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  1. Tolsen has a thread on everything you need to know about the coolant/heating system of the smart along with some custom mods that you might want to look up. But I agree with MikeT, if you're not warming up even on highway speed, then you have a thermostat issue. My old smart was able to hold 3 blobs in -30C while driving...only when idling does it drop in those temperature.
  2. So...checked the wiring, they all look good visually. No chafing or rubbing that I can see. No water ingestion or pin corrosion on the actuator plug. Decided to just swap the actuator with an used one that I have laying around. Did a drag point and teach in with STAR and now she is running fine. Drove to ikea and back in the rain and had major traffic with a lot of stop and go. I guess it was just time for the actuator to die - 111188km on the clock. This is probably the last week that I’ll be driving Red pxl this season. Had a bit of a fight with the used actuator as it was in the extended position. Evilution’s method of hitting the brakes with ignition on to retract the rod didn’t work for me. I had to press the actuator against the floor with my weight to get the rod in.
  3. Had a beautiful drive this morning with Red Pxl...want to squeeze in a few more days before winter. As I was heading back to Edmonton about 30mins out of the city, all of a sudden, she started jerking whenever I had to feather the throttle. TC light came on, and so did the Engine light. This has happened in the past before, but usually it goes away after a shut down with 30sec for the SAM to reset. But this time, it didn't go away. I was able to limp the car to a friend's farm and tried to call my wife, in which she didn't answer. After about 10mins, I tried to start the car again, and this time, TC light was out, and Engine light was on, but it drove fine. I was able to make it home. With STAR connected, i had P2414 and P1703.
  4. @Willys that’s an awesome ramp...tempted to build one of my own now!
  5. @Willys Your version of MBSTAR already has TAN free coding
  6. I believe that the dealer can cut you a blade with just the VIN. Just pop the blade out and swap. As for the FOBs, you can recode an used one without any issues.
  7. Now that I've started comparing my stock map vs the tuned map, I'm sure that the map that I got is stolen from somebody rather than the OEM Brabus. The EGR sections have been modified/deleted - I'll post a pic later, but essentially there is no "dip" (compared to the above pic) meaning the EGR valve does not open at all in any rpm/IQ. With the EGR "tuned" out via this method, the valve body will still need to be connected as the ECU will still do a self check. Next goal is to find the EGR self check and turn it off!
  8. HA! I jump the gun last's the OEM EGR map that I've finally found. For those who are nerdy, the location is a 16x12 map 6D724.
  9. Making a little bit of progress though just like the general consent online, WinOLS has a very steep learning curve. From my limited experiences and research, I believe that's what the EGR map looks like 2D mode. Found the above map by searching for the "001 000 001 048" string. @toslen The damos file on your link seems to just add a bunch of German folders, but no physical location or definitions. Most likely that I imported them wrong though. Back to hours of YouTube researching!
  10. @smartdriver thanks for the info and contact! @tolsen interesting...maybe it was labelled as Brabus, but actually stolen from somebody? FlyingTiger, Smart142 or some European tuner? I have smart142’s map on an old ECU that I should be able to pull out, but kind’a should ask for permission....maybe then I can compare the differences?
  11. @Willys I think your car already has smart142 tune, but better safe to ask him. The "map" is where the ECU stores all the parameters necessary for the engine to operate. Basically all ECU takes all the information from the sensors => consult with the map => output to effectors (injectors, timing, fuel solenoid...etc). Where these parameters are stored can be retrieved and overwritten by certain communication protocols such as the KWP2000+ that I mentioned above. MBSTAR is a different communication tool that runs on a different protocol. So to speak, MBSTAR makes changes to the setting of the "program" whereas KWP2000+ changes the coding of the "program." I did back up my map, so if anybody is interested, pm me and I can send it to you. I'm currently running the Brabus diesel map (at least what I believe it is from my source). @tolsen I know somebody near Edmonton that has a copy of the legit WinOLS (will go beg and pled to use it)...will download your link and see if I can lean anything from it. Thanks again for the driver and now the definitions! @smartdriver You were mentioning when we talked in TO this summer that your EGR is tuned out. Any chances we can take a look at your map?
  12. So I'm hoping that we can use this thread to collect and share information on the EDC15c5 ECU particularly with regards to EGR off. With my KWP2000+ finally working, I was able to pull off the ECU my map which according to smartzuum may be actually the FlyingTiger tune light version as I noticed a quicker shift, but no increase in power. What I would like to do is to tune out the EGR section of the map eventually and possibility make some tweaks for a bit more power. From what I can gather so far: 1) the EGR section of the EDC15C5 map contains a string "001 000 001 048" when setup in a given layout (8-bit view) 2) the 1st set of "001" acts as a switch that turns the EGR map on/off (say 001 for on and 000 for off) 3) an alternative way of removing the EGR map is to edit the parameters at which the EGR is turned on (say to edit the temperature requirements...etc). But I do not have the address location for those parameters. Does anyone have a legit version of ECU Titanium/WinOLS/Swiftec that they would like to confirm this or do checksum for me? I know that I can probably pay someone to do the editing, and some ECU software even has modules that automatically deletes the EGR function. But I believe that gaining knowledge doesn't hurt, but my wallet does. I think we can all benefit from learning and understanding how it all comes together and work. Izzy
  13. Took Red Pxl out of storage yesterday and took it for a rip out of town. Was driving it most of today and put on about 200km in just 2 days! Got my new KWP2000+ work finally (thank you tolsen for the driver), so I remapped the car. Plan to drive the Canada1 for the next month or so just to get it out of my system before storing her again for winter.
  14. Pulled Red Pxl out of storage and went for a nice 80km drive in the country side. Man I missed driving my Smart.
  15. Between the EGR valve body and the EGR cooler (has 2 coolant hose connected to it, a silver-ish pipe that connects to the turbo on the other side).