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  1. I have a 2005 CDI and today when I parked and placed in N then applied the hand brake. Went to remove the key and the car keep running. No matter what I did it would not shut down. I finally removed the fuze to the gas pump (17) I think.Any suggestions on what it may be.
  2. [Dash display is normal. When it shuts down everything that should not work does not (windows etc) Everything that should does (Key lock etc).Ok checked the top, no issues there.But on a different front... I decided to try to start the car with the fuse out #(16 fuel pump),,,, and it started, and shut off as per normal. So is this fuze really needed. I will look for the wiring diagram and trace the wires to see if I can find any thing wrong there. Yep starts and stops with the fuze out.
  3. [All the dash indicators are normal, when I pull the fuze the engine turns off as normal. I have a soft top that I just put down after having it up for a week or so. but I can't see that having anything to do with the problem. Tomorrow I will check that just 2b sure.It's the weirdest thing. Fine one day then this, tried goggling the problem with no luck.As for entertaining the subject, I live in a geodesic dome with a dome garage that the Smart lives in also for some positive vibes/energy. I also give rides in the Smart at work for a fee of a Timmie coffee during breaks.I hope this will entertain as well give some answers to my problem ..........the car I mean...LOL
  4. [Oil is good, the smart is working great 94 grand on it. standard.