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  1. I'm glad to hear of Jake's good recovery, but sad that he's experienced such a trauma. Also, that Gary has also experienced that. Hope things improve for him. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Port Huron.
  2. Hi dear friends, I have been hoping for a Sarnia visit. However, I am rather out of action right now. I was hospitalised on May 11 and eventually diagnosed with pneumonia. I spent until June 5th at the Port Huron McLaren hospital. Now I’m in a rehab place called Marwood getting treatments and rest. Not sure how long it will take, but probably a week or two with at home followup. Will let you know closer to the date, if I will be able to attend. Thanks, Alberta
  3. Glad you had a good turnout! It has been extremely hectic for me the past few weeks. My house in Ilderton closed on Nov. 6, I closed on the house in Port Huron on Nov. 10th. In between, on Nov. 8th, my belongings arrived from Ilderton and London. It was and still mostly is chaos. Hope to have things sorted out in a few months! Will try to stay in touch! Maybe will be able to meet up during the spring or summer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.
  4. SIGN-UP 1) Bill 2) Larry & Gail 3) Ron & Dot 4) Wild! 5) Liz & Glenn. 6) Alberta & Denise (we'll be late as flight is not in till 7 pm) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  5. Sorry to hear. I'm staying home as I don't want to be out with the risk of thunder and lightning in my cabriolet. Hope to get out sometime.
  6. Glad you are back all right. You were traveling too fast to see more than a tiny moose, I guess. Just be happy that you didn't have an up close and personal encounter with one! I enjoyed all your travel notes, especially the ones from St. John's, including #12 Ordnance St. Happy Spring! Hope it gets a bit warmer soon.
  7. Glenn, I didn't tell you before your ferry ride due that fear! Spring-like here today, but still a bit of cold weather in the forecast. Good you've had dry roads, and I hope it continues for the rest of the trip. Guess that bearing may prove to be a complication yet, but maybe it will last until you get home Hope so!
  8. Very glad you made it across all right, though on a rocking ship! It certainly has been an adventure for you and Liz. I've never forgotten our crossing on March 8-9 1994. Cliff went to sleep before 11:30, as he took Gravol, while I read till after midnight and then couldn't go to sleep, even having taken Gravol! We were in ice that was jumbled all around the ship. Every lunge forward was accompanied by a horrible grinding sound. It was a terrifying night. I kept getting up to look out the port hole to stare in dismay at the jagged hunks of ice. It went from shortly out of Port-aux-Basques to nearly in sight of North Sydney. The memory of the sinking of the first ferry to Labrador in June 2007 while in pack ice was also on my mind. People survivied by walking out onto the ice, but cars, possessions, groceries, etc. went to the bottom of the ocean. I slept in the car for most of the following day, and was very thankful that we survived! Hope that the next portion of your trip home goes well!
  9. It is windy here today, but I was able to make a trip into London as far as Fanshawe Park Rd. Hyde Parke Rd. was OK, mostly dry with some flurries. It looks as though your rescheduled mid-day now night ferry is still on schedule. Haven't checked the weather for the crossing, however. Hope that all goes well!
  10. I'm glad you made it to Corner Brook all right, and I'm not surprised that the ferries were cancelled. Remind me to tell of Cliff's and my experience of taking a ferry from Port aux Basques to North Sydney one March 14th some years ago. No doubt you will encounter snow after you get across the strait. We've had some here with a number of bad accidents, some closing down the 401 and a couple of other highways. Monitor the highway conditions closely! Best wishes for a safe trip!
  11. Ah, Gower Street across from our old house, and the Basilica! Was the cafe in the grey building still operating? If so, did you stop in? I'll be watching the curling tonight. Do hope that your drive home goes well.
  12. Thanks, Glenn, for posting the photo of Cliff's and my old house in St. John's! Ours was the right hand half. The only bit of vegetation left from our time is the dwarf crab apple tree between the corner of the fence and the house. We had several bushes, a box wood hedge, and flowers during our years. The other half was a doctor's office during the early years we lived there. We enjoyed chatting with the good doctor when we met on the porch or the steps. We always felt privileged to have home delivery of mail and a post office box right outside our door. My study was behind the window at the front above the porch roof. Cliff had his domain in the basement in the early years and later in the other bedroom upstairs with the view of Gower St. That was after Jennie grew up and went away to university and other places to live. I'm glad to see the house still there! I was glad to see that you stopped by Ches's, too!
  13. Yesterday I was in Grand Bend with smart car friends, though not in any of the smart cars. We drove by the restaurant that Cait's family used to own and she managed. It didn't look open. Other than that I don't know anything about her current locations.
  14. Oh, it makes me so homesick and weepy to read all your posts, but on the other hand, I love seeing places that Cliff and I enjoyed for 28 years. You are so lucky with the weather that you are having. I do hope that it holds up for the rest of your time and the return trip. I'll continue to watch your posts. Pleasse do drive by our old house and post a photo of it. Best to you and Liz! Thanks so much! Alberta
  15. I wanted to thank Bill for posting this sad news. I'd been meaning to do so, but with everything else, just didn't get to it. Having gotten some major tasks off my list, here it goes. As Bill noted, a memorial for Cliff will be on Oct. 27th, and it will be from 4 to 7 pm in the King Edward Pub in Ilderton where a lot of you have been, including not very long ago. I'm hoping that I got the little post that I created attached since it doesn't seem to do a preview anymore. Just in case it doesn't come through, here are a few other details: there will be a buffet of hot and cold snacks (a variety of small things), each attendee will receive a ticket for one complimentary beverage (beer, wine, soft drink, coffee, tea, water) with other food and drinks available at the cash bar. There will be an opportunity for talking about memories and mingling or via a podium and microphone. Hopefully, we'll a slide show of photos of Cliff along with others, including our smart car friends. Just let me know if you can attend by posting on here or jotting an email to me at: The past year was especially difficult and his loss has been deeply felt. There is a memorial page on: Thanks for your kind remarks and remembrances of Cliff. I do hope that some of you will be able to attend. CLIFF Memorial.pdf