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  1. The 4th Canada1's nickname will remain Red Pxl...@Smartzuum, were you the one that named the car? Anyways, I thought I'll create a thread sharing my adventures and journey with Red Pxl. She made it home with my wife and I late Sunday night without a hitch...though we almost got backed into by a careless driver in Valmount, BC - of course, AB plated driver. Took the rear bumper, crash bar, x-frame off... Took awhile, but finally cleaned the engine and turbo area and also replaced the TIK/turbo seal. Put everything back together and took some pics (my tiny garage)
  2. Just a good cleaning...can’t afford a new turbo yet. Installed an auxiliary cable today. Make sure that I can hook up to some music in the trip. Still waiting for the mounts to cure...maybe give it another day. Ended up ordering an IC fan from MB. Got it for $130...not too bad I guess.
  3. Getting ready for my BC road trip with Red Pxl. A few things that needed my attention: IC fan was dead, minor exhaust leak between the EGR cooler and exhaust manifold, cleaning up old oil leaks, installed and hide wires for dash cam, and attempt to limit the excessive engine movements. Might pull the injectors if I can find a local shop to test/clean them. I also have a freewheeling alternator pulley coming and will install it if it gets here before Friday. What was just going to be a clean up of an old oil leak turned into a full blown EGR delete. Even though the EGR valve is tuned to never open, I decided to remove everything for better access to the engine when working on it. Attempted a new method in bypassing the coolant hoses to the EGR cooler - rather than trying to fit (a smaller diameter hose) directly to the thermostat, I put a 90 elbow bypassing the 2 hoses thereby eliminating the need to stick my hand into tight spots and better access. The old engine mounts were a bit soft. I was able to rock the engine back and forth to the point where one of the A/C fitting (on top of the compressor) made contact with the firewall. Decided to inject polyurethane adhesive into all three engine mounts to see if I can buy myself a few more months. Probably going to be a rough ride. Installed and routed wires for the rear dash cam - absolute essential in Edmonton here.
  4. Happy to take look at it without charging I do have a proper diesel compression tester if you want to borrow it as well. STAR I will not lend out, but can scan for free if you’re in the Edmonton area. Doesn’t sound like an EGR issue at this point. Like mender says, no need for emulator if the EGR solenoid is still good - a block plate or cartridge rotation is just as is effective with a clean valve body. I have a few extra injector seals that I stock as the dealership often don’t carry in stock for some reason. I think I paid around ~$1.50/each from MB West. izzy
  5. The itinerary is Tues-Victoria, Weds-Tofino, Thurs-Nanaimo...Our schedule is flexible. PM me if there are any smarties that would like to meet up!
  6. My last Smart car had an oil filter adaptor imported from the UK and it was expensive. Decided to try a Chinese made one this time around. Ordered from Aliexpress under the brand VOLM. Took about a week to get here. The fit was good - its close to the CV boot, but doesn't make contact. No leaks after driving for about 30min. I don't usually use FRAM filters, but this was the only one available from CT that's less than $20! FRAM PH3593A - a list can be found on evilution for the M20 thread. This was the biggest filter that I found from the list - trying to increase my oil capacity.
  7. Since going to the Pela, I've never gone back to draining from the bottom. As MikeT pointed out, way more clean. The oil filter on my GLI is on top, so I never have to crawl under or remove plastic liners.
  8. @Henry @MikeT Maybe we can get 3 of the C1s together? I'll be making a BC trip in 2 weeks. Will be on the island for 3 days...interested?
  9. I could've sold you my extra! I ordered 2....hahaha @Willys No contact...checked again today. My UK one was close too, but never had any issues - I did use a smaller filter in the past.
  10. I'm already planning next year's trip! Hahahaha
  11. Air in the fuel system? Bad hose/clamps/pinhole in fuel cooler?
  12. While I was waiting for the EGR plug to print the other day (it currently takes 7.5hrs/set), I though to myself what else can I make that would be useful. So I started drafting a ScangaugeII mount on CAD. So here's what came out of it. It works, still lots of room for improvements, but I finally have a place to put it without resorting to it sitting on the dash or some mount on a windshield. Any suggestions? Izzy
  13. You guys all would like a mirror bracket that shifts the mirror closer to the windshield? That can be done I suppose.
  14. Not changing the original mirror bracket. It’s just a small spacer that fits between the metal mount and the mirror bracket. Could design a new shorter mirror bracket, but I think evilution already has done that and the link to the 3D printing file is on his site.
  15. A few weeks/months ago...I posted an idea of maybe making my own EGR plug to go along with the emulator. Currently, getting the MB plug by itself is not possible and buying the harness that has the plug is expensive. The last I checked it was closer to $41 plus tax. I've started playing with AutoCAD this weekend and wanted to see if I could draft the plug. Here's the first version without pins, just the general shape to scale. If anybody thinks that they can do better, pm me and I can send you the dwg file. Flossy, I can send you a STL file and you can print it to see if it fits before I add pins. Though I do have a 3D printer at my disposal, I no longer have the valve Izzy
  16. The first 2 finished emulator goes to Willys! (still have to paint the cover black, but the grunt work is done).
  17. Wow, can't believe that its been a few years since I've started this venture! A few months back, I purchased a new 3D printer in hope of printing reliable and heat resistant plugs for the EGR emulator. I ran into some calibration issues where my old PLA printer did not have. The EGR plug design that I've released on thingiverse did not fit into the OEM plug when it was printed on the new resin printer for some reason - the resulted print ended up being too big. When I tried to scale it down, some of aligning slots on the OEM plug didn't line up. Finally, though the plug was too big, the holes for the pins were too small. I ended up redesigning the whole plug. Still, my printer would fill all the holes and warp. After 3 weeks of no stop adjustments and calibration, I'm happy to say - IT PRINTS now! The new design uses generic Metri-pack 280 male pins which are quite common and easily available. Once again, the file is open to anybody free of charge. EGR Plug Lid-v4.stl EGR Plug locked-v4.stl
  18. Long story short, my driver side airbag shows a fault code and my horn doesn't work. Initially I thought it was some mice that got into my wiring after parking my smart for a few months. Slowly but surely I traced the problem to the clock spring on the steering wheel. Ironically, I recently sold my part car steering wheel and now the only options left was to either fork up the $$$ at the dealership or take it apart and hope for the best and here it goes. You can find the info on evilution on the removal of the clock spring so I won't go into details. But make sure you mark down the position of everything before you start! Once you removed the 4 torx small bolts holding the plastic cover There's a metal disc inside (remember to mark the position!!). You can remove that by popping the white plastic collar insider carefully! (if you don't mark it down, ESP will be messed up and you probably won't be able to get the disc back on anyways.) Finally, there are black tabs that holds the rotating part of the assembly on. What I found was that my ribbon (not any sort of springs) was broken. This is what I did, and hope that it'll work! Will put it back together this afternoon. Used some conforming spray to seal it. You'll have to clear the SRS light and re calibrate the steering angle sensor with STAR. Don't attempt this if you don't have STAR or skills. You've been warned. I wavered all responsibilities!
  19. Took the C1 out of a day trip to Abraham Lake. A few muddy gravel roads to Crescent Falls as well. Gorgeous weather...but a very windy drive all the way there from Edmonton. Gas mileage was avg 4.3L/100km.
  20. Someone with a STAR system that’s willing to try? A good locksmith can clone your existing working key. The 451 has a different coding procedure in which a “master key” has to be present - so that someone can’t just break into your car, code a key and drive off.
  21. I’ve never tried programming a 451 key, but I was under the impression that if I have a working key, u can program to set it as the master key?
  22. Somebody contacted me awhile back about this, but we never met up. I’m wondering if the “custom” software can be overwritten bt initializing the SAM as one of the listed options in STAR? Does anybody know if that requires SCN coding?
  23. Put insurance on RedPxl and pulled it out from storage. Did an oil change. Ran like a champ!
  24. I’ve haven’t been making emulators for awhile now and have been asked here and there since. I’m planning to make a batch of them. Please pm me if interested. Cut off date is Monday April 29th when I need to make my order for components. Plug and play $100 Solder it yourself $40 Price includes shipping in Canada. Izzy
  25. A few years back, Leadwing gave me a broken MDC "no-slam" module that basically opens the window ~1" when you open the door, and then close when you shut the door - therefore preventing the need to slam the door hard. I was never able to reverse engineer what they had and gave up. Lately I'm motivated to try again as I'm about to get another smart car! Rather than trying to figure out what MDC did, I wonder if we can just design our own like the EGR emulator circuit as a community. I'm not trained in electrical engineering by any degree is in Biology, but here's what I've come up with to start. Anybody wants to chime in?