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  1. I noticed an old thread showing that some FourTwo owners were interested in running Biodiesel in their vehicles. As of last month there is a new producer in the Ottawa area, B100 fuel is currently $1.13/litre delivered with discounts on larger quantities. Please feel free to contact me here or directly at ajh@ottawabiofuel.com or like us on Facebook at http://www.ottawabiofuel.com/ottawabiofuel
  2. Our initial production will be 2500l/week starting roughly in 2-weeks. We are accepting pre-orders now; cost is based on delivery location and volume but will always be less than Petroleum Diesel.In the next week or so you'll also be able to place orders on-line.And, coincidentally we should have a FourTwo here as our 2nd diesel vehicle in the next several weeks!
  3. http://www.facebook.com/OttawaBiofuel is our new Facebook page while we get our website up and running. We're also actively looking for participant-members who help find sources for WVO and collection in exchange for discounted B100.
  4. I am about to start production of ATSM-grade B100. The first batches should be available in mid-September and am accepting pre-orders against the current WVO stock. Delivery in the Ottawa area will be made initially using recycled 16l oil cubes; easy to handle for doing your own on-site blending and something we have a lot of as much of our WVO arrives here in the same cubes.The equipment being used is all top of the line professional-grade and produced by Springboard Biodiesel; world renowned for producing the best small-batch automated processors available. Our oil is pre-filtered using high-speed centrifuge before processing to remove water and contaminates down to 1 micron or below.If you're interested you can contact me directly at ajh@offroad101.caI personally got involved in this due to my rebuilding of diesel Land Rovers; but output will also be heading down to my parents in Portland, ON for use in their much loved Smart as well.