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  1. 2006 Smart fortwo CDI.  I pulled the valve cartridge from mine and it was not very hard to do at all.  I did not us a fancy tool to loosen it.  I sprayed WD40 around the valve cartridge after the solenoid was removed, and used a flat screw driver to move it back and forth to loosen it.  Then I used vice grips to pull it out a bit and the worked it completely out.  I cleaned the valve so it moved freely put it in to block the gases as suggested.  Not a big job.  The hard part was the one Allen nut that you cannot see very well so its feeling around till you finally get the allen key in the nut...  If you are getting the engine code now moving it 180 degrees wont make it go away cause the solenoid cannot move the valve.  You have to clean it first.  Then insert it in at 180 degrees as suggested.