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  1. So ran into my 1st major issue today..the clutch actuator kicked. I was at the drive thru at McDs when it happened and initially I thought somebody hit me from behind! It drove okay for the rest of the day until I got home when I tried to drive it on to the ramps. It kicked so badly that I couldn't drive on Inspected the harness and traced it back to the ECU...everything looks clean and good. Took the actuator off, carefully lubed it, and re-teach the position and drag point. Hope it doesn't do this again. The clutch fork looked a bit worn...I'll need to make a brass sleeve for it this summer (something similar to the "nut-mod." While I was under, I also changed the alternator belt...start up squeaking is now gone. Upon closer inspection, the belt was worn.
  2. What does a worn oil pump sprocket sound like? I'm working on this car and there is this "metal dragging sound" intermittently...usually when the engine is revved hard/fast near the ~2.5-4k range.
  3. I would do a log of all the engine sensors while the car is running up to the stall point so you can see if a sensor is failing or a signal wire is making poor contact.
  4. This is a bit ambitious, but I would like something similar to the Brabus dual exhaust like MikeT...but since they're almost in the same category was a rainbow unicorn, its unlikely I'll find or be able to afford one. I was actually thinking of making my own stainless exhaust...but this will be in the long distant future. I have a friend that co-owns a custom tune shop...they built custom headers or exhausts for show cars - maybe I can get him to help me or at make me something. @smartzuum No external leak at least...but this may explain why the intake manifold is covered in crud inside. I do a lot of highway driving...I can compare to see if the crud level will go down by the end of the summer. I'll be using some intake cleaners while I'm at it. With the EGR cartridge blocked off, I'll find out soon enough. At any rate, I think it'll hold until the winter months when I can yank the engine out and do some proper work on it...
  5. Pull the EGR cartridge out was relatively clean, with a few alarmingly big chunks of carbon dropping out (hope not hard enough to harm the engine). Did the 180 degree turn when installing everything back together. Oil seepage hasn't come back yet for the upper EGR hose, so hurray, it was just a loose clamp. I'm really tempted to pull the steering rack apart and check for the cause of the slight grinding noise when the motor is assisting...
  6. Red Pxl got registered today! Too bad I don't have the money for the custom plate "RED PXL"...yet. Out of Province was a breeze, this is the 4th car I had this mechanic do...he knew I was anal about car maintenance, so he essentially passed it without much fuss. Insurance on the other hand was PITA...they wanted pictures of the car, a separate inspection...blab blab blab...I hate them. Anyways, I'll share a few pics for the car that they wanted (and my GLI)
  7. Yes...the engine won’t know the difference. Remember, all the electronics has to be a set to be trouble free. There are companies that can “virginize” these SAM...or code everything as a set for you. I can only clone from an existing setup. I’ve never used their services, but u might want to give them a shout and see...might end up saving you time and a lot of work from swapping the entire engine setup. if you don’t care about the mileage issue, just install the used SAM, and get somebody with STAR to initialize it. I think it’ll flash the mileage and or log a code in the ecu...but the car will run. You’ll need to recode all your keys I believe.
  8. You could take the ECU off, then send it to smart142 for a remap! The ECU doesn't come off very often...usually you can test the harness for wiring issues.
  9. Worked on something that was bothering me on my trip back. Every time I got up to highway speed, there's a annoying rattle sound that was coming from the driver door. After removing the inner panel, I suspect that its the door latch cable that is the culprit. Put some double sided foam tape on the cable where I think its making contact - Hope this will do it! Still haven't had time to register the car yet, so can't test it out. Crawled underneath and removed the front under tray to inspect the power steering rack...looks brand new in there!
  10. If you put an used SAM into your parts car, unless it its new (unpaired), it will have messed up mileage count - but the car will run. Theoretically, it is possible to match that by hacking the hex dump of the SAM memory chip, but since nobody knows the map definitions, its a dead end - at least outside of my abilities. You could clone your working set: SAM, Cluster, ECU. Since both cars are 06, your ESP should communicate without any issues. But you'll need a cloning equipment, and STAR to calibrate everything in the end.
  11. The ECU is responsible for signalling the injectors. You can try to see if you are getting any signal to any of the injectors. The crank position sensor informs the ECU the timing. ECU is on the side of the airbox. The crank position sensor is located on the top side of bell housing besides the intercooler and under high pressure fuel pump. Good luck!
  12. Yes it is possible to clone the SAM. Instructions are on evilution...I've personally have done it successfully. If you plan to do any swapping, the best way to do it is to swap everything as a set: SAM, Cluster, ECU, lock cylinder...but you will still need to do calibrations in the end. 05/06 cars have different ABS/ESP controller, so it will not communicate if the 2 cars have different setup. 3-bar is a bit u have access to a decent obd2 scanner or MBSTAR? Maybe more clues if you can find the specific MILs?
  13. You spirit? Don't worry, I'm in my 30s, and I drive like grandma too! My old cdi got 3.8L/100km driving across Canada...but Red Pxl is only getting ~5L/100km so far on my trip back.
  14. I was definitely not very rational when I bought my 1st Smart....didn't think the Canada1 was either! Hahahaha I thought it was cool...and I needed a hobby. @Willys the plan was to have a dash cam all along...just didn't think I'll need it that quickly. I have 1 on my GLI and man, I can easily have my own youtube channel on "the brave and skilled drivers of AB"
  15. @MikeT Luckily nothing was contact, but I would say it was damn close. After the incident, he took off driving like a maniac, but I do have a picture of his license plate on my phone. The engine is actually in very good shape. The timing chain was tight, no visible fuel leak on the high pressure pump, and all the hoses look. I still haven't try looking for that exhaust leak squeak yet...its usually the connection between the turbo and EGR cooler - very tough location. Not a big issue. Once I sort out what I want to do with the EGR, then I'll fix the squeak...its usually gone after warm up anyways.
  16. I think that's the "GT" jonEmash bought from coastalsteve? If he is the owner, he lives in Kamloops and has a garage full of Smart cars. Met up with him a few years back...I'll have to dig up that pic of his garage. jonEmash hasn't been active on the forum for awhile now.
  17. Its me! The Canada1 got a quick car wash today to at least get all the bugs off. Bumper and muffler came off to clean up some of the oil crud build up. The upper EGR hose was leaking at the manifold and leaked oil all over the engine, but not enough to drip on to the ground. A closer check revealed that the hose was not cracked or maybe it was just a loose clamp. There was also a lot of oil around the turbo area, so maybe the turbo TIK seal needs to be replaced? Time will tell - the car did not burn any oil though...dip stick didn't drop before and after the trip. Will modify the original 30pin iPod cradle to fit the new iPhone cable sometime this week. Maybe draft the design on CAD so that everyone can print or have one made? Love the car to pieces...Thank you Keith!
  18. Wow, what a whirlwind weekend! Friday: Left the house at 4:45am to catch the flight to Abbotsford. Met up with Keith to take his Canada1 away from him! Drove to Hope, BC with my wife to check out the Othello Tunnels. Drove back and help Keith check out and eventually put on his Strikeline. Saturday: Drove to the Vancouver Aquarium...suddenly got sick with the stomach flu. Limp the rest of the day so not to spoil my wife's 1st trip to Stanley Park. Met up with some old friends and drove down to Maple Falls across the boarder. Sunday: Left Abbotsford at 6:30am. Almost got T-bonded in a parking lot by a carless AB driver in Valmount. Didn't puke the entire trip back! The Canada1 drove as expected. Got a lot of curious looks on the highway. Having cruise control is amazing!
  19. Greetings fellow smart car enthusiasts! I will be travelling from Edmonton to the Abbotsford to pick up a new to me Smart car and was wondering if anybody would like to have a meet up while I'm in town. I'm thinking of Friday evening Jun-15th. Recommendation for a good restaurant as well? Izzy
  20. Did I hear somebody building their own trailer? Hahaha, must hijack this thread! I thought I was the only lunatic that wants to build my own trailer. Even though a smart car should be easily be able to pull it, I will not be installing a hitch on my smart. The one in the pic is designed my CLC-Boats - I'm about 80% done. The pic was about 2 months ago.
  21. @Smartzuum - just did online flight check-in and got my boarding pass, I'm coming to take your baby away!
  22. Just for documentation purposes...had to piece information from fq101 and evilution: SAM to Alternator N11-8 pin7 (Black/Yellow) - I'm assuming that it goes to the "L" and should get ignition 12v Alternator to ECU Pin47 (white, lower connector) - I'm assuming that it goes to "FR" and basically how the ECU controls load
  23. Just wanted to think aloud here and hopefully bounce ideas off the community. I've heard and seen a few 450s that seems to over crank. I have no real explanation for this phenomenon until I've recently gotten a clue - a bad alternator. A bad alternator seems to be related to the over cranking as the ECU doesn't seem to recognize that the engine is running. I've been working on a car that seems to have developed this over cranking issue just as the alternator died. I believe that the ECU relies on the crank position sensor to read the rpm, but I don't think the ECU use that information to "confirm" that the car is running. I think its the "DF" signal (white wire) that sends a pulse to the ECU to let it know when the engine is running as well as load. I'm currently waiting for a new alternator. If the problem clears up, I maybe able to confirm this? Any electrical gurus out there that can chime in? Izzy
  24. Man, I was hoping it was the dog! Had a good laugh when I saw that...thanks MikeT
  25. Guess I was wrong. The new alternator came in, and I installed it last nite (what a miserable job). The over cranking still happens, but to a lesser degree, but I don't think the 2 are related. If anything changes, I will report back.