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  1. If you want it to work independent of the headlights, then you’ll need your own wiring. You can still use your factor momentary switch. Will have to pick up a 12v flip/flop bistable latching module or rig one up yourself using a 555 timer. the wiring for the switch is most likely for backlight pwr/ground and the other 2 wires are essentially for the momentary switch
  2. Awesome! Another Edmonton area smartie! Welcome to the club!
  3. Haven’t gotten one....yet Will keep u guys posted if I get a bill or if the seller honours the missing flange
  4. Nope...probably not going to get it. But I can always write a nice review on his page! My expectations were pretty low for getting a Chinese turbo...the fact that it hasn't blown up or leaked or catch on fire...etc is more than what I bargained for. Fuel economy is definitely better, turbo sound is minimal....can't complain if it can last till winter.
  5. In my experiences, when the engine doesn't start, but no means that one of the internal conditions to start for the ECU is not met. For example, if the ECU is not seeing a clear crank rpm, then it will not time the injections properly, but may not necessary log a code because its normal to take a few revolutions of the crank to establish that. I would dig into any info you can find on the OM660 sensors and start conditions for the ECU. If the ECU is dying, I would expect more codes - may not be able to see the EDC module with STAR. You've already confirmed that you have low pressure fuel, maybe try keeping an eye on the rail pressure while cranking? Though if rail pressure is low, it should log a code. Keep an eye on cranking rpm? Good Luck
  6. Took Red Pxl for a longer drive since changing turbo. Drove 200km today to Wabamun Lake and around the back highway west of Edmonton. Boost reached 16.5psi without any issues....still no leaks! Might be placebo effect, but I’m thinking my fuel economy has improved slightly. Will see how long this turbo will last. Izzy
  7. When the IAT is unplugged, the IC kicks on by default...of course with CEL. But when it is plugged back in, the code goes inactive and it will behave normally again and CEL is out.
  8. Made it to 15.4psi today...still need to keep going till I get past 16psi. No leaks yet, just the normal weeping from the ccv. One thing I did notice is that the turbo is really quiet compared to before. I barely hear it now.
  9. Cool, let us know what filter you end up using!
  10. Hmmm...maybe it was just perception. Took it out for a rip...felt that the power was a bit low, then I saw on my SG2 that I was only peaking at 12.5psi. Adjusted the waste gate and now I’m peaking at 14.5psi....much improvement in power. will try to take it out for a longer drive before pushing it to 15.5psi.
  11. I just noticed this...the waste gate assembly is on the top rather than side! The whole orientation is shifter.
  12. The seller says that he will send me that flange...but we'll see. Put the turbo on today. Primed the turbo with oil, and after everything is tightened fired it up. Engine ran....turbo spooled up and no issues noted so far. Will need to take it for a rip later tonight to set the waste gate - wonder if its pre-adjusted...guess I'll find out. You can see the ugly polyurethane filled motor mounts. Its been almost 2.5wks since placing an order from Eddy for the motor mounts and haven't heard anything other than one of the is out of stock and shipping from Germany. I did end up checking the play on the old turbo...there was a lot of play on the shaft.
  13. Well...Fedex dropped it on my front door this morning while I was at work. The turbo looks okay, and the shaft felt good. However, as anticipated, something is not right... This is what I got: And this was what they advertised on the listing: I circled it for the vender as he says that everything was included!
  14. I doubt anybody in your area would have a STAR machine outside of the dealership unfortunately - wondering if there would be any MB specific codes. Can you shed some light on what you did to delete the EGR? bypass pipe? There's aways a chance of a paper towel left in the IC or intake manifold when working on the car? (I hate to admit that I've done that in the past before). Are you building any boost? Any possibility for you to post some of the parameters? say with the engine running?