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  1. I'm definitely on the list for one. Hope the other list for the stainless tube egr replacement happens too
  2. Ummm I just signed the list. It's current from what I can tell.
  3. Eddy as in Flying Tiger?
  4. I just spoke to Mercedes and they explained it to me. Said that there wasnt even an option in my cars ECU to even activate the cruise. So are you saying i can just get the code generated and give the code to them to install?That would save a long drive if i could just pay for a code for them to enter.
  5. And then i saw the wiki links. I'll try one of the Alberta places.
  6. Did you manage to get your stalk programmed? I just bought the factory cruise/stalk for my 450 pulse off of ebay as well. I took it to mercedes after they told me they would just flash it. And naturally they said they couldnt get the flash because of transport Canada hadnt approved the cruise as a feature when the Pulse was released back then. Errr something like that.But either way i'm in Canada and would like to get mine flashed. Does anyone know of a place in maybe western Canada that can flash these?Thanks,Rob