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  1. Welcome to the club!
  2. So a local smart car owner came by with a wiper linkage issue. The driver side plastic linkage for the arm (whatever u guys call it) broke off because the shaft was seized. Was able to remove the shaft from the linkage after working it with penetrating oil and a little bit of heat for a few days. Cleaned everything up, super glued the linkage and wrapped it with epoxy repair tape. Anybody else tried repairing them...does it last? After reassembly, anti-seize were added and new o-rings were replaced. Everything seems to be working now.
  3. I’m pretty busy with other projects around the house, might take a while...but I can definitely draft on AutoCAD or Fusion360 when I get a chance. What file formats would u like? @gtjunk
  4. I can definitely draft one on CAD....Photo-resin or PLA does not seem to be a good fit as printing material for the spindle. Maybe ABS, but none of my 3D printers will do ABS. if it’s drafted, maybe we can machine one from metal?
  5. Put insurance and registration in RedPxl yesterday...back on the road in the little beast.
  6. The vendor's name is Fedicturbos Store on Aliexpress. I paid $357.54...don't remember if DHL dinged me for brokerage fee.
  7. I don't think I was the 1st to buy a Chinese turbo...a few guys here already tried it...but since there were a few different vendor, I think this guy haven't given us grief other than missing the lower part of the body but he sent it later. From what i've gathered, they can fail around 10-30k due to sub OEM metallurgy...hopefully not, but then again, it was dirt cheap. I have about 10k on this leaks (fingers crossed...yet). I took a road trip to BC and back with it last summer. Good luck! Izzy
  8. If you have an extra one...send me the plug, I'll draft it on CAD and then we can 3D print them!
  9. There's been reports that the changes to the address will NOT work.... Back to the drawing board Stay "tuned"....hahahaha
  10. So I'm hoping that we can use this thread to collect and share information on the EDC15c5 ECU particularly with regards to EGR off. With my KWP2000+ finally working, I was able to pull off the ECU my map which according to smartzuum may be actually the FlyingTiger tune light version as I noticed a quicker shift, but no increase in power. What I would like to do is to tune out the EGR section of the map eventually and possibility make some tweaks for a bit more power. From what I can gather so far: 1) the EGR section of the EDC15C5 map contains a string "001 000 001 048" when setup in a given layout (8-bit view) 2) the 1st set of "001" acts as a switch that turns the EGR map on/off (say 001 for on and 000 for off) 3) an alternative way of removing the EGR map is to edit the parameters at which the EGR is turned on (say to edit the temperature requirements...etc). But I do not have the address location for those parameters. Does anyone have a legit version of ECU Titanium/WinOLS/Swiftec that they would like to confirm this or do checksum for me? I know that I can probably pay someone to do the editing, and some ECU software even has modules that automatically deletes the EGR function. But I believe that gaining knowledge doesn't hurt, but my wallet does. I think we can all benefit from learning and understanding how it all comes together and work. Izzy
  11. Upload a pic of the connector bottom side
  12. The Emission gods were not pleased with my actions....? hahaha.
  13. So....after letting this project sit on the back burner for over a year now, I got renewed motivation from another member that pushed me to keep playing with tuning. I finally located the "string" (in post#1) starting at 77B4E. I was able to edit the 001 to 000 which from my research means that the ECU no longer looks for the EGR valve - should not set DTC even if the valve is disconnected. I was able to export WinOLS to binary and found a sketchy checksum editor. After all new KWP2000+ smoked!! Not sure why, but it did the same thing as my 1st KWP2000+...plug in the car, smoke comes out of the unit. Now here's the good news...or bad news, depending on your position. Is there anybody out there with a working KWP2000+ that is willing to test my EGR deleted map? The test map is a stock map with EGR deleted. IF the map tested good. I will post the instructions on how to tune out your EGR for free! (or free will donations back to CsC). Any brave soul that wishes to test this please pm me....or why the hell did my KWP is smoking... Izzy PS. My whole computer room stinks of burnt electronics...arrrgh
  14. Kind'a hard to t/s with a generic complaint. The emission "ready/not ready" system is to prevent people from deleting codes right before the smog test. Usually it entails driving the vehicle for some distance so that ECU recognize that the emission system all good for a period of time/distance. If it stays "not ready," that either means that you have a communication issue between the modules, or whatever emission DTC is back (not all of them will log a code). Either way, more information is require to even remotely suggest where to start. Symptoms? Most code readers will not care if its a grey VIN or not since the OBDII protocol is universal standard. It may not read specific manufacture codes, but at least something will show up if its emission related. If you can't connect, potentially you have a communication issue which maybe why your scanner is asking for a VIN to begin with. Izzy
  15. I guess I need to chime in on the fun!
  16. Just a general rant.... My garage was broken into last night...they didn’t take much as it looks to be just somebody checking the place out, but they took my STAR C3 and kwp2000+??! They were both sitting inside silver hand held case...some hand tools and my VAGCOM cable is gone too. They went through my tool box, but didn’t take the majority of the things inside. I moved out of the city back in Oct to an acreage outside of Stoney Plain hoping to avoid exactly this kind of crap. At least they didn’t take my Smart car? Battery was disconnected but the key was in the ignition.
  17. Due to the COVID-19 social isolation thingy that's going on now...won't be able to get our PAL. Wife and I will be adopting a dog this week! Security cameras are finally setup. Hope this will be the end of it all...thanks for all the supporting comments and making me laugh during this stressful episode. Always can count on CsC members for support! Izzy
  18. Mods like this will not be for’ll be one of those “just because I can” kind’a modifications. There’s no benefits to a stand-alone ECU to our little engine that I can think of. The only reason to tune out the transmission and defeat immobilizer is to run the engine for different applications. I’ve seen people use the OM660 engine anywhere from a motorcycle to airplane motor. The so-called electrical problems on the Fortwos aren’t actually that bad IMHO.
  19. @Willys Not too difficult if u have the right tools. This is a common rail engine, so at minimum you’ll need an ecu (aftermarket standalone, or the original edc15). If you’re using the original Bosch edc15, then you’ll need to edit the map to take out the transmission and defeat the immobilizer (most likely what it is communicating to the SAM/cluster). Other than that, I’m not sure you’ll need anything else to run.
  20. @Willys clone as in copying the memory chip off the ECU and or cluster so that you don’t need STAR to, mileage, and options will be copied over without any issues.
  21. Both the cluster and the ecu can be cloned if u have the original....SAM I’m not sure as there’s conflicting info out there.
  22. Thanks for love guys, but I’m just another Smartie fruitcake No real need to swap an entire combo, at least just most cases, the SAM can be repaired as Nigel and Willys have pointed out. Start a thread and post your symptoms. If and when you do need someone with a STAR system, make a list of things to do all at once to make the trip worth while.
  23. I’m not sure if it’ll clear the CV axle....even running a longer oil filter with an adaptor is cutting close. I think the engine in the pic was fitted for a different application....but happy to be shown wrong. Please post pics if done! Izzy
  24. I conformal coat mine...a bit of work, but totally worth it. I think the evilution site has instructions on drilling drainage holes in the SAM plastic case to prevent water pooling. I do have a cluster/ecu set...but no Key fob. A new fob can be ordered online cheap and easily coded by somebody with a STAR or equivalent system. PM me if you’re interested. The ecu has the smart142 tune on it. Izzy
  25. Corrosion builds up on the joint. Remove the muffler and use a wired wheel to clean the “ball” side on the manifold and make sure the muffler side lip is not warped and also clear of corrosion. Izzy