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  1. Get some good winter tires it makes a huge difference, I haven't got stuck yet even with that big dump we had
  2. I was stopped at a yield the other day when I was rear ended by some young kid not paying any attention. The damage doesn't appear to be to bad but the driver side rear tire has been pushed forward. Has anyone had any repairs done to their smart in winnipeg, I need a recommendation as to where to get it fixed
  3. Donniedark is the contact for the Manitoba smart car club his real name is don campbell I think I have his phone number somewhere if you want it
  4. That sounds like fun!
  5. I live in winnipeg and I installed the area 451 cruise control in my 09 if you wanted help installing I would be more then happy to help
  6. Smart Canada is using a pic of my smart that I took here in Winnipeg as their Facebook cover photo! Check it out :
  7. i just installed the area 451 cruise control today and it works great and was easy to install
  8. Installed the area 451 cruise control, it works very well and I had it in the car in about an hour! I'm super pleased with it!
  9. Thats awesome!
  10. My car makes tons of brake dust, so much that I took them off to inspect them. Everything was fine, it's just the type of pads that smart uses and there are other pads out there that make less dust if it's really bugging you
  11. I don't add anything to my gas and I use shell vpower because it's the only fuel close to home that doesn't have ethanol in it
  12. I took all the brakes off my smart and painted them black and removed the front end and installed hid fog lights
  13. If you look behind the pedals to the right there's a slot with a cover on it for the cabin air filter, open the cover and slide it back in.Hope this helps!
  14. I put 3m carbon fiber di-noc vinyl wrap on the back pieces of the car yesterday and put hid headlights in this afternoon.
  15. I would go to a junk yard and just look at a bunch of cars to see if you can find one that's the same, I used to own a focus and it used a different type of bulb but the clip looked almost the same. I'm sure there's another car out there that uses the same clip or something close enough.