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  1. I figured this was pretty cheap. Not sure about the quality or fit though.Listed Info:Searched under 2005 Smart Fortwo DieselVALEO Part # 817931 Thickness [mm]: 50; Inlet Ø [mm]: 43; Outlet Ø [mm]: 39; Cooling Type: Air cooled; Aluminum; Width [mm]: 218; Height [mm]: 170
  2. Just a crazy idea, (was discussing with bilgladstone on this), what if somebody made a fibreglass top for our cabriolet? remove the softtop for the winter? possible? tried already? Maybe need to start another thread...
  3. Thanks Alex! Good to know that its for the gasser 450 and not the CDI. Almost ordered one!
  4. I had something that just bumped into it from the inside lightly and it cracked!! Super mad...but what's done is done =(
  5. Mine just cracked last night :(Any word on the price of this kit? Would love to have mine installed before it gets any colder.
  6. First attempt in body work! Fix up some holes on the grille from rocks
  7. Yeah, I'm leaning towards diesel quality too...doesn't matter summer or winter
  8. Not sure if anybody else noticed, but I get worst mileage in AB. I usually drive around 100km/hr on the hwy. Always try to fill up at AB, my average is 4.4l/100kmin BC, my average is 3.7l/100kmDifference in diesel quality? or just more wind? Any ideas?
  9. I think I saw you on my way into Kamloops last nite around 4pm??! You have a white cabrio? Thanks for waving!!Back on topic: Got back from my AB roadtrip this wkend and installed my winter tires on roadster rims from Eddy! Love how much more stable the car is now on wider rims!
  10. Spotted a white cabrio (not sure if its a barbus) around 4pm leaving Kamloops on hwy 1
  11. Had something similar happen like this a few years ago at work. A John Deere combine wouldn't shut off even after the battery cables have been pulled! Traced it to a fused diode on a cellphone charger that the farmer had installed. The cell battery was enough to keep the engine running!
  12. Hi guys,I thought I'll check here before I go and purchase a new set of winter tires and rims for a 450. Anybody got a set for sale? Even consider 451 set...I'll just have to buy 25-30mm spacers...rite?Izzy
  13. Is this cheating?
  14. Before I order a new cable, was wondering if anybody would have a pin digram on a OBDII (16pin) to C3 Multiplex cable. I've recently purchased a MB star system...It works great until a couple days ago when I was playing with it going into DAS, the program informed me that it is not able to communicate with the car because pin 30 or 31 is not getting voltage. Can't seem to tell which one is pin 30 or 31 cuz the connector side is labelled with alphabets! I checked my connection and connectors and noticed that my cable was essentially pulled apart at the back (the connector on the cable that connects to the multiplex, poor quality?)...I can remove pins and resolder wires if I have to, but can't seem to find out which wires go where. I know a new cable costs around $50, but I really don't want to spend the money if I can fix it.suggestions? help?Thanks in advance,IzzyPS. Just ordered a TAN code calculator, (I hope it works)...if someone can help me with this, I would definitely generate some codes for them
  15. Yup! Sure does...can't seem to find a local place that sells the fascia plate. Had to hack up the old stereo.
  16. Installed single din DVD deck
  17. Key

    Is this something that you're looking for? Just go to and type "fortwo fob"
  18. Fixed! Turns out that my white wire going to the IAT sensor was broken off complete at the connector. All I had to do was gut the connector and resolder the wire on to the female pin and reassemble the connector and voila!Anybody else found it really hard to find electrical connector pins?? I ran around town looking for a match and nobody carries them! When I did my ESP mod...I had to order the iso pins from UK...and they sell in packs of 30, now I have 29 extra since I only needed one! Izzy
  19. Thanks for all the tips guys!I ended up yanking all the carpets out, put a heater and fan in the car....for 2 days. I then drove down to Kamloops (3hr drive) with the top down. I checked and put dielectric grease on every connectors I could find. So far no weird smell or any electrical gremlins...yet.Izzy
  20. Did Evilution's turn off ESP works!
  21. Ran the fan all night and still have vapour on my windows...I'm sure there's still a lot of moisture in the car hidden, but at least I can sit in it without a wet bum.Its a bit warmer today, I parked the car out in what little sunshine there is today...plugged in the fan and continue hoping for the best. So far everything still works. Will I have to pull the shifter out, water get trap in there?Alex: I'm frantically trying to find a portable heater! The cold doesn't give up much of the moisture.CANMAN: Thanks for the link, that was pretty much the first place I went to for info. I will be pulling everything out tonite for inspection.Henry: Not a bad idea...I'll hunt around for a detailing shop!I will be driving to Kamloops this wkend, so I guess a couple of hours with the top down will probably help on the freeway, (unless it kind'a luck)....Izzy
  22. Thanks for the tips guys!Unfortunately, I can't park the car in a garage. With the way my drive way is setup, if I go down behind the house, I won't be able to make it back up when its wet...way too muddy.So far all the electronics work...I'm going to leave a fan in the car running overnite...took most of the carpets in the house to dry. Hoping for the bestIzzy
  23. Did you have to support the radio at the back?
  24. Works like a charm! Took less than 5min to remove (first time)!