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  1. Hello, I am looking for the removable roof rail found on the convertible 451 in a silver color. Mine got dropped and bent and the roof catches on it. Let me know if anyone has one Thank you
  2. Hello, Am I ever in a bind! I put the soft top up without the roof rails! Now the top is stuck half way and will not open or close. Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. As the title says, I have returned my Smart back to stock and am selling the radio fascia to install an aftermarket unit. Here is a link to the product. looking for $15 Thanks
  4. Hello I have a 2008 with premium sound. I am wondering where the wiring B1 Tweeter right +, Sub pin 5 , B2 Tweeter right -, Sub pin 2 , B5 Speaker Left +, Sub pin 4 and B6 Speaker Left -, Sub pin 1 split up. I am wanting to use the factory wiring harness to connect a crossover to the front speakers and I am hoping I can also use the factory wiring harness to go from my sub amp to a new subwoofer under the seat. As a side note, are there any inline filters in the wiring for the tweeters and speakers? Hope someone has the answer. Thanks
  5. hey still looking to measure up a car?
  6. Hello, Yesterday I shampooed the carpet in my 2006 smart on the drivers side as it was completely filthy after winter. I took off and disconnected the gas pedal, shampooed and then sucked out as much water as I could out of the carpet. Now I am having the issue where the closed door is on very faintly and had the water separator light on. I had a look and the carpet is still damp on the drivers side but I no not understand how this could be doing it as both my SAM unit and the E-Box are completely dry. Is there another connector somewhere that is under the carpet on the drivers side that I got wet and is now shorting? Thanks
  7. I am having the same problem. On a hot day the A/C blows cold air but when it is cold outside around 0 with the temperature set to the lowest the air blown into the car is warm and it will not blow cool air. Does that mean the control unit or sensor not working correctly? Also how can I check if the fresh air flap is stuck?
  8. The inline heater is only on the Diesel cars and for me it does not help out too much while the car is standing still.
  9. Thank you for replying everyone. The only way my 450 would have all three bubbles in -20 is if I have been driving on the highway. If I let the car just sit and idle to warm up it would never get past one bubble if that. The reason I am asking is not to warm up the engine for the engine like in the old days. I understand that with todays cars there is no problem with letting it run for a few seconds and driving away without a problem. I am asking because during the cold Alberta winters it is nice to get into a warm car that has preheated itself for about 10 to 15 minutes. I could never get that with the 450 and I would like to be able to do that with the 451.
  10. Thank you for your reply. So in the -20 to -30 if the car is at idle does the engine warm up or does it cool off?
  11. Hello, I looked around a bit but could not find the answer to my question. I currently have a 2006 fortwo diesel and for the life of it, it cannot stay warm in the winter when it is below -20C. I am planning on getting a 2008 and would like to know if the gas engine does a better job at staying warm and heating the car up during the long winter months? Thanks
  12. Could someone please make the pictures work.Thanks
  13. Yes it did rain while the car was parked. Did water get in and cause a short somewhere?
  14. Hello,My Smart was sitting for a few weeks and I started it up today and noticed that the lights indicating the rear window defrost, passenger heated seat and the AC are light up 50% and won't turn off. The drivers seat button works fine. The rear defrost turns on but then does not turn off and it only turns off when you shut the ignition off. The AC and passenger heated seat the light on the left of the button goes 100% on when the button is pushed but then goes back to only 50% when the button is relieved. Any idea what this could be? I am completely lost.Thanks
  15. Hello,Does anyone have an ECU remap that they would be willing to share? Thanks