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  1. I've tried lots of different types, and none of them seem to last very long, so now I buy the cheapest. The higher intensity bulbs seem to last the shortest. I also have the DRLs disabled, but that hasn't helped much. They still burn out quicker than the other vehicles in our household.
  2. Yes, I knew it wasn't the rational decision to make, and struggled with it. You shouldn't allow sentiment to influence such financial decisions, but that's what ended up swinging it for me. I had promised the car to my son prior to the problem - it is the vehicle he learned to drive on, and we both really appreciate the environmental benefits of running a small diesel engine. It seemed like such a shame to just toss it away...
  3. Just an update. I purchased a used engine through Eddy that had about 30,000 km on it, and Eddy installed it over the Christmas/New Years period. Total cost to me was somewhere in the $7,500 neighbourhood, though Eddy did do a few other things for me while he was at it.
  4. I've exchanged a few e-mails with Eddy, and am just trying to make a decision on what is the best course of action. New engine, used engine, or dispose of the car.
  5. Be very careful. I had a similar situation - misfire in cylinder 3 was my code. I used some fuel injector cleaner and the check engine light went away for a few days but came back on. After 2 or 3 weeks I took it in to the dealer and there is no compression in the cylinder - they say I need a new engine. My own fault for not taking it in right away, I guess. Expensive lesson.
  6. The rep at the dealer said they didn't have any luck so far locating a used engine. He said total cost for a new engine would be around $10,000. I don't get the idea they spent a heck of a lot of time diagnosing it. I get the impression they did a compression check and said it was toast.They have asked me to bring it in again tomorrow so the service manager can have a look (he wasn't in today), though I'm not really sure what for. I'm not a happy camper tonight...
  7. Thanks for the info. I still haven't heard back from the dealer with any more information.My oil change history is good with the exception of one time where I went about 2,000 past the indicator before being able to get it changed. I always put in Mobil 1 oil, and have done the oil changes myself since shortly after the warranty period elapsed.The car runs fine other than the idle roughness (and also why I can't understand there being no compression), so I expect it would make it down to Flying Tiger. That is one thing I have considered. I'm not familiar with any other decent local independent mechanics - there was a good german mechanic who went out of business a couple years ago, but I could ask around.
  8. G'day, everyone. Here is my story:My check-engine light came on, and I noticed an occasional rough idle (not always). The car seemed fine otherwise. I checked the code on my Scangauge and it was P0303, which indicates a cylinder misfire. Suspecting it may just be a dirty injector, I put in some fuel injector cleaner. The Scangauge wasn't able to clear the code, but then the light went out on its own after a short drive and then came back again a couple days later. I took it in this morning to the dealer (after about 3 weeks, and a couple bottles of injector cleaner). The rep just called and said there is no compression in the cylinder, and that it probably means a block replacement/new engine required. He is going to call me back with my options. I've currently got close to 140K on the car (2006 diesel).Has this happened to others? I would have thought I would notice if there was no compression in one cylinder (other than infrequent rough idle), especially since there are only 3 cylinders in total. I don't know how much a new engine costs, but probably about as much as the car is worth.
  9. It was actually just after the top of a hill, so brakes wouldn't have been the issue. The car was sitting at the side of the road when I drove by, but it is possible that it had been moved there (either from the road or off the side) as they were about to get it onto the flatbed at that moment. I can't think of how such a fire could have started while driving.
  10. That's what I wondered - diesel isn't that volatile. I'd like to know how the fire started - accident, malfunction, arson, spontaneous combustion (of car or driver).
  11. I was on my way to 100 Mile House, BC, today when I came across a police SUV with flashing lights and a flatbed truck, between Kamloops and Cache Creek. In between the two of them was the remains of a fortwo - completely burnt to a crisp. No panels, no roof, not even tires. Just the charred frame sitting on its rims. I was travelling with a co-worker in a company vehicle (me as passenger) and we didn't stop, so I don't know any details of what happened. Wish I'd had my camera with me - anyone know what happened?
  12. 1680 x 1050 on home desktop (21.6")1024 x 768 on work desktop (19" CRT)1600 x 1200 on work laptop (15")800 x 480 on my lovely ASUS eeePC ultra-sub-notebook (7")
  13. For some reason that rear shot evokes the image of Kang &/or Kodos.
  14. I had the same problems over the past couple of weeks - it took 3 trips to the dealer before it was solved (knock wood). First time in, there were 2 codes but they couldn't find anything wrong so just reset the system, which lasted for about 70km before my idiot lights cam on again. Second time in there was only 1 code (C1034 Plausibility Error). Need to replace switch per Tips Doc LI42.10-P-040351, but none in stock. Reset system, which lasted about 5km. Third time replaced brake switch, which has so far lasted roughly 400km and counting.Same brake switch part was replaced as noted above, as well as part # 0002236V023000000 Cover.All under warranty.
  15. Any updates to the under-4-letter search prohibition, such as a workaround? I haven't been around for a while (broken arm & wrist) and now that I'm trying out the search function it is proving frustrating. My ABS light is staying on (car is at dealer's right now and they can't find a problem except to reset the warning) and a simple search for "ABS" gives me the notice that it can't search for something that short. I revise the search to "ABS light" and get the same notice because one of the words is too short. Is there no way to specify a 3-letter term within a search request?