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  1. 2 winters on them, tires show very little wear, rims are very good w/ some rust as expected. Located outside London but I can bring them to London. best offer, Email
  2. I have the factory alloy rims from my 2008 smart in excellant condition. They come with 3 TPS sensors(one missing). The fronts have tires on them but are done. I'm looking for $500.00
  3. used please sorry I should have said that, also not winters looking for summer ones. Thanks
  4. I had Smart email me instructions on how to reset my maintanace light without going to the dealer but they didn't work. So after messing around I finally got it. Here is how I did it, Turn ignition to ON position, select the maint. mode on your display, turn ignition off, press and hold the left button on your dash, turn ignition back to ON position while holding down the button, continue to hold untill it resets to 15000( about 10 seconds) and release.Hopefully this will help some.
  5. I need 2 rear tires for my Smart, I don't need the rims only tires.Thanks
  6. WOW you need a reality check!!!! The offset will not cause any of that!! Race cars change offset in wheels regularly and they are under far more stress than a Smart car will ever encounter. OEM's sell the same cars with different offsets for diff. trim levels. I've run a auto parts store for 22 years and can tell you your wrong in saying it's unsafe to change offsets.
  7. I run my 450 snows and rims on my 451. It causes no problems and any offset diff. is hardley noticable.
  8. Cook's is sort of a local fisherman's hang out. Kinda rough crowd hangs out there, not know for eating just drinking. Just thought GT's or some of the other restaraunts in Port might be better suited.
  9. The Cook's really, are you sure about that, have you guy's been to the Cook's before??
  10. Just hold your upshift paddle for 2 seconds and it will go back to auto mode.
  11. Burwell is a top notch A/B shop, I've know Paul and John for 15 years. My wife hit a deer 4 weeks ago and the parts just came in yesterday. They had been on order with M/B London since 2 days after the accident. Preferred Collision is fixing mine because they are my customer and friend and are around the corner from me. The lies you where told are probabley from M/B and not Burwell because I am going threw it also. Pat at Preferred calls me daily and lets me know what story they have told him about where the parts are. I might be wrong but at least you know your is fixed properly.
  12. Try Mercedes London, they couldn't cross the street without getting hit by a bus.
  13. everything sold but the radio plate and fuel tank door.thanks
  14. sorry bad descripton, I just meant it wasn't a hard fixed shelf, its the soft vinyl cover.