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  1. 6 wheels for sale. 4 fronts and 2 rear with center caps. 4 Kumho Izen with less than 5k on them. The 2 other fronts are Contipro T800 I think, probably another season out of them. They're available for pickup in the Ottawa area. PM me an offer. Thanks
  2. As the title says, I need an intercooler from a parts car if possible. I'll try to repair my leaking one but ultimately I would like to replace it with a used one since I'll be selling the car this summer. Pm me or text me at 613-889-5878 Thanks, Kurt.
  3. Damn dude! Your cabrio is going look amazing with those wheels!
  4. I have two extra front wheels from a 450.
  5. Are the keys locked inside? If she has the keys then she should be able to unluck the trunk manually. Good luck.
  6. The best part is they should both fit in your garage!
  7. @huronlad That's better than I thought a 451 would get! I'm still debating whether to lease a new one...
  8. How many kilometers do you get on the average tank? I see your profile says 5.2L/100k, is that still accurate?
  9. Just finished the EGR delete mod! I don't know if I'm imagining it but the car sounds better!Couldn't have done it without Flossythesmart (who supplied the emulator) and Francesco (who supplied the pipe and couplers).Thank you very much gentlemen!
  10. What's your next toy going to be Dillen?
  11. Dude, this was a really cool post to read!
  12. Contact Noah @ MB Markham, I've spoken to him and he seems like a really good guy.noah.kroll@mercedes-benz.ca
  13. In a few days they won't even register on my radar like every other ad on the net! So I guess I'm saying no problem here!
  14. Are you talking about RTV sealant?