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  1. Hi Jason, This is exactly what is happening to my unit right now. My unit has been in a constant boot loop for at least a month now... Did you end up finding a solution? Thanks, Michelle
  2. For those of you who got their headlights changed under warranty, I assume they didn't make you pay for the bulb?? I just went to get mine done, I mentioned to them that it still may be covered under warranty, he looked at me funny told me I'd still have to pay for the bulb, took my keys and went to go fix it.... The other day I had called ahead, they asked for my vin number saying some 2011s aren't covered anymore but some are still covered. This guy today didn't ask me for my vin, nor was it on the receipt. He also changed only one. I see most of you got both done when you went in. I know my car still has until at least September for warranty.... And only has 22,000kms Just curious, thanks I paid $15 dollars for the one bulb, which isn't totally unreasonable considering they changed it for free.
  3. I am hoping to find a used bike rack for my 451 smart. I need both the main rack and the second bike attachment, but am willing to buy them separately if needed. If anyone knows of one looking for a new home, please contact me. Thanks. I live in surrey area but am willing to pick up anywhere in the lowermainland.
  4. Hi, I am a newer smart car owner. I've had my car since April this year. I honestly don't know a whole lot about cars, although some of my family are quite good with them. I've been looking around here on this site and also on Feully.com to see what the average L/100km is for the 2011 smart car (so that I can compare with mine). From what I've found so far my car is about 8L/100km. Does this seem high to you guys? I do a lot of city driving and shorter trips. I just want to know if this is normal. Or if it would be a good idea to get my car checked?? There is a good 3000km before my next service is due, but I believe the first one was done at the hyundi dealership where I bought it from.If there are certain things I can check I can get my dad or brother to look into it. My dad checked my oil a month ago and said it was fine. Maybe I should check the tires? I believe the tires were checked at the last service as well.Please let me know what you think,Thanks.
  5. Aww that's too bad, I forgot I'm working Saturdays in May. Sorry, have a good time!
  6. I may be interested as well
  7. Sorry I knew what you meant. I just would like to check out where it is. I'd like to go there some time and it would be handy to know where it is and what the place looks like
  8. I wouldn't mind meeting some other smarts. I have been busy and sort of forgot about my planning an event. I'm not sure if I'm free that day but if I am I might stop by. I also wouldn't mind checking out Flying Tiger/Fast Eddies
  9. I have Kumho Solus KH16, have any idea on how they are in the winter?
  10. Us new Smartie's think its about time we have another event here in the lower mainland!! We have had a bit of a look through the old forums and have seen no recent events. We need to show all of those other car owners that we are all proud smart owners!! This may be a bit of a group effort in organizing. We need to see what day of the week works best for everyone, what time of day, etc. I was thinking we need to give at least a month before we get together, so November some time. Any out of towners that are interested let us know if there is a certain time of month that works best for you. I'm thinking any time between early November and early December. Anyways, lets play this by ear. Anyone who has been a part of this before can give us a hand in organize the drive because I'm totally new to this. We'll also have to decide on a location.
  11. No worries. I was thinking we go on a drive and then go out to eat. We just need to decide when and where . The tomahawk place looks neat. If enough are interested in bio-diesel co-op we can look into that. We will have a mix of diesel and gassers, but either way it looks interesting.I was already thinking Vancouver would most likely be the area we meet in. I will look into some areas we could drive, see if there is any events that may be in the area in November. Locals can keep an eye out too.
  12. Thanks Mike. I'll look into that!On a side note, not really geared to this conversation... What is your opinion on snow tires?? I have been told (by a non-car person) that all season tires should be fine for winter. I know our winters aren't as bad as others in Canada. I just would like to hear what others think about winter tires, and if it would be more important with smart cars rather then regular cars... They aren't cheap but if it is a necessity I will buy some.
  13. Hi, I am a new smart car owner as well as new to the site. I got my smart 3-4 months ago and I love it! Its 2011 Passion it had 13,000km when I got it now it has 15,000km. My dad had a smart car when they first came out here in Canada, he suggested I check out Club Smart Car .I'd love to join the smart community, I can't help waving at any smarts that pass on the road. As a side note, was wondering if anyone knew how to change the digital clock from 24 hour to 12 hour time?!?
  14. Well I guess that does it! I'll post something in the BC forum to see how many would be interested.
  15. I definitely agree that it can be a pain having to open the car with the key fob all the time. I have had it multiple times where I have turned the car on only to remember I still need to open the back. I do think it is a good idea to have it only on the key fob because I could easily see someone lock their key in the car. Also in the manual there is a warning of not having your car running while the back is open because carbon-monoxide can enter the vehicle. This may be one way to keep this from happening.
  16. Hi LILCAR! Welcome to the club! I have also been looking into whether there are get together's in the area. According to 'Mike T', meets in our area have really fizzled out in the last few years. I haven't heard of anything since I have registered on here, or seen any recent events in the area by scanning through older threads.I'd be all for trying to start up doing events in the area again. But I am new as well. We could post an event and see what kind of responses we can get.
  17. Update on my latest tank of gas! I did a lot of freeway driving for this tank so this time it is 6.4L/100km.I want to thank all of you for all the information, it was very helpful. I have learnt so much from just asking about this. I am now switching to premium, I had no idea before that Smart cars were built to use Premium. I guess I may have known this if I had been given an updated manual but I was given the old manual which looks to be geared towards diesel...But now I know that my mileage was higher because of the short distance drives to work, and that it doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with my car. My only concern was for the car, I love my car and don't want anything to be wrong with it. I also don't want to get stuck somewhere if that was some sort of sign that it needed a check up.Thanks a bunch! Michelle
  18. I got my car previously owned already at 12000km. It now has about 3000km more on it. I do other trips as well now and then. Like I said I do a few 30 minute trips, but its more driving to work then anything.
  19. Haha, quite a large variety of responses there. Its good to know that there is a good reason for the fact that I have higher mileage most likely because of short distance trips. I never would have thought that having a job closer to home would cause higher milage. I guess thats my non-car-smart thinking. I may look into the Manual gear shifting, but for right now I'll stick to automatic. Maybe I'll test it out now and then and see how it goes I will look into Premium. and if you guys recommend it I will see to get my car serviced early as well.I would definitely look into biking to work. Yes it would be more economical. But working late evenings and overnights as I do does not give me much option for that . I have in the past though.Thanks for all of your responses. You have all been very helpful!
  20. Thank you for your responses,I just started ecording with feully, so that was technically the first correct measure. But every time it is about the same distance I get out of a tank.I use regular gas, does premium give you better Mileage at all? Again I'm not a car expert, so if it is better maybe I'l look into premium. I use it in automatic, so no gear switching here. RPM is always at 2, unless going up a steep/semi-steep hill. My typical trip is to work 6 minutes away, maybe 3 lights in between. Sometimes I drive out to Langley, Burnaby, so 30 minute trips. oh and the oil when checked was warmed up. I would consider myself a good driver, but I haven't necessarily tried lowering my fuel consumption with all their tips. Alex can I ask an approximate for a service/checkup? Otherwise I suppose I can contact Eddie too.
  21. Not sure how it would be to fit comfortably in the smart car. But as to whether that tent would work on the smart car, I'm not so sure. Since the Smart is a hatch back where the door folds downwards - the tent wouldn't fit along the bottom like it would on the car on the picture/video. I guess you'd need to try it out to see for sure.
  22. Hey if there are any lowermainlanders reading this. Was curious how often smartie's get together around here? I would love to be part of any meets/drives .
  23. Thanks for taking the time to look it up! Its too bad if it is just set permanently to 24 hour time since most clocks can change. But hey now I can tell people I'll be there in -- hundred hours! Part of me always wanted to do that anyways .
  24. Thanks everyone for the welcomes! As for the digital clock question. I have seen pictures/videos where the smart has it in 12 hour time, so I was hoping it could be changed. Although I have googled it and came up with nothing, no one seems to know.