I installed it last nite (what a miserable job). The over cranking still happens, but to a lesser degree, but I don't think the 2 are related. If anything changes, I will report back.
  9. I managed to hit 615km once a few years back when I drove to from Edmonton to Williams Lake. I had 0L on the dash when I pulled into the gas station. It wasn't done on purpose, I forgot that some gas stations don't open on statutory holidays and it was was in the middle of the night. Rather not try that again...our in-tank lift pump uses fuel for cooling.
  10. Awesome job!
  11. Was just research Raspberry Pi today...and I think you're right, it would be much more reliable, potential for expansion, and easier to program if I went with something like that. Well...I think right now, its just you and me brainstorming!
  12. Remove the SAM, make note of where everything is plugged in including fuses! - Open up the case (a few screw and plastic tabs) - Be careful not to damage the ribbon as it is fragile - Locate N11-3 and clean up the area with contact cleaner and or with a tooth brush - Solder the wires you wish to bypass directly on the PCB - Drill a hole at a convenient location - Run the wire(s) through, and reassemble everything - You could either solder the wires directly to the corresponding wires on the harness, or you can purchase pins/connectors to make your own (recommended). SAM pinout and removal instructions can be also be found on either evilution or fq101 should u need more guidance. Good reading before you start:
  13. Power goes directly to the motor after the last relay...I don't think there's any wires that goes to the SAM for windows. Yes, eliminating the 1st relay would save a bit of complexity, but how would the the windows down be powered/triggered? (I still need to do some testing - I just assumed that the door switch grounds whenever the door is could easily be the other way around). Constant power to the 555 timer circuit would not draw much amperage... I am looking at maybe learning raspberry pi or look into PIC micro controllers... I found the original no-slam circuit in my tool box yesterday. It was not made by MDC, it was pinhead that made it - has his email on it. His circuit does seem to use a micro controller. There's a chip that has 14 pins on it that I can't identify.
  14. Would this work with the transistor?
  15. I'm sure some of the relays can be eliminated with transistors, but I'm not sure how to do it properly. Diodes and fuses will probably be needed in a few places. I only did the windows up down will be exactly the same, but on the 87 pin on the 1st relay. Edit: made a mistake on R10k near pin 7 on the 555 timer...should be R1k (otherwise it will output for 5s instead of 0.5s)