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  1. I'd assume the only reason to keep the ED is just to run off rebates and incentives.
  2. Oh wow, I honesty say its not a total surprise with the lack of numbers and advertising they were pushing.
  3. Most likely the kitties wasn't hot enough.
  4. I'll certainly keep an eye open for events and drop in from time to time. . . I will say I miss the widebody smart, she lives on a island in the Caribbean now.
  5. That's so sad, my condolences
  6. So guys I think the time has come for me to say goodbye as I've sold all my smarts now and went a entirely different route when it comes to vehicles. I have be diagnosed with the "go fast bug" again and I don't think its going away anytime soon. My fleet are all 400+hp with my latest project aiming for 710hp at the crank. This has been a great community and I've met many great people and made many friends over the years with the common passion for cars. Wish you guys well and I'll keep an eye open for events. . . I may be a outlier but I'll certainly make a presence when I can.
  7. With the numbers they travel in good luck to get any of them stopped. The whole power in numbers rule comes into play, only thing they can do is tag the plates and send them a fine by mail.
  8. Actually your delievery and regulation bs charges changes depending on consumption. I deal with this crap daily I've basically got my properties down to 1-7kw/day now and the main wearhouse is completely off grid.
  9. Weld failed on mount=kaput quite simply put. Sold my smarts and with the lack of demand never got around to jigging and fabricating any other versions sadly. Its not easy to do as theres quite limited space to stuff a cat, resonator and a flex pipe. Would have to be mandrel bent or pie cut in order to make the first turn down.
  10. Hes a member of the group from Quebec. Dieselkiki If I'm correct
  11. Oh man after this is resolved I think we need to take you out for a brew, wish you and your family well man
  12. Do you find out if it was the differential or the gearing?
  13. My bad thought the world of automotive assumed They also have a problem with their IC's (Intercooler for you old farts) freezing up in the winter then TB (Timing belt) tensioners deciding to bugger off as they please, Thats the reason why I'm driving primary MK4's and Mercedes instead of a newer VW's.
  14. Haha I was right (ish). Its as common as our door latch problems but at a tune of 10k. Here's a thread that's at 75 pages of failures