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  1. I managed to hit 615km once a few years back when I drove to from Edmonton to Williams Lake. I had 0L on the dash when I pulled into the gas station. It wasn't done on purpose, I forgot that some gas stations don't open on statutory holidays and it was was in the middle of the night. Rather not try that again...our in-tank lift pump uses fuel for cooling.
  2. Awesome job!
  3. Was just research Raspberry Pi today...and I think you're right, it would be much more reliable, potential for expansion, and easier to program if I went with something like that. Well...I think right now, its just you and me brainstorming!
  4. Remove the SAM, make note of where everything is plugged in including fuses! - Open up the case (a few screw and plastic tabs) - Be careful not to damage the ribbon as it is fragile - Locate N11-3 and clean up the area with contact cleaner and or with a tooth brush - Solder the wires you wish to bypass directly on the PCB - Drill a hole at a convenient location - Run the wire(s) through, and reassemble everything - You could either solder the wires directly to the corresponding wires on the harness, or you can purchase pins/connectors to make your own (recommended). SAM pinout and removal instructions can be also be found on either evilution or fq101 should u need more guidance. Good reading before you start:
  5. Power goes directly to the motor after the last relay...I don't think there's any wires that goes to the SAM for windows. Yes, eliminating the 1st relay would save a bit of complexity, but how would the the windows down be powered/triggered? (I still need to do some testing - I just assumed that the door switch grounds whenever the door is could easily be the other way around). Constant power to the 555 timer circuit would not draw much amperage... I am looking at maybe learning raspberry pi or look into PIC micro controllers... I found the original no-slam circuit in my tool box yesterday. It was not made by MDC, it was pinhead that made it - has his email on it. His circuit does seem to use a micro controller. There's a chip that has 14 pins on it that I can't identify.
  6. Would this work with the transistor?
  7. I'm sure some of the relays can be eliminated with transistors, but I'm not sure how to do it properly. Diodes and fuses will probably be needed in a few places. I only did the windows up down will be exactly the same, but on the 87 pin on the 1st relay. Edit: made a mistake on R10k near pin 7 on the 555 timer...should be R1k (otherwise it will output for 5s instead of 0.5s)
  8. OEM repair for the N11- connectors: However, in the past, I simply remove the wire(s) from the connector and solder directly on the SAM for repair. While you're at it, you can do a conformal coat on the electrical board. Depending on the fuse holder colour that you want, they have different part# - you can look them up on the evilution site, (highly recommend signing up if you plan on doing any work on your own).
  9. There's a few fuse holders that clips on to the side of the SAM. Whenever they're misplaced, the symptoms that you described could happen. The side of the SAM provides switched and constant power. Picture from
  10. I don't think I even have that unit was coated in a thick layer of epoxy, so I wasn't able to trace the circuit. Just had an idea for the one-touch feature is to use a delay latch circuit that's self powering after the trigger...but it too has to be limited by the 555 timer monostable setup for around 4-5sec. This feature can be added into the circuit once the no-slam is finalized... Using microcontrollers is a good idea...will probably save a lot of unnecessary complexity, but others with more hardware programming experiences will have to take the lead. I will make a detailed schematic including the 555 timers and posted it up.
  11. The "one touch" feature I'm not sure how to do...almost seems easier to use an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. This way, its is even programmable or maybe bluetooth communication for updating? Rolling down windows with your phone on a hot day? Unfortunately, I don't know anything about programming either. Good project idea though...
  12. I think its a tough sell for N/A to give up their cars in general - let alone giving up their trucks and SUVs. I dare to say that Edmonton is another example of a "mess" with the city investing money on their poorly thought out transit system and bike lanes. Not that I have anything against the two, but building on a poorly designed and outdated infrastructure is asking for trouble. I'll take Toronto any day over Edmonton if I had a choice. Too bad about the Car2go...its definitely a good model for moving away from individual car ownership.
  13. Confusion between Litres Per Hour vs Litres Per Hundred Kilometres?
  14. I think after many years of VW/Audi ownership, my GLI will be my last...I don't mind the complicated electronics/mechanical setups, but I can't handle how cheap they've made everything - they've lost their European heritage in my opinion (not just in quality). But back to the OP, I dare to say that my 2.0t gas engine is comparable to the diesel on highway mileage. My MK4 TDI got around 5.5L/100km, but that's going slower than the speed limit (105km/hr). The 5.4L/100km on the GLI was achieved going 115km/hr. In the city, both did similar mileage around 8-9L/100km. Given the choice again, I think I'll go with the gasser.
  15. I do like the Honda Fit as well...especially how the rear seats can be folded flat below the floor. But why sacrifice the space and power for a daily driver? My current MK6 GLI with the 2.0t engine does 5.4L/100km on the highway, and with 210hp when I need it. I am disappointed in VW's quality control for the MK6 platform...only 4yrs old with 85k, I have ripped seats, a lot of paint chips, and a small oil leak that the dealership was not able to fix 3 times under warranty - still leaking which I will deal with myself this summer.
  16. There's actually a Nightrun edition 33/50 for sale in Calgary right now on Kijiji...not sure how much they're looking for, but overall, Smart car prices have shot up the roof in Alberta. There's even a guy from Red Deer asking $5k for a 450 with 230k on the clock - plus an ugly paint job.
  17. A few more club members out here in the Edmonton area and we can have our own monthly get togethers!
  18. The plan right now is to pick up the car on Friday, and maybe hang out around the Abbotsford area. Saturday we will be going into Vancouver to the aquarium and Stanley Park...would definitely love to meet up if you came in on Saturday. If not, I have plans to come to the island sometime in the fall as my wife has not been to the island before and we have close friends in the Nanaimo area.
  19. Unfortunately, I will have to be on the road back to Edmonton 1st thing on Sunday
  20. Definitely up for something like this!
  21. I'll be headed that general direction from AB to ON around that time...hope to see you on the road!
  22. Awesome to see another mystery run! I will be in ON for my annual cross country road trip from Jul-9-20th. If it falls within those dates, I will be there!
  23. Its been awhile...haven't checked up on the thread. kelaog - sorry for the late response! If you're more than welcome to borrow any of my Smart car tools. PM me if you need anything. I made a beading tool with a pair of vice grip, washer, and U-clamp, (the instructions are on a thread somewhere here on the forum). I might be able to make you a pipe...I'm sure I have left overs somewhere. BeckyLou - I made the emulator and the bypass pipe. If you want a kit or for me to install, PM me for details.
  24. The Nerdy Mechanic

    Longtime fellow Smart Car owner (stickman007). Small home garage based operation. Has STAR machine. Specialize in EGR deletes. For all your diagnostic, repair, and maintenance needs. Call or txt for inquires/appointment (Izzy)