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  1. I have a 2008 so some of the changes I am recommending may already be integrated into newer models...Bigger glove boxBetter access to seat latches. It is awkward to move the seats with the latches on the inside of the seats.Move the aux cord out of the glove boxEnable the passenger seat to flip up
  2. just looking for swag, not parts or anything like that.thanks for the link to flying tiger. I am checking it out now!
  3. Hi,Where in BC or online can one find smart car swag? I have checked ebay but not much else
  4. did my first fill. It cost less to fill than expected and even with using the high octaine (and I found a station that's ethanol free for the 91) the cost for filling was about the same as my old car, which was really good on gas.
  5. I did get the extended. I was finally able to talk to the salesperson I had worked with and he said that they will give it a new check when they change the lights. I did not have to give them heck either. When I was dealing with GM they made issues over everything!
  6. I had my top down for a sunny day on Friday and ended up burning my nose and head! What is the best way to stop this? Scarf, baseball cap, sun hat with wide brims?
  7. My dealer told me that there is quite the Smart family. I would love to be involved in a rally, I think it would be awesome to see a convoy of smarts. I already see all the smarts now and always want to wave, so Sparky, if you see a red cabrio with a grinning fat lady waving like a loonie, that would be me!!Does anyone know if there is a singles group for Smarties :wub: :wub:
  8. It it so interesting to know that high ethanol is not actually a good thing...I checked out the link (thanks) and there are a few stations near me that are full gas that I will use. Thanks for the info folks!
  9. This is very good to hear about three point. I just bought a 2008 from the dealership and from what they told me, they did do a full servicing before selling it as smart certified. Not exactly what that means, but they did miss a few things (like the headlights now working) so hopefully they will fix them for me
  10. My 2008 red cabrio was purchased by me on June 27, 2012 and came with just over 63,000kms. It was a lease return and supposedly has had all of the required maintenance and then $1700 of work done before I purchased it this week. Having a few issues but will hopefully rectify them soon.
  11. The headlights won't come on and only one of the day running lights is working. I am waiting to hear back from the dealer about my concerns and when I take the firecracker in (I think that is her name as it fits...) I will ask about the software. Thanks!
  12. What does it mean that ethanol blended gasolines have less energy? It is better for the environment?Where does one get the little car icons to add our stats?
  13. holy smokes! My current commute is mostly freeway driving at 110kms/hr so hope I can get milage like that. My commute is about 35kms one way.
  14. Thanks guys,I will post a photo soon. It is a little firecracker I must say. I am a bit worried though as I have only had it a few days and the front headlights are already malfunctioning but I did get the smart certified 2 extra year warranty so I think that it should be ok. I am surprised how roomy the car is, but it is most assuredly not a smooth ride...but gotta say I am enjoying it so far, the rumbling and all. I was interested in the diesels but none were available but the dealer said that they may be coming back in future models. I will also check out the other forums and make sure that my maintenance is up to date. From what I understand from the dealer, the maintenance is affordable and needs to be done after each approximate 15000kms
  15. I just got my first smart and read that it needs high octaine, does anyone know why? Do I have to also add anthing else? Which is the best brand of gas for the smart?