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  1. What do you mean by that?

    Followed the instructions on evilution for the mechanical adjustment Alex for the fork wear tip...I looked up some info on that as well. Will craw underneath this wkend to check!BTW - Who is Eddy? Where is he located? The sucky thing is that its a 7hr drive for me to get to Vancouver where all the reputable shops are. The dealer in Kamloops has a bad repIzzy

  2. Thanks for the quick info! I have no idea how long my clutch will last, my actuator adjustment is nearly to its limit. Any idea how much a clutch replace will cost from the dealer? Flying Tiger Development is selling a clutch for around $ many hours of labor? or should I try to replace it and then take it to the dealer for the re-learn programing?

  3. I'm currently researching on more info on diagnostic software that's available to the the general DIY mechanic. My curiousity started when my 450 cabrio is starting show symptoms of the clutch slipping, and I began looking for adjustment and clutch replacement options. To my knowledge so far I could use the MB Star C3 to electronically re-learn the clutch position? Maybe reprogram another key? (I only have one right now)....the dealer is 3.5hrs away and wants wants way too much money to do these services. From what I gathered, I can purchase the MB Star for ~$600.Anybody who has owns any software that can shed like on the topic?

  4. Here's my Cabrio with my rack and hitch. Big thank you to gordo.bernard for the inspiration and idea. Costed me about ~$70I can post details on the construction if anybody is interested. Its a DIY hitch similar to gordo's, with a 2 bike carrier