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  1. Yah Barney was 12.5 I got 11.5 @123mph with lousy 60 foots leaving on no boost, will be fixed next year
  2. Hey Leadwing I see you have the same amount of snow we have here, wearing a T shirt here on Christmas day my sledding season is not to good yet. On a side note I have tons of time to work on my smart project.
  3. How is this style heater working for you? I read everywhere that this style would not work on a smart, I hope there wrong
  4. A 725hp big block in a smart car only doing 10.25 is pretty lame,can't stand the wheels sticking out eveywhere.
  5. Nothing happened to the front suspension.
  6. I don't have any detailed pics are you looking for a hitch or receiver? Oh and welcome to Clubsmartcar Miki. Here's a couple more pics of what she hauls
  7. SOLD Paddle wheel with airbag from a 2006 Pulse. $300 +Shipping Located in Saint John, NB.
  8. I have a Paddle wheel off a 2006 Pulse let me know if your still looking before I put in the classifieds .
  9. The red button actually runs the secondary's for the carb no NOS.
  10. I had the same code today the yellow wire corroded off the IAT , I disassembled the connector and soldered a new wire , heat shrunk and sealed it all back up . This site is so easy just type my code in the search and somebody already tells you the problem and the fix . Thanks guys.
  11. If one is bad the glow plug light comes back on after start up and stays on for a minute or two, if two are bad it will through a code.
  12. I bought 3 from the clubplug link above but only replaced the one that was bad due to them being extremely seized I was very lucky to get the bad one out in one piece after heating the engine up and alot of WD. Works good now and the glow plug light does not come back on after start up.
  13. Are smart 450 and 451 pads the same, I see allot of listings for the new style but not the old style 450?